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  1. Neuromax

    In need of printed decals

    I can't print white but if you need anything printed on white I can help.
  2. Neuromax

    Print Work

    I know you posted this several weeks ago but if you still need them printed I can do it with my Roland. Feel free to email me at or send me a message.
  3. Neuromax

    Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Couldn't agree more with this, I bought Dakotagrafx old printer and laminator and it has been great. LOVE IT
  4. Neuromax

    I could use some help

    Jeff, not sure if you found it but I did a quick trace on it for you. Its not perfect but its a start.
  5. Neuromax

    SG400 profiles

    Thanks, so the power drivers contain my profiles? I wasn't sure how that worked. My printer should be here Thursday and I need to get it going ASAP since I have an order for mugs waiting. i was hoping to have all software downloaded and ready to go but it looks like I need to wait to install the printer first.
  6. Neuromax

    SG400 profiles

    I am making the switch from my WF1100 with Cobra Ink to a SG400. I have gotten many years out of the WF1100 but its time for a replacement. I love the cost of ink from Cobra but I am tired of the clogged print heads and spending so much time cleaning them if I don't print for a week or 2. Hopefully the SG400 will live up to all the hype. My question is are there color profiles available for it like Cobra had for their sublimation inks? If so where do I find them? Thanks
  7. that .12 per sq in is a great deal. If you have enough to offset the setup fees this is the way to go. It really does work as well as the videos show!
  8. It is very similar to capillary film and emulsion (my preference) I can get some great detail with it. I invested in the exposure unit but you could build your own very easily. The biggest thing is to have a printer that can print dark enough (I have an all black inkjet and use a RIP software)
  9. Neuromax

    Hello from NC

    Welcome from Greensboro/High Point, NC
  10. Look into Rayzist or Ikonics for photo resist. It makes easy work of small detailed designs. You can get a GREAT result with them and if you don't want to buy the stuff to make them yourself you can outsource it to Rayzist and they will make the stencils for you.
  11. Neuromax

    11 ounce mugs

    I never sell 11oz mugs anymore. I did for a while but EVERYONE wanted the 15oz. I sell them for $14 each, no discounts for bulk but I do have several people that I wholesale them to for $8 each if they supply the print ready artwork.
  12. Neuromax

    How do I prepare for this?

    Its hard to give you some pricing without knowing what print location(s), how many colors, placements, etc
  13. Neuromax

    Little Problem!

    I am guessing the color profile is not correct or you don't have it on photo quality.........but thats just a guess
  14. Neuromax

    new press

    I use the Riley Hopkins 6 color 4 station, its a great press and very well made. I doubt you would need the old press for a backup with a RH.
  15. Ash I can help you out if needed. Send me more info to I have a house in MB and am in that area every few weeks so I might even be able to deliver and save you some postage.