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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just purchased a Laser point 3 with arms and Vinylmaster pro. I can't figure out contour cutting/ print and cut. I have tried to calibrate my cutter using the Vinylmaster software and nothing. The blade doesn't move when I try to adjust the on-screen offset controls in calibration. So far I have not had a successful ARMS calibration with pen tool yet. I've watched multiple videos and some how when I print things the cutter still isn't reading the registration marks properly. I have tried repositioning my material on top of the registration marks, just inside the marks and just outside the marks and it still isn't cutting right. At this point I'm uncertain if I'm positioning my material wrong or not and I don't know how to calibrate my cutter so that when I print images on heat transfer paper, the blade will cut precisely on the contour lines outline on-screen. If ANYONE has had these problems please HELP!
  2. Good evening everyone, So I recently purchased a Titan 3 68" about a week ago, and I've been tinkering around with it and it seems to be pretty a solid upgrade from my trusty MH 871-MK2 I used for years. The speed, and quietness is pretty nice. Racing is how I got into this whole deal, and I've been doing cars with manual vinyl for about 5 years. I recently stumbled across a good HP Latex at the beginning of the year, and have finally got it running. So I needed a cutter to go along with it, and I've been happy with my US Cutter MH 871 for years, a lot of people frown on them, but you just need to learn how to adapt around the machine. I've made tons of money with it. Doing vinyl work is a side gig for me, my day job is a mechanical engineer. So I didn't want to jump into the big penny Graphtec's right off the bat. As I was unsure how all this would unfold for me. So that being said, alignment with the Titan 3. I feel like I have most the kinks worked out, but I am having alignment issues front to back, not so much side to side. I line my vinyl up, even out the pinch rollers on the sides, and check for no to minimal skew from front to back of the work. I just got done with doing a piece, and it seems like it was off consistently about 1/16" to 1/8" front to back, but right on the money left to right with maybe a bit of variance. This was about a 35" long piece. Now, that being said I am laminating these prints, and I am half wondering if the barcode markings are "curling" when the laser reads over them and that is causing my misalignment issue front to back. I am just looking for some input here as to how to better set myself up for success with contour cutting. When cutting laminated pieces, do you recommend rolling the vinyl up and leaving it over night to fight against the curling at the edges? Should I be recalibrating the cutter daily? Do you prefer the barcode scanner, or using the ARMS scanner? I am pretty confident I will get this all figured out, just takes some time and patience. Leave your input, if it doesn't help me, it may help some others in the future. Thanks!
  3. I'm using a Laserpoint 3 cutter with VinylMaster V4.2 on EasySubli HTV. I cannot get it to read the registration marks! I have it lined up as best as I can and had it once but the paper was too short!
  4. Help needed, I have watched the videos on doing contour cutting and not sure how you do it as I am using CorelDraw 2020 and the other issue is the videos using Graphtec Studio Pro are old versions that don't cover the latest version so long on how to do it. I am working with an image that is a SVG and am going to be printing it out and want to cut it to make stickers. Thanks in advance, I called US Cutter and was just told to call Graphtec for help.
  5. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    Has anyone seen this? This guy never finished the kit but it is a great proof of concept. I can program so I wondered if anyone has any info on this. I would like to make one and open-source it. Any info would be great. I am just now getting my MH and didn't realize it didn't have contour cutting so I plan on modifying it.
  6. I've not had any experience with contour cutting in the past and have recently attempted to teach myself how to do this for simple stickers to add to my product packaging. I use Illustrator CS6 with the Cutting Master 3 plugin. Since I'm an extreme tightwad, I tried using my laser printer and pen attachment to get everything set up, but immediately ran into difficulties with either scanning the registration marks or cutting accurate paths on the cutter. There were numerous different error messages, depending upon what settings I began with, but the bottom line was that I was NOT having any consistent results, neither good nor bad. Then I decided to try switching to my inkjet printer, which I rarely use because it costs so much more per print (did I mention I'm a tightwad?)... and... VOILA! I discovered that the Graphtec apparently does not like laser prints for contour cutting. As I said, I'm a newbie to this arena, so I'm just wondering if this is a commonly known issue? I haven't seen it in my searches here or elsewhere, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi All, I have been pulling my hair out the last couple of weeks. I can't find a good solution to do large contour cuts on the SC2. Its part of the reason why I bought the machine. I am running a mac with Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3. I am trying to print a large photo on adhesive photo paper (roughly 24"x24") then contour cut it on the SC2. Sure Cuts Alot wont export a printable file with contour cutting marks. I have even tried taking a screen shot and aligning it in photo shop. I have also tried to export a svg file with ".regmarks" in the layer name with a rectangle around what I am trying to cut. supposedly that is supposed to make reg marks in sure cuts alot pro 3 but it never works! Is there a better software out there? I tried signcut pro 2 but it wont even import any svg or ai file - so its kind of useless. All the best, Mazeone
  8. I just bought an SC cutter and was wondering about contour cutting. I am making a business sign to go on magnets on the side of someones truck. It is mostly lettering, name phone number etc, but I have 2 clip art pics to put on it. I designed in photoshop and vectorized in Vinylmaster Cut. I watched videos showing that I needed to print first then put picture into cutter.If the clip art shows up (as a seperate color from lettering) in Vinylmaster program,is there a way to contour cut the clip art there instead of printing on jprinter then feeding the paper into the cutter? If so, how do I do that. Maybe... probably I am just missing something. ... Thank you.
  9. Hey y'all, It's Sarah again. Right now I'm cutting with the MH871-MK2, and it's done well for what I was doing. Now I'm getting into contour cutting (I have a designjet z6100 for printing) and need something with laser/optic eye for contouring... I found a greeeat deal for a USC LaserPoint2 that somes WITH VinylMaster.. It's 379.00. Now, I have a huge order coming due where I'm going to need contour cutting in small letters. Will that machine work and work well? I want to get a Graphtec, but until I get this order DONE, the money isn't available... so should I go for the good deal and get the LP2? I've read a little about the Titan 2 and 3 and honestly wasn't impressed... Also, is the LP2 stepper or servo?? Thanks! Sarah
  10. Grafix 1

    Titan 3 Contour cutting with Flexi 12

    Can anyone give me any tips or settings for contour cutting with a Titan 3 with Flexi. The calibration cuts are perfect in VinylMaster, but the cutter wont recognize the marks in Flexi. After it tries to find the first one it runs the material off the machine, and the rollers run continuously. It won't pause, if you reset it, it just starts running again. I have even un plugged it and it started running again. The only way I have gotten it to stop was to turn off the computer. I feel it's a problem with Flexi, but cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I would like to start out by saying I am very new to this, so I am hoping everyone takes it easy on me. I will probably leave some thing out as I am not sure as to what is important and what is not. I just bought a mh721 -mk2 and would like to use it to contour cut images for heat transfer paper to make t-shirts. I am starting out by using the pen to draw on regular paper until I am convinced I can do it without any problems. My problems are with the registration marks. When trying to line up the pen with the registration marks my problem occurs. Sometimes the paper will come out of the cutter when trying to line up the 2nd or 3rd restoration mark, and other times when I am actually able to line up the pen with the registration marks the pen will go off the paper and also the paper will come out or crunch up making the experience a bad one. I am using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro with Cut Mode as WYSIWYG. Please if anyone can help me get a better understanding of what I am doing wrong I would very much appreciate it. I am going on 4 days now stuck with this issue and would love to be able to stop cutting images with scissors. Thank you
  12. Ok, so having a little bit of an issue. I am printing on a printable vinyl with my Epson 1431 with pigment ink then using a cold laminate over them so can be used outdoors then using a USCutter LaserPoint II cutter with SCAL Pro 3. The issue i am having is that the cutter isn't cutting along the lines and so every cut is different. When i go in and do the print cut, after i print the vinyl and place in the cutter, i do a laser alignment then proceed with the alignment of the registration marks. Once all 3 have been aligned, click cut and as you can see from the pics, it is not cutting on the marked lines and not the same on each row. I have tried several different times and same results. I have made sure the alignment of the registration marks are dead on, made sure to calibrate the laser before alignment and cutting, made sure the blade holder is seated and fastened correctly. I have ran a test cut with paper and pen adapter attached and made adjustments and rerun then when i would get it to where i am ok with it, i would run the vinyl and would be off. In the attached picture, i actually did 5 test runs with paper and pen and yet this is still the outcome. I just can't figure out if it is on the software or cutter end. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance......
  13. Luckystitch

    Hi, New from Wisconsin

    I'm totally new to this cutter equipment. I have the Titan 3. I finally figured out how to do a contour cut. First cut was beautiful. Tried to tile so I could do more than one per sheet. For some reason, now when it cuts it goes over it twice and cuts the design totally out and pull the paper every which way because there is a hole where the first design cut out. Can anyone please help me set it so it only cuts once. The very first time I cut it only went over the design once. I don't remember changing anything but I was going through a lot of stuff and who knows what I did. I am working with RazorCut program
  14. Hi guys, been a while since I've posted, and I was wondering if I can get some advice. I have a 24" USCutter Laser Point, wide format printer, and a heat press that I've been using for light color transfers with JPSS. Scissors are fine for the lights, but I would like to start printing with darks. On YouTube there's a video explaining the process using Sign Cut Pro and Inkscape. But I'm using Sign Blazer. Can this be done? What are the different steps? In the video he has 2 separate layers, 1 for the print and 2 for the cut lines. And then I would just use SBE to perform the print (adding registration marks), and then use the cutter to determine the location of the cut lines. Am I close? Are there any steps I'm missing or tips that anyone has? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  15. Johndeerebros

    I just don't understand

    I want to purchase a vinyl cutter but before deciding what suits me I need some more info. I don't understand what contour cutting is and what use it would serve. Can anyone help me? I'm considering purchasing an SC or a laser point 2. My intentions are simple: 1) do lettering for my trucking fleet 2) do numbers and sponsors for my race car 3) maybe make some t-shirts with company logo Does contour cutting have anything to do with those three things? If I buy a cutter that doesn't contour cut will I be sorry? I have searched some in the forums but I am far too busy to spend days researching this one aspect.... Hope you understand and can help.
  16. Is anyone else having trouble with SIgnCut Productivity Pro when they try and contour cut? It crashes every time I go through the process of marking the three registration points. I can cut regular vector files with no problems, but every time I go through the contour cutting options, the program crashes. I am using an SC 25 from US Cutter on a iMac running Lion. I have the direct USB connection. Side note: I am able to calibrate without issue using the arrow keys on screen and the keyboard, so I don't think it's a communication problem. I spoke with a tech at Sign Cut Pro and they said the Laser Option was not supported for the SC Cutters in the current version but would be in the new release.... But I have seen too many videos showing it working so I wanted to make sure there wasn't some other issue. I was wondering if anyone is able to do it using maybe an older version of the OSX (Pre-Lion)? I am using the 1.95 BETA build which is what was included with the cutter....