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  1. neron15210

    Paying banner gig

    Interesting banner, a little too busy for my taste though. 2'x4' banner printed in my shop will be $44.00 + tax. In my area everyone start to buy printeres and sell cheap banners ( $2.5 sqft, $3 sqft) but there will be always someone who sells it cheaper and before we know , no one is making money.
  2. Pm me and I will make you an offer you can't refuse.
  3. neron15210

    Looking for a solvent printer

    great printer , great seller
  4. Have it printed. It would be cheaper.
  5. neron15210

    just for Stetson and neron

    And my pic in speedo . LOL
  6. neron15210

    help us out on FaceBook

    I did it.
  7. neron15210

    What to charge!??

    Rodger, speaking of type of the banner material (pre-made or one which needs to be hemmed and grommeted) . If some one says thet he used 1500pcs in 3 month and that is a loooooooooot s of banners and later says hes using premade banners I recognized it as BS. I was surprised John mentioned using grommets as I know he is been buying pre grommeted blanks (he even shared his source here) As far as pricing goes I DO NOT have any intentions of schooling anyone how to run their life or business. Im just expressing my PERSONAL opinion. As far as heads rolling , that is something everyone of us should think about for himself. I do appreciate you have consider me as good member of this great place. .I suggest to stop it right here before its to late.
  8. neron15210

    What to charge!??

    I know what ebay become in the last few years, its hard to make living selling there, with all the fees and other bs.. My point is if I can as one man shop make living by selling stuff locally for "full" price why even bother to sell on ebay for nothing. @John as I remember in one thread you have praised grommet press and said you have used few 500pcs bags of grommets in few month. Now you are saying you are using pre-grommeted banners. See, stuff like that made me open my big mouth. When I join this forum 3 years ago , you were regular member and your inputs were somewhat helpful . Then, something changed , you become mod here and ..... Whoever mention something , you've been there done that. I respect your age and life experience but sometimes its obvious its just a ranting . @ rodger I did call it phony and BS because I believe that s what it is. Why would I ask As you said " how you make living charging $xxxxx per sqft when I know the prices and amount of work needed for this particular job. Throwing rates as $25 $35 $50 per hour as advice to novice on the forum sound like someone who knows how to do it but there is another side of the medal (ebay link) One more time, this is just my personal opinion and there is no reason to carry it on much longer.
  9. neron15210

    What to charge!??

    Its not My job to tell anyone How Much to charge for there work , but come on look around , look at jfought . He stArt doing this few years ago Same as fivestar using cheap cutters And in short time They bought new equipment without Any loans. They did it becasuse They charged fair prices And using Good materials. If They were bottom feeders They would not be in position They are now .
  10. neron15210

    What to charge!??

    OK If you read ebay post you will see something like "unlimited number Of colors And Lines Of text" That been said i will answer your question How many Banners (4x12) He can produce in an hour. ZERO From design it on comp , cutting, changing roll Of vinyl,weed it , Mask it, mount it on the banner, hemm the banner, Install the grommets. As advices beeing phoney i was talking about saying he charge$5 sqft. Its nice to Stand up for a friend Roger, i applaud you for it. It was just something i was about to bring up for long time. i have respect for his age but BS is BS does not metter where it comes from.
  11. There are lots he sold for 42.99....

  12. neron15210

    just for Stetson and neron

    I knew it. Mickey is the king .LOL
  13. neron15210

    Some of the work...

    Here Mickey , Mickey LOL
  14. neron15210

    Some of the work...

    LOL Good one.
  15. neron15210

    Some of the work...

    Thanks guys. As far as truck being clean goes, it was not bad but smell ....uh