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Found 7 results

  1. After going through lots of research my company was going to be a new customer. We had gone on the website many times during December and saw the stocking coupon codes and saw they originally expired on the 14th. As of the 14th, a new caption was put on the website saying we could use those coupons all month. So using good accounting principles we decided to wait till the end of the month to take advantage of the tax benefits of having items in transit on the 31st rather than already being on the premises. When we got to the checkout page for our purchase of over $500, we were told that the code was invalid. I called customer "no" service and was told that "no, those codes expired on the 14th", and she totally denied that the extension had been on the website. We are so happy this happened because now we know US Cutter has no integrity and this has probably protected us from much more frustration in the future. It also assures us that we will not enter into a non-biblical relationship of doing business with someone who outright lies. It also lets us know that a $100 discount is more important for them to keep than for them to get a new customer. Thanks US Cutter for showing us your true colors before we ever wasted money with your company. Gotta Have A Sign, LLC
  2. In need of help. In the last month or so my SC cutter has been making cuts as it travels between cutting images I ACTUALLY want cut. (See pic) Any quick suggestions to help fix this? Thank you! blade depth seems to be fine, all the images I want cut are cut correctly but sliced through when traveling to next image.
  3. I just bought an SC cutter and was wondering about contour cutting. I am making a business sign to go on magnets on the side of someones truck. It is mostly lettering, name phone number etc, but I have 2 clip art pics to put on it. I designed in photoshop and vectorized in Vinylmaster Cut. I watched videos showing that I needed to print first then put picture into cutter.If the clip art shows up (as a seperate color from lettering) in Vinylmaster program,is there a way to contour cut the clip art there instead of printing on jprinter then feeding the paper into the cutter? If so, how do I do that. Maybe... probably I am just missing something. ... Thank you.
  4. J Riedel

    Cuts not meeting up

    I have a SC 24in cutter it just started when cutting a shape for example a circle the cut does not meet up to make a perfect circle and meet up. It is off just a bit so you have to manually finish the cut. Any ideas what I should look for? Thank you for your time.
  5. wyatt0124

    Cutting help

    okay guys, i am new and i just tried my first cut with the sc cutter. NOTHING came out clean and EVERYTHING was ragged and rigged… any body know why?
  6. Just bought my first cutter, a 24" SC and it keeps stopping cutting when in is 50% to 75% done. Im just trying to cut the word test and it makes it halfway through the S. Any ideas on why this happens? the Screen on the cutter says "now is cutting" but remains that way forever until I reset it (I let it sit for 25 min+). Tried, restarting, unplugging, different positioning, ect. and nothing changes. Extremely frustrating experience, plus they shorted me a roll of vinyl and 6 or 7 screws for the stand. I am using sure cuts a lot pro and I have updated it as well. Just cutting a basic font from the program not even my own graphic. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks also, my speed is 500 and pressure is 100 because thats what I was told. Blade depth is fine (I tested by hand several times)
  7. I received my SC Series 53" cutter today and was very excited about the reviews and videos I had seen for the product. However upon piecing it together everything about the carriage is wrong. 1. Turning on the machine slammed the carriage into the right side, upon review my girlfriend pointed out the arm couldn't reach the stop switch to prevent it. Temporarily we placed a key ring on the arm to extend it enough to reach the switch. 2. The blade was placed perfectly as demonstrated into the bladeholder, however the blade never touches the vinyl, it hovers about a centimenter over it. --Edit -- (That is with the blade holder ring placed on top of the arm instead of inside of it. If placed inside where it belongs it's smashed into the vinyl and pushes the carriage off the track before it even moves. ) 3. The pinch rollers, though placed exactly where mentioned in the brief instruction kit always get slammed by the carriage throwing it off the track and potentially ruining my project (even though the vinyl doesn't even get touched) It's all lead me to believe the 53" SC Series cutter I received has the wrong carriage perhaps? Or am I just really missing something with this particular product? It was just my luck having this happen on a Friday night when I can't call until Monday morning. Any suggestions? Thanks, Wade