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  1. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    Talked to some techs at US cutter and found what to do. After I received my machine and played around it was not bad at all. CNC milled a new tool holder from aluminum though because the plastic one was pretty bad and would not hold at 90 if tight. About an hour of work for a HUGE improvement. The next day the real good stuff happened and what the tech and I discussed was about to be a project. I LOVE projects... So since my last post I was able to get a Titan 3 MB, carriage, LCD with a few other minor parts and received them yesterday and already had some servos that fit. Under 400.00 in upgrades. We stayed up all night doing the rewire and testing. It worked GREAT. All I have left is to put it back together fully and build some custom cabling and mill a plate. I now have an odd 34" Titan 3 for under $900.00 so in all I saved around $450.00 for a pretty good quality machine that auto contours. Not bad. If anyone is interested in the part file for the upgraded MH holder or, when I am done putting this back together, how we did the Titan 3 upgrade please let me know and I will take some time to do an instructional with pics. It is a one day upgrade if you have access to a manual mill or a CNC. I will post pictures when everything looks factory again. I am 3D printing an adapter to make the LCD look right when mounted... Honestly though, after milling a new tool holder for the MH it probably would have sufficed but I couldn't resist the challenge! The MH was not a bad investment as is from what little I ran it before gutting it. Oh - I am still going to get Flexistarter. Software looks pretty solid. Thanks to everyone for the input!
  2. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    So should I just live with the MH and work my way up or try to get them to trade up to at least the SC? That is at least in the ballpark...
  3. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    I kind of feel like I should have bought the SC now. Ugh. I may be doing some mods anyway but still going to use the Flexi software. What a shame the machine is so bad. I had seen a lot of good reviews so I thought I was doing the right thing. In my excitement to get my first vinyl rig I started researching how to properly and am starting to realize I may have mad a bad purchase decision. If I have issues maybe they will exchange it and if not I can always dump the motherboard and use an Arduino solution - I made a pen plotter / drag knife machine with an Arduino and servos with gecko drives so I am sure this can be "fixed" if I have issues and they wont exchange it. This would irritate me more if I didn't already have all the electronics laying around to rebuild the control system if need be... Thank you again for your input. One more question... If they will exchange it which models do you recommend? Is the SC good? Titan? I got the 34" model and need at least that.
  4. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    Great idea. Saves me time and money. I was prepared to build a motherboard like I did for my 3D printer (needed more features - lol) - this may save me a TON of time. Thank you SO much! I get involved in overthinking sometimes - we have a full CNC shop and manufacture CNC routers so it is not uncommon for me to completely strip a lower end machine and mod the heck out of it - new control systems, servos and so on. I am a bit of a project nut. I was disappointed about the contour issue and you just saved me a TON of time. Thank you again! Gio
  5. Giovanne

    MH Contour mod

    Has anyone seen this? This guy never finished the kit but it is a great proof of concept. I can program so I wondered if anyone has any info on this. I would like to make one and open-source it. Any info would be great. I am just now getting my MH and didn't realize it didn't have contour cutting so I plan on modifying it.