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  1. mabscotthandyman

    Roller Machine

    I don't know if you found the information you're looking for or not but goggle cold laminators they have manual 25 inch starting at about 125.00 up they are not designed for applying transfer per say but works well for small decals and for applying both cut and print vinyl
  2. mabscotthandyman

    Things are tough all over

    My knees are completely wore out and of course I'm in my 70s but I could work 7 days a week still.. .. but my body says noooo any more. But if I was able I would work every day I hate this so called retirement.
  3. mabscotthandyman

    Problem With A DGI Omega 60 Cutter

    I have never had trouble with my DGI OM60 but I use serial port I mostly use my Graphtec except for large runs I use both.
  4. mabscotthandyman

    Workspace material

    Go to your big box lumber store and get a sheet of melamine it smooth surface makes for good taping, weeding and clean up is easy
  5. mabscotthandyman


    Good advice Dakota you have to be competitive because people look for price and assume the quality is all the same....which we all know the cheapest use inferior material and methods. I priced a sign with new substrate and premium vinyl and they wanted me to use the original substrate remove the cracked sun dried vinyl and clean up... I tried to explain that would be very labor intensive and not turn out well because of ghost shadowing ( lexan) so They got someone to do it their way then in about a month they called for me to do it right.
  6. mabscotthandyman

    newby ..... question about cutting 2x

    The GCC expert is a basic entry level cutter’re talking a pretty good jump in price for that quality of machine.
  7. mabscotthandyman

    Brick and mortar store prices

    You have to figure your hard cost, overhead including rents, insurance, taxes, utilities, cost of advertising also licensing fees and any municipal fees plus the profit margin you expect.......I believe you will find that is why most small graphic and sign people work from home or even a utility shed....I have a mobile office.....basically a small mobile home set up for construction jobs... as a shop and it works great. You have to do a large volume of sales to make any money with a store my area the average small store front is around a grand rent or more depending of traffic volume.
  8. I never did small decals always larger signage, lighted signs and dimensional lettering, channel letters etc
  9. mabscotthandyman

    Yet another pricing question

    I don’t give breaks anymore I give them two choices take it or leave it....I kissed butt and cut prices for many years in my handyman and remodeling business and barley got by it took a while to figure that when my wife bought groceries or clothes for the kids oI bought supplies or gas or paid taxes We didn’t get breaks because we was buying other products or services so 35 years or so ago I quit giving breaks guess what I didn’t lose business because my business was quality oriented so when I started doing signage also I applied the same business principal and I don’t believe I have lost business because of it ....let’s just say I have had to slow down to 5 days a week because of my age ...being in my 70s my body doesn’t like long week’s anymore and I am now having to turn away work.
  10. mabscotthandyman

    Should I get a heat press?

    I have a Stalhs heattronic 11x15 I bought 5-6 years ago that’s still in the box.....I am probably going to start using it soon to add to the services offered I am probably going to retire because of my knees and ankles are shot so I will offer signs ready to install and possibly decals, license plates and shirts and screen printed and printed services from my vendor. Getting old sucks and I can’t do what I need to do in the contracting business or the sign installation business.
  11. mabscotthandyman

    Storage Ideas Vinyl and accessories

    You don’t want to stack rolls especially 50 yard rolls it will cause flat spots......either stand on end or hang on vinyl rack that you could install high above your cutter or other spot so you don’t loose floor space.
  12. mabscotthandyman

    Multi layer vinyl?

    I always layer on the substrate one at a time using rapid tac that allows you to move to align layers and disperse bubbles easier.
  13. mabscotthandyman

    Need Help with Oracal 651 and RTape

    A quality paper tape medium or high tac according to the size and how detailed your design is. I also squeegee the back of the backing paper...then as Skeeter said remove the backing paper from the cut vinyl. To remove the mask spray rapid tac on the paper take your hand and rub it in when the mask bubbles it is very easy to remove.
  14. mabscotthandyman

    help with pricing

    I have never sold decals and never on line. My sign work is signs, lighted signs and formed letters so not sure about selling decals on line but if I sell a church sign for $7200.00 I know my direct cost indirect cost ( taxes, business license, insurance etc ) aprox labor cost and estimated profits
  15. mabscotthandyman

    help with pricing

    Not to be a smart ass but if you know your time and material cost you already know how much to charge just add your overhead , mark up and your profit margin