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  1. roxanneupnorth

    Banner blank help needed
  2. roxanneupnorth

    How would you clean this up?

    Sometimes you can enlarge a vector 5x, 10x, etc., rasterize it and then auto trace it back to vector.....Then use your magic wand tool to pick the colours you want to cut......Harder with 2 or more colours but works great for 1 colour with a lot of overlapping paths....
  3. roxanneupnorth

    Who does Embroidery on here?

    With a distant contract decorator you need to watch your shipping expenses.....Make sure you add in freight from supplier to decorator and then again from decorator to you and/or client....
  4. roxanneupnorth

    Vector brand vinyl

    Is there a connection between Beacon and Vector?......Curious that Vector's online store takes you to Beacon....
  5. roxanneupnorth

    price suggestion

    10 signs all with different designs? Or 10 signs with same design?...... For 10 different I would be at 30.00 each......For 10 of the same design, I would get them printed and would be at 17.00 each......But I would also quote 25 screen printed at 8.37 each.....
  6. roxanneupnorth

    Vector brand vinyl

    A lot of house brand vinyl is made by General Formulations....Why the interest?......Far better in the long run sticking with a major brand like Oracal......
  7. roxanneupnorth

    Can of drink and baked potatoe
  8. roxanneupnorth

    Dibond pricing

    They have a distributor finder on their website....
  9. roxanneupnorth

    What do I have and what's it worth?

    How old is it?......Old vinyl will fail and is worth nothing....
  10. roxanneupnorth

    Looking for - cutable smiley face

    Wingding and/or Webding fonts have some....
  11. roxanneupnorth

    Drill Bit

    check out
  12. roxanneupnorth

    Oracal 651 and Green Star together

    For an indoor sign, you can get away with it.....For an outdoor sign, I would not because Greenstar shrinks too much....
  13. roxanneupnorth

    Printing light cardboard with roland VP-300?

    Not sure if you can print them, but if you need any kind of quantity, a trade printer may be a more economical option......
  14. roxanneupnorth

    Looking for this font.

    I did not see anywhere in the request that he was trying to duplicate the logo.....But good chance it is a custom font anyway.....
  15. roxanneupnorth

    VE Bobcat60

    The problem with buying parts, is sometimes it does not end and you still have a used machine.....