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  1. It seems to be more of a font issue and i think how its getting rendered, i have used the font helvetica for a long time without issue. Ill have to read more into the the software/pluggin for this issue. Got a new cutting mat and adjusted my blade a little more and dropped the cutting force down. Other than that the machine seems to be doing good. If i figure out whats going on with the plugin ill post back.
  2. No, that's why i posted the 2nd screen shot in the OP. Edit i guess it doesn't show the paths though, but i have used this font tons of times before without problems.
  3. After what MZ Skeeter i checked my blade and it looks more than fine, my cutting strip could probably be replaced so i plan on finding one of those some time. Im using the graphtec plugin for adobe AI. I think im a version or so behind should probably update it. I do have a copy of Flexi 10 and i think the other free graphtec designer i could see if that changes anything.
  4. I'll order another blade. I was cutting slower at about 10-12 and then tried 20 to see if it would make it worse or better, didn't really make a difference. Thanks!!
  5. Have had this FC8600 cutter for about a year now and have gotten it to where im happy and this week it starts making horrible cuts. Offset: 0 Speed: 20 Acceleration: 4 Cut Force: 16 Tangential Mode: Off Blue Cutter blade holder. I tried slower cutting and both tangential modes and the tangential modes seemed to make it it alot worse.. If this was happening to you what would you try next? Could my blade be getting wore out?
  6. I got a customer that wants a Stencil of his logo, and was wondering if its possible to make one with my cutter? Is there special martial that's made for this? Ive never done perforation cutting with my cutter but figured it could probably work and make a Stencil.
  7. Ballistic

    Graphtec FC8600 Blade adjustment help

    Ive gotten mine about 90% perfect just buy adjusting the blade holder, looks about almost no blade is showing.. One thing i wish the Cutting Master 3 plugin had was a over cut option like Flexi has, maybe it does and i just haven't found it.
  8. Ballistic

    What are your favorite brands of vinyl and why?

    +1 on Gerber/3M 220 by far the easiest to weed. Just about any color and size i need is delivered next day w/ free delivery.
  9. Recently got a Graphtec FC8600, Been awhile since i have had to setup a new plotter and im having a little trouble getting it dialed in when cutting. Got it pretty close but its still off, see the images attached. Do i need to keep adjusting the blade holder (more or less blade showing? Or is it going to be a setting on the machine (like offset)? Thanks in advanced!
  10. Ballistic

    Need help

    That grill looks like a pain..
  11. Ballistic

    Anyway i can do this text effect in Flexi?

    Thanks guys, i first thought it was a font but diddnt see it in my font pack guess not lol.
  12. Below is the image of what im trying to copy, for some reason its always like pulling teeth to get artwork from most companies so i have to make something similar I got the font, just need to figure out how to get that inner red shadowing never had to do anything like this before any tips or help would be awesome thanks!
  13. Ballistic

    Need this font for Les Schwab trucks

    Need to make a few decals for the front doors of Les Schwab trucks saying there location Need a font or a font super close to the text on the front doors Thanks!
  14. Ballistic

    Looking to get into Heat Press Shirts

    Thanks for info!
  15. I was at Sema few weeks ago in Las Vegas and i stopped by the MIMAKI booth, meet a dude from Chemica US, and he impressed me with his product. Before i was used to a dudes work i have seen and always made me think how shitty heat press work was until i saw this stuff at sema. So im waiting for some samples from Chemica US, and wanting to get a heat press, Would prefer to start out with a cheap one to start out and build a client base for shirts.. What are some good heat press brands? What are some things i need to know about Temps? and any other stuff i should know? Is this one HERE on amazon good? Only reason why i say amazon is one the Prime shipping and that i have a decent amount of gift card balance. If not any other good ones on amazon? Or what is your favorite model? Thanks guys!