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  1. Love Square. For those with the issue of a weekly limit, I sent them an e-mail with more information about my business and they raised my weekly limit to $3,300. I am a small operation so it works great for me. johnsilver- SalesVu sounds good too if you have a good size business.
  2. Square. Love it. www.squareup.com No monthly fee's. Can swipe cards right on my smart phone or even my ipod touch.
  3. rm25x

    Car Vinyl which is good to use

    I have used 651 and it worked out decent. Had some lifting and cracking after a while. 751 really is the better media to use for vehicle lettering though.
  4. rm25x

    Pricing with sign update

    Hey its up to you, just passing on issues I have seen to help you from having an upset customer down the road. Your choice if you want to save a few bucks and roll the dice...
  5. rm25x

    Pricing with sign update

    Red 651 will fade in a few months just FYI. Step up to 751 if you want something that will last longer.
  6. rm25x

    Door Graphic

    wow thats unique. Looks good.
  7. I got mine from www.123print.com
  8. You didn't hurt yourself too bad. I get $5 a square, which would have been $90.00 You got $4.16 a square. Better then I have seen some people charge on here.
  9. rm25x

    Updating my logo...

    The difference is a drop shadow around "Great Lakes" in one of the samples. I have never had a need yet to have my logo in single color, so I guess I haven't ever put any thought to it. Anything I have used it for, has been full color. Envelopes and all.
  10. rm25x

    Updating my logo...

    Here's the old... And a few ideas for the new... What do you think?
  11. rm25x

    redone my back window

    Should join your talents, re-do the back window in white, all of it. Then airbrush the vinyl to really make it stand out.
  12. rm25x

    My large sign

    Can't say I am a fan of the font used. Looks like a fun project though.
  13. rm25x

    Signblazer on two computers???

    Yup just install it. No problems here either.
  14. rm25x

    Question about Zen Green & Graphtec

    A laserpoint is nothing like a true optical sensor system. Yes you can just load it in, it will auto scan for the registration marks and cut. The laser point just shines a little laser dot that you have to manually line up to the registration mark. It will get you close, but not perfect.
  15. rm25x

    Zen or Copam

    The Zen has digital servos instead of stepper motors. That alone to me makes it worth the extra coin. The Green is your basic cutter, and the Black is another step up with more force and tangical capabilities.