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  1. stetson5331

    Bone Collector

    Bone collectors a copyrighted logo...Be careful all if your trying to sell it....
  2. stetson5331

    Roland VersaCamm SP-300V

    J your correct on the wipe down..+1 I print on 651 all the time...I can't tell you how many times I forgot to wipe it down and see finger prints on the lead edge..LOL..say a few choice words then start over..naturally happens on banners and other printable stuff toooooo..LOL...
  3. stetson5331

    Anyone able to print onto sport vinyl?

    Hey J it is something like the stuff all the beer distributers use for their banners..It kinda looks like tivek if I am not mistaken..I think it may be that stuff you mention once just up the road... At pitbull...Jfoughts always given great product...You won't go wrong using him...
  4. The question is ..Has the printer been setting since Feb? Or are you at least printing something every couple a days on it? If its been setting or you did'nt run the cleaning fluid thru it to clean out the heads to store it properly...most likely its gonna need new pumps, lines and print heads..Somewhere around 2,000 to 3,000 bucks or so...You can not let one of these set around without use..Just asking...
  5. Love mine and will never buy anything else!!!! Congrats as well
  6. Mz Skeeter I get the same thing on that thread?
  7. stetson5331

    International Harvester and New Holland

    Click the links that were posted by Jay..Sign up for an account..It's free there too...Search and then DL them and away you go...
  8. stetson5331

    International Harvester and New Holland

    Brands of the world is your friend...I look there before going most anywhere for stuff like this...
  9. stetson5331

    "Waiting" on a Creation Pcut ct630

    Just barely beat ya....LOL
  10. stetson5331

    "Waiting" on a Creation Pcut ct630

    Do a search for keyspan adapters...The PCUTS are bad with using the USB from what I read on here all the time..Also search for signblazer..Plenty of DL's for the program listed all over the forum...
  11. I find no matter where you get vinyl that scuffs and scratches usually occur in shipping of the vinyl..If its been shipped chances are you will lose the outside layer or two of the vinyl due to such reasons..I order several 100's of yards each month of vinyl and banner materials...Even banner material thats wrapped with protectant still you lose the first foot or so...Most of the time in my experience the rolls are longer than what you paid for and cutting and tossing a foot or yard of materials no big loss... Now with that said..If the pitting and scuffing is down in the roll then you have a real problem...Then get support involved and get it replaced...But scuff and such on the outside is just the lesser of the evils involved in shipping and handling
  12. stetson5331

    Newby needs help choosing a cutter?

    I have never replaced the chip your talking about and am jumping in on the topic..I am an old electronic engineer in my past life..LOL...On one end of the chip there will be a recess that looks like a small "U" or a circle..Make sure when you replace the chip that the new one goes in the same direction as the old one by way of that mark..No matter which way the writing is on the chip...It all has to do with that mark meaning that is the number 1 pin on the chip..Hope it helps.. stetson5331
  13. stetson5331

    My first succesfull work! (finnaly not)

    LOL....Great come backs...
  14. stetson5331

    Need quote for screen printed coro yard signs.

    Hey coaster I can do direct print coro if your interested..Not screen printed....Let me know Thanks
  15. stetson5331

    My first succesfull work! (finnaly not)

    What vinyl are you using..How did you prep the area??