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  1. cardudenc

    Free update

    skarekrow, I just had the basic that came with my cutter. I was so fed up with the glitches when I upgraded i went with a different program. where u at on the east coast
  2. cardudenc

    Free update

    mine updated, but i dont know where my files that were in Vm went
  3. cardudenc

    Help! new user

    my bad, sorry was late to the game again lol and just skimmed over the post. guess i need to start reading more before commenting. and used to most being over here on this side of the pond. I bought a used seiki last yr. it was basically brand new. owner never figured out how to set it up. seemed to b a decent cutter, i guess somewhat comparable to my SC. i didnt have it long and a customer bought it. if not mistaken the liyu is similar to the SC model.
  4. cardudenc

    Help! new user

    yes, read up on the issues with that cutter that are posted on here. i think us cutter reps r trained to promote that cutter to newbies asking about their 1st cutter. when i called in i was told to buy the mh or a graphtec. i usually start off in the middle with products. long story short , i ended up buying an sc 54" model because wanting a 48" cut. a few yrs later and learning this trade some and buying several used cutters. i def like the graphtec. but if thats to pricey for u , u can still get a servo motor cutter with the titan 2 for half the price. if thats still out of the budget i would suggest the sc2. its an upgraded version of the cutter i have and i have ran mine pretty hard and quite a bit of vinyl thru it without any issues. the only issues were in the beginning, part being caused by shipping. i see someone mentioned for u to check yours for that. when i unboxed mine and assembled it the carriage was off track. after fixing that, the blade wouldnt move up or dn . so ended up needing a new carriage assembly . can u post a pic of your carriage and blade holder?
  5. cardudenc

    vm versions

    forgot to include this in my original post def thought this was weird, while checking out future corps site saw a code for a disc upgrading and vm club membership. so trying to check out info on the club it has you click whether u want to purchase new product or an upgrade. i selected upgrade and it asked for my psn, i put it n and it comes back as an invalid psn. but the version on my comp is active
  6. cardudenc

    vm versions

    I started to pull the trigger on a new ce 6000 60 during the black fri pricing. the used graphtec i bought was an older ce 5000 60
  7. cardudenc

    vm versions

    so if i want to be able to run my other cutters on vm i would have to buy a copy from somewhere else? i was checking on vm updates today and saw gcc listed as a compatible cutter. ive been using this cutter with scalps since i bought it because i didnt think vm supported it. didnt show up on my version . with the issues ive had with vm not sure i would purchase another copy just to make it easy for me to use the files i created in vm before i got other software. can say that i guess since its the software i started with , i do have an easier time with it. hd thought about upgrading to letter thinking my issues was because i had the bottom version of vm. but ive seen where people were having issues with all versions of it. the guy i bought the graphtec from loves flexi. he was def pushing it . lol may have to give it a try
  8. cardudenc

    vm versions

    is there 2 versions of VM? 1 for us cutter and a different 1 if bought somewhere else. I see online that vm supports gcc cutters and alot of ther brands. but when i look for these on my version all i c is cutters that us cutter sells. how do i get a copy to b able to use my other cutters
  9. after starting with vm cut since it came with my cutter I soon started having issue with the software locking up/ shutting dn . I would always get an error message. sent in several tickets but never got anything fixed so I purchased scalps4 . have been using it ever since unless seeing a post or something on here. last I tried using vm cut was when an update was posted on here. so now im looking at upgrading to scalps5. so I looked at the vm ltr upgrade. basically same price for the upgrade. anyone using ltr have the issues I had with the cut version? after my experience with vm cut unsure if I trust spending the $ for the upgrade. so would like to hear from those using ltr before I buy an upgrade
  10. cardudenc

    Newbie here

    I use scalps 4. I can try and help out. lil more info. the library pops up as soon as I turn on scalps. and I get to all that came with it
  11. cardudenc

    Stacking Vinyl

    Thanks. guess I should take those off. I never thought of that 1. a lot of stuff im up on as far as that bad word that gets us in trouble goes, but still a newbie.
  12. cardudenc

    Stacking Vinyl

    I do both . my first knockout was hemi decals for the hood on a white dodge truck. he wanted white to show up between the red and black . so instead of layering white vinyl between , I used the knockout option. I think turned out a very clean look
  13. cardudenc

    Distressed Flag for Vista Roof

    good looking design! can I ask why it looks like theres 4-6" of backing paper on the left side part? Im tight. lol im usually working with a 1/4 on the edge of my design depends on what type/brand transfer tape your using as far as wet appy. trust me, found that out the hard way on a commercial truck I was lettering. the vinyl basically melted into the tape. I call all those "newbie Mistakes" . most are now on the shop fridge as a dum azzz move reminder. wet apply you want paper tape. I keep all 3 types of tack . there is some clear tape that can be used for wet apply, but it still doesn't do like the paper as far as being able to spray the outer layer and it peel right off. I sell ready to go decals, all I include is instructions.
  14. cardudenc

    Upgrade Question

    comparing the titan 3 and the grahtec ce both have the same warranty. just looked at pricing on US web page titan 3 you get vinyl master cut single license key $59.99 software 28" $1295 53" $1595 68" $1895 Graphtec you get Graphtec pro with 3 license key US cutter values it at $2100 right now US has the ce 6000- 60 with a heat press for $1795 again I haven't used a titan machine yet , so I cant comment on how it cuts. Personally I would go with the 24" cutter over the 15" , but I started with a 53" and moved dn to the 24" cut for everyday use. of course this is just like the vehicle u drive, its all personal preference. along with the cut & design program u use. maybe this post wont create a headache for any1
  15. cardudenc

    Upgrade Question

    so I will chime back in since I started at the bottom and worked up to a Graphtec. my 1st cutter was a 53" with a 48" cut , stepper cutter. I still have it, now at my house to be able to do some stuff from there. I bought it because it was the largest cutter in my newbie budget and not knowing if I would continue or even be able to learn this trade didnt want a lot of $ out there if I gave up. also my 1st job was a sign for g friends store, 3'x12' didnt think it was a good idea with no experience to try tiling. well it took up so much room when I moved into the ft of the shop to be able to cut decals for tourist, a 28" cutter was the ticket. along popped up a ce5000-60 from a friend of a friend. so I guess its 1 of those things you just have to experience to understand the why. now I have several different brand cutters, most being a 28". but did trade for another stepper 53" the other month. I have it up for sell because I found a 53" servo I have my eye on. I wanna keep a lg servo for the bigger jobs. my plan is to keep buying and selling a few used cutters until ive flipped enough to buy a new 28" servo cutter right now in the fleet is the us cutter sc model 53" I started with, a seiki 53". an expert 24, another stepper cutter. then the Graphtec ce 5000-60 28" . working a deal on another 1 of those now. with all the talk and what Ive read up on a summa. I will def keep an eye out for 1 of those used to mess with. that way I will know the difference in pretty much most of the big name brands for when I drop the coin on the new cutter. I feel ive def learned quite a bit messing around with all these different cutters, def what features I feel is a must have that my 1st cutter didn't have. but I believe I learned a lot because with it if u didn't have everything set up correctly or double checked a few things, u will b cutting right n to the cutting strip instead of vinyl. I know this because ive done it, where with the Graphtec and even the expert that isn't going happen. now I do have a good friend that swears by his titan 2, but if im not mistaken when I asked him if it would do as my sc model and keep cutting right off the vinyl on to the cutting strip, he said it would. like a few have mentioned here, the bigger reason of the Graphtec is the quality of the cuts. with all the cutters I have tried, the Graphtec def out does my list of cutters, I guess not a real fair comparison since its my only servo cutter