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  1. KRutherford

    Any one have the Cool Whip Logo

  2. KRutherford

    Any one have the Cool Whip Logo

    Im doing a car in the Cool whip theme, and in need of the logo. Any leads to where i can get this logo at?
  3. KRutherford

    Jeep Wrangler Action EPS Wanted

    Thank Yall Very Much! Big help!
  4. KRutherford

    Jeep Wrangler Action EPS Wanted

    Looking for a Jeep wrangler image . it going thru sand or Mud . just in Action mostly
  5. KRutherford

    What price is right?

    $40 for one shirt? isnt that a little high?
  6. KRutherford

    What price is right?

    Hello , Im wondering what everyone is charging for a shirt to be made. Im just getting started and think im charging way to cheap for a shirt. 13$ total. So If I supply the shirt and do a single layer 14x14 logo on back and A 5x5 design on the breast, what is the going price. Performance Plus is my Heat applied material of choice.
  7. KRutherford

    Farm Cotten Picker

    Im looking for a cotten picker vector image for some t shirts. Can any one help ?
  8. KRutherford

    College Transportation

    sorry for the size of the pictures/...
  9. KRutherford

    College Transportation

  10. KRutherford

    College Transportation

    I did this for my Nephew . His college Transportation .
  11. KRutherford

    First vinyl Job

    this was done on my Copam 2500.
  12. KRutherford


  13. KRutherford

    Lighted acrylic sign

    please show the process. Looks Excellent .
  14. KRutherford

    sandblasted sign

    excellent Work
  15. KRutherford

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    great idea