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  1. Dakotagrafx

    Test print

    Did all of you alignment grid look good when you ran that? I always spent more time on alignment than changing the heads
  2. Dakotagrafx

    New to sublimation need help please

    Paper with ink has to remain tight until removed, if any gap the ink vapors will cause what you describe. Remember the ink goes from solid on the paper to a vapor at a certain temp
  3. Dakotagrafx

    Ready for a new Machine!!

    next step up is a servo cutter - titan 2 - I love my graphtecs but haven't heard if they worked out all the bugs in the ce7000 - - the only series I would stay away from. miss my ce6000 and had to return the ce7000 = stepping up to the fc9000 was a bit of a leap for a semi retired dude. stay warm sir
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Help with font

    for a jumping off point - trace the J and then use OPTIMacBethOldStyle (Regular) - stretched - should be a good starting point
  5. Dakotagrafx

    Need help......again

    one of the best purchases I ever made and that same investment has never needed me to pay to update, how many other programs can you say that about
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Gasket cutting software

    not sure on regular gasket material but the fc9000 did cut some 3/16" thick rubber this summer to make a new seal for a flip style gas cap on my 65 mustang - rubber was no longer available for the Shelby style flip cap so had to redraw it in Graphtec pro studio and cut it on the graphtec using the red cap holder and same blade I use for thick sandblast resist. get er done in the end.
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Craft Robo Info

    RIP Banner John- gone but not forgotten
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Titan 3 noises

    any debris or vinyl down in there?
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Marks where blade starts

    picture above of the test cut shows an offset issue - corners are not sharp in the box nor the diamond
  10. Dakotagrafx

    I want to make a few stickers.

    the fuser in the laser printer will melt the 651 imho
  11. Dakotagrafx

    another use for the graphtec

    I have a 1965 mustang that the original owner put a eelco flip gas cap on. The original rubber that is about 3/16" thick had deteriorated after all those years and is no longer available - I found some rubber that is proper thickness - designed the holes for the mounting bolt and vent hole along with proper diameter (in graphtec pro studio) and put in the cb15u blade, that I use for rhinestone template and thick sandblast mask, - cut a perfect replacement gasket. never tell a sign/decal person that something can't be found - we make em.
  12. notice you have several shades of black/gray in that file - convert it to all one color and bet those sections show up or just select the box that says "send all colors"
  13. skeeter hit is right on the head early on - the offset definitely was not at 0 to begin with - I have had some software change the settings (flexi) on the plotter when I sent the project to cut. I have owned several roland and graphtecs and the graphtecs hands down will cut much finer detail than the rolands. not sure if skeeter mentioned it but I think the 8600 has a 2 position blade holder retainer - the blade holder needs to be in the back part of that retainer (blade position one)
  14. Dakotagrafx

    Remembering Mr 300

    Hard. Every time we pass over the bridge in put a Gouda where he took us in his boat. Great man and greatly missed
  15. Dakotagrafx

    Printing on sublimation film

    50 percent cotton will produce only 50 percent of the fibers being dyed as the sublimation ink will only adhere to the poly fibers - not to cotton. sublimation does not print white. dtg you will have to use almost daily or the heads will clog and you will have an expensive boat anchor. personally I use a ricoh printer (sawgrass) because it can sit for a few months unused and still fire right up - now you can buy several epsons for the price of a ricoh but in the long run you WILL be buying several epsons as they do clog - find a niche that works for you that doesn't include the costly equipment and if you are printing what everyone else is printing you will have to compete on price . . . which never works out in the long run