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  1. wyatt0124

    Purchase vinyl

    What about the deals on eBay? Late they scams? Seems ridiculously cheap
  2. wyatt0124

    Purchase vinyl

    Where do u purchase y'all's vinyl??
  3. wyatt0124

    car decal vinyl

    Who do y'all order from ?
  4. wyatt0124

    car decal vinyl

    what type of vinyl do y'all use for car decals??
  5. hey guys, my blade when it starts moves to home point like it is suppose to, then once it gets to the home point acts like its trying to continue to go and makes a lot of noise…. any body know anything about this?
  6. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    thank you. i will try that next.
  7. wyatt0124

    Need help cutting

    Yes I'm a newbie... Yes I'm lost haha. I got the design making part down.. Just not the cutting.. Nothing is straight.. Everything is rigid Somethjngs dont cut and something's rip the whole vinyl...
  8. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    Thank y'all so much. how much pressure should i be on??
  9. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    i am using a sc cutter, 45 degree blade, off sure cuts a lot. what pressure should i be using? does the blade have to face a certain direction when i put it in? length wise, when i did what the intructsion told me, it cut WAY to deep. and what do u mean offset on the blade?
  10. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    okay guys, i am new and i just tried my first cut with the sc cutter. NOTHING came out clean and EVERYTHING was ragged and rigged… any body know why?
  11. wyatt0124


    hello i am new to all this designing and what not, i will be using inkscape it looks like, and cutting from SCALP. how do i get clip art and stuff into ink scape…?
  12. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    Thank y'all so much! much appreciated
  13. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    is sign blazer for a mac?
  14. wyatt0124

    Please Help soon :(

    hello I'm new to all this, where do u get your checks and stuff to but on ur designs or pics and what not
  15. wyatt0124

    new and need help

    thank y'all!! where can i get sign blazer? I got inkscape been struggling to figure it out haha oh well.