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  1. Having problems with set up for contour cutting  on VM CUT v4.0. I followed US Cutter directions on calibrating then on lining registration marks. Did this 4 times and failed 4 times.It shows to go to contour wizard and print out a circle to cut out. I keep getting the attached pics. When I try to set the last first reg mark it gets REALLY close but won't move any more to get closer to intersectoin of reg lines. then it cuts bad. Hopefully someone has an idea what I am doing wrong.


    1. joe468


      Oh... ALSO, Everytime I turn off the cutter and then want to contour cut again, do I have to re-calibrate and all this every single time?

      Thanks again.

    2. VinylMaster
  2. Nevermind. After trying to explain this to someone in my house it became apparent after hearing myself say it out loud.But I did figure out how to use the clip art from just the computer to the cutter.
  3. I just bought an SC cutter and was wondering about contour cutting. I am making a business sign to go on magnets on the side of someones truck. It is mostly lettering, name phone number etc, but I have 2 clip art pics to put on it. I designed in photoshop and vectorized in Vinylmaster Cut. I watched videos showing that I needed to print first then put picture into cutter.If the clip art shows up (as a seperate color from lettering) in Vinylmaster program,is there a way to contour cut the clip art there instead of printing on jprinter then feeding the paper into the cutter? If so, how do I do that. Maybe... probably I am just missing something. ... Thank you.