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  1. hey I have vinylmaster cut im trying to use arc text but cant what should I do to get that feature.

  2. JohnatUSCutter

    Stahls vs UsCutter

    Sorry - been busy prepping for year end and missed your note. Assuming you're having trouble with the material adhering to the shirt. Just to ask the question, have you calibrated your heat press and heat press controller? Assuming you have, up the pressure a bit.
  3. JohnatUSCutter

    Stahls vs UsCutter

    RE: Feather Light The good: It really is thinner and really does feel great on a shirt. It's a Siser product and has the backer, adhesive, etc. It's a very nice product and most of what we sell is by the 10 yard roll to people that mass produce garments. The bad: Because it's thin, it has a bit of a habit of pulling up on the odd corner during weeding. (Not often - but it happens.) A dab of water on your finder to smooth it down is all it takes, but it's something you have to watch for. The ugly: This is a very new product for Siser and very limited production - only 7 colors at the moment. We have 5 more on order, but a very limited palette so far.
  4. JohnatUSCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    To answer the question from Sue, we did some testing and purple seemed to invoke a negative amongst men. Since they run a lot of sign shops out there, their opinions are important. Frankly, it's an odd color anyway - it really doesn't work well with a lot of colors out there. Blue has some nice qualities, but there's a lot of it in use out there - most notably from HP which is a major vendor of ours. We played with it, but ultimately just decided it wasn't something that worked for us. We also played with yellow and orange a bit, but a lot of yellow and orange on a screen really gets too bright. It works well in print but not as well on a backlit screen and it plays havoc with your sense of other colors around it. Green said a lot of things we liked. We think that purchasing on the web shouldn't be a stressful experience (peace) but the green also had some energy that was "green" energy - it catches the eye but doesn't offend it the way that red can. It worked well on screen with a wide swatch of the color palette which is important as we carry so many colors of vinyl, etc. Anyway, as I said, more to come in the way of changes. We've ran into some coding issues here and there that we are cleaning up, so it will appear like less is happening than really is. (So much of putting something like this together is about structure.)
  5. JohnatUSCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    Rave Green is - love it or hate it - the new signature color for USCutter. It's also the jersey color for the Seattle Sounders and the "highlight color" used by the Seahawks. it's not used at all by the Mariners, which solidified the color choice. It's supposed to evoke peace, growth, trust and living in harmony with the environment. But seriously, we're still playing around with colors. Give us some time
  6. JohnatUSCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    We did some of the modifications today. We aren't finished yet. We're monitoring this and we'll do what we can. - John
  7. The creators of the VinylMaster product hosted a webinar with USCutter yesterday. (7/12/16). Some very good information for beginners. Thought it deserved a link here. Due to a recording error, the first few minutes of the webcast weren't recorded, but other than introductions, little was missed.
  8. JohnatUSCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    Hello All- Like most companies, USCutter usually likes to schedule a project, create specifications, get input, etc. and then bring in the right resources to do the work when we create new user community systems. Unfortunately, in this case, new search engine protocols forced our hand. Our old forum was blacklisted by Google and we were forced to move to a new platform in a hurry. It was bigger than just upgrading a piece of software - getting the forum back up and running required the implementation of a whole new platform and movement of an incredible amount of data in a short amount of time. A major effort that was time consuming, expensive and pretty much done using resources that had already been assigned to other projects. It required a pretty heroic effort on the part of our IT folks to move as fast as they did. At this point, we have the new platform up and running, but there is still much tweaking to do. Since we didn't plan for this effort and our IT people were working on other projects when this emergency occurred, it will likely take a few weeks for us to get this forum up to optimal speed. We're sorry that this happened, appreciate your patience while we did the work, and appreciate your feedback as we make this better.
  9. We have all the work done on fixing the issue - we're just waiting for Google to finish their review. Sometimes that's two hours - sometimes it's two days. It's always frustrating.
  10. JohnatUSCutter

    Death of the Forum

    Quick update: We have everything fixed and have submitted this for approval to Google. Sometimes that's 10 minutes, sometimes it's two days - but we have the work completed. We're just looking for a "blessing" from the Google folks.
  11. JohnatUSCutter

    Death of the Forum

    This isn't a database size issue at all. We were using an older software version of the forum software and for some reason with the most recent search engine change that Google did, it's now flagging this version as unsafe. As someone on this thread pointed out, when you update software versions, sometimes bad things happen so we had avoided doing it. Google has forced our hand. It takes a long time to do this as there's a ton of data associated with this forum. Very sorry about that.
  12. What kind of look are you looking for with your cap? Standard HTV can work, but you can do some pretty interesting things by layering glitter on top of strip flock, using heat transfer foil, etc. You can even do printables or transfer paper.
  13. JohnatUSCutter

    US CUTTER Titan 3 w/ vinyl master cut HELP!!

    The stopping can be a few different causes. This can be an error in VM, it can be communication failure from the cutter side, it could also be Microsoft Power management options. The vinyl travelling sounds like either the pinch rollers aren't lined up properly, or it is skewing from not being loaded correctly. I would recommend you call support for further troubleshooting . I think they can help you figure this one out.
  14. JohnatUSCutter

    dry erase sheet stock

    I've never tried to sublimate onto this - but not sure why you couldn't do it.
  15. JohnatUSCutter

    Feedback for New LaserPoint II manual

    "Skeeters tried and true method" is?