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  1. So after many tries and much swearing I figured out that I had to manually darken the registration marks with a black pen and set the blade just inside the marks. Thank you for answering my question and trying to help. Much appreciated!
  2. I've watched every video there is available. Not one shows me how to line up the cutter blade exactly so the laser reads it. I do not know what I could be doing wrong! I have even used the arrows and moved the blade to every mark to make sure it was lined up correctly and it still does not work. Any other ideas?
  3. I extended the paper but I cannot get it to read the reg marks.
  4. I'm using a Laserpoint 3 cutter with VinylMaster V4.2 on EasySubli HTV. I cannot get it to read the registration marks! I have it lined up as best as I can and had it once but the paper was too short!