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Found 20 results

  1. I am trying to do the kiss cut and perf cut stickers on my Titan 3, Using VinylMaster DSR 5.0 I have followed the video "How To Perf Cut With VinylMaster" step by step and it will not use the edited perf cut setting, rather just the same pressure and speed set on the machine. Also using the ARMS system, but is this same method available using the barcode marks, which I have tried and does not work either. Maybe I missing something and would greatly appreciate some help Thank you
  2. When I open up vinyl master on my windows 10 computer, I can open some files (the ones that I access often) but when I try to open a file that I have not opened in a long time, it will not open. Any solutions? really don't want all of my hard work to not be accessed. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I need some help with the VinylMaster software and printing. I don't really have any experience with photoshop or anything of the sort. I started using vinyl/paper cutters when I bought a Silhouette Cameo 4 last year and that software is the only one I'm familiar with. I have a very basic understanding of file formats (which I think may be my issue?). Basically, I'm a newbie and I'm frustrated to tears. I make sticker sheets for my Etsy shop and I have only ever worked with PNG files in the Silhouette software. When I try to print those same PNG files through VinylMaster, I keep getting these black lines/segments dotted around some of my images. It's super frustrating as it's noticeable and I'm not able to sell these. Does anyone know why this happens?
  4. Hey guys. Been cutting decals for over fifteen years with a Seiki SK720H and Oracal 651 vinyl. I cut a lot of decals with small text and up until recently have had problems with dots over the 'i', dashes, slashes sometimes to often staying on the weeded material. This caused significant frustration and time to recut and manually move. I had been using Flexisign starter for most of this time but recently switched over to Vinylmaster Cut. I went through the whole calibration procedures to get everything zeroed in. All seemed well but I continued to have the issues. I decided to give two pass cutting a try and now I'm having a much better success rate (~98%) on these small pieces staying on the backer. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this is happening. I've tried increasing the downforce from 120g (leaves slight impression on backer paper) incrementally up to 160g (nearly goes through backer paper) with single pass. This did not affect the small pieces staying where they should at all. I am using a quality Clean Cut 45d blade which I purchased a month ago. I have been using those blades for years. I've also reduced the speed to see if that helped, but that didn't help either. Can anyone suggest something to try so that I can use one pass instead of two. While the two pass is great in reducing my frustrations, it does take twice as long to cut the decals and is not ideal. Thanks for your time!
  5. Hello, looking for this answer but other than the help file I have not found any information on my question. In the Automark Cutting Module, there is an option at the bottom left to check for "Auto Start". Giving the ability to start the contour cut from the cutter by hitting the speed key on the cutter. However when I check the box a message comes up "polling cutter, press speed button to start", I set up my cut to the correct point and hit speed up or speed down arrows and nothing happens. Is my current cutter not compatible with this option? Me being me, I have tried EVERY button on the cutter just to make sure I didn't miss something. Cutter: Titan3 w/Arms software: VinylMaster Pro v4.2 thanks, Damon
  6. USCutter Edition Updates: This webpage has the very latest builds of all USCutter versions: Non-USCutter Edition Updates: This is the updates please go to this webpage:
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a file that needs to be printed and contour cut but I need it converted to a pdf file. Can anyone help me with that? We bought this used software from someone that went out of business. This is not the software we typically use, hence we have not really learned how to use it yet. TOP GUN FUTURE.vDoc
  8. Hey everyone, has anyone else gotten virus alerts when downloading the latest update for Vinylmaster?
  9. Using a Titan 3SE with Vinylmaster DSR V4.0 and the Force Control box is now missing. Normally there is an option to set the Force and Speed. Perhaps I clicked a check box somewhere to turn this option off. Any ideas how to get this back? Thanks in advance!
  10. If you wish to upgrade VinylMaster please click on this link: Save 50% by using this Coupon Code: VMUS5019RT
  11. We’ve just updated all the Tech Support FAQs which deal with current issues, and is available for USCutter customers 24/7/365. Tech Support FAQ: Main Site: You will find many issues are dealt with on this website, and we can add and amend these FAQs as required. We also welcome your input. If you have a technical issue please lodge a ticket here: Thank you for your support
  12. For newbies and anyone who wishes to learn more about how to use VinylMaster please visit this webpage: VinylMaster Training July 12, 2016 Webinar Thank you,
  13. I just bought an SC cutter and was wondering about contour cutting. I am making a business sign to go on magnets on the side of someones truck. It is mostly lettering, name phone number etc, but I have 2 clip art pics to put on it. I designed in photoshop and vectorized in Vinylmaster Cut. I watched videos showing that I needed to print first then put picture into cutter.If the clip art shows up (as a seperate color from lettering) in Vinylmaster program,is there a way to contour cut the clip art there instead of printing on jprinter then feeding the paper into the cutter? If so, how do I do that. Maybe... probably I am just missing something. ... Thank you.
  14. I'm trying to decide which cutter to purchase to use for t-shirts alone. I will be printing and contour cutting. However, my sheets will always be 11x17. I guess this is a 2 part question and it may be a question for the Titan 3 forum as well but I'm not sure. How far from the edge of the sheet can VinylMaster put registration marks? I want to be able to use as much of the 11 inch width of my paper as possible. If it can print very close to the edge of the sheet, will the Titan 3 have a problem reading the marks? Thanks
  15. KMCreations

    Cutting with TWO Programs

    Hi Everyone! I just received my new USCUTTER MH721-MK2 and it came with the VinylMaster Cut program. I was previously using Sign Blazer and I am very familiar with that program and have all of my designs on that program. I got my vinyl cutter working with the new program but was wondering if there was a way to set up my Sign Blazer and my VinylMaster Cut program to use the same cutter without messing anything up! Thanks for your time!
  16. In vinylmaster pro, can you select all open pages and send to a cut file? Say I have 3 pages open and two have like colors on two different pages and want to send them all to a cutfile to nest and cut, can this be done without having to send each page individually? Also my software is direct from vinylmaster, last update was 3/2016, is this still accurate and up to date?
  17. LuckyStickerCo

    3D Text

    I searched for this in Vinyl Master Users on Facebook, but there's not enough people there to be a good support team. And VM's tech support is non existent. So maybe someone here can help. I have VM Cut(US Cutter) at this time. What I want to do is maybe manipulate an outline or just make my font 3 dimensional. Similar to pics. Thanks in advance. 3CkPeJy5
  18. I have searched this thread for 2 days now, so sorry if I am not wording it correctly. I know Vinylmaster has all the different brands of vinyl colors, but I need to get the siser glitter colors into it for mock ups. How can I do this? AND thank you all so much in advance!
  19. I purchase my vinyl master 4 this morning. I cut many designs with it since I was way behind in my work. I noticed one thing wasn't quite right so I went to the calibration area to see what it said. Now it is cutting Everything 4 times it's accurate size. If I try and cut the "test cut" in the calibration it says it is a bit over 7" x 9" but it is trying to cut a rectangle over 3' tall. I cannot figure out how to fix this and it is making me think I made a mistake in purchasing the software. I only use the software to get my illustrator designs to the plotter as I do all my designing in illustrator. Please help, I am stuck until I figure this out
  20. The creators of the VinylMaster product hosted a webinar with USCutter yesterday. (7/12/16). Some very good information for beginners. Thought it deserved a link here. Due to a recording error, the first few minutes of the webcast weren't recorded, but other than introductions, little was missed.