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  1. Hi This is Adam, I saw your post regarding rear window measurements for car , do you have similar data for front windshields?

  2. Any thoughts on what the base is for this?
  3. Dr12volt1338

    searched 25 pages at dafont and all of mine - find nothing

    C.A.C Champagne.
  4. Dr12volt1338

    searched 25 pages at dafont and all of mine - find nothing

    Arizonia is one I used in the past also.....
  5. Dr12volt1338

    searched 25 pages at dafont and all of mine - find nothing

    What about tweaking like Chopin Script a little?
  6. Dr12volt1338

    Need new cutter

    Well I am back once again... Been gone for a while but I need to upgrade my machine.. LONG story short I worked with a Graphtec and realized just how bad my machine is... I can't afford a Graphtec but need to ditch my R31... Looking at doing this this weekend as I have a few runs of vinyl and 100 shirts to do this week.... Looking at the GCC Expert 24 but am open to other suggestions... Maybe the TC series... Looking at around the $600 range for a machine that will cut 23"-24"
  7. Dr12volt1338

    Help with Flexi

    If you haven't resolved this they files would need to be put into a .zip folder in order to be posted.
  8. Dr12volt1338

    Need Logo Vectorized

    Thanks for the share! Someone sent me that a LONG time ago and I thought it would be a great sticker then forgot about it Thanks again!!
  9. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Cut Pro Issues

    Couldn't have said it better Skeeter!
  10. Dr12volt1338

    Trouble importing a DXF file

    Did you try to import instead of open?
  11. Dr12volt1338

    Can anyone get Inkscape to open this .eps file

    It was not a valid .eps file but here is the JPEG and an actual .eps... The .eps will need a little cleaning to cut though.... Untitled.eps
  12. Dr12volt1338

    SureCutsAlot Pro

    There are free trial versions available floating around... Whether or not they have the same exact features I can't say but it may give you a better idea on the layout and UI of the program.... I would post links but all of them appear to also be selling the software...
  13. Dr12volt1338

    Decal not sticking to paint! Help

    All the wall art I do if there is ANY texture to the wall at all it just takes patience.... Wrap your hard card with paper towel and keep pressing and pressing and pressing some more... Then slowly peel away your transfer pressing the actual vinyl when needed..... Also make sure the wall is very very clean watch what you clean the wall with as most all cleaners seem to be extra bad with leaving residue on painted walls....
  14. Dr12volt1338

    font id please

    The small print under com looks like Benton Sans.... probably bold.... Take a peak at Eurostile heavy italic on the other.... its real close I think
  15. Dr12volt1338


    That link is verified NAG free on Windows 7 Home Premium