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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I have Graphtec Pro studio 3.40, pretty positive its just a rebrand of flexi. Been using for years but i am doing a job that needs to be cut in panels. which it did but i messed up panel 2. Need to just re-cut panel 2 (i can't just cut the logo in design and send because it needs the .200 overlap.) So i need to select the whole logo and send to cut to make it in panels and have that overlap. But i can't find anywhere the option to just send panel 2 of the 3. It just wants to send the whole job. Which is 100" so don't want to cut all that just for 1 of the 3 panels. I use to work with omega software and i could just select any panel to send. Figured this should be an option here and i am just missing something? Thanks
  2. I've recently tried to 'RIP and Print' something from with FlexiPrint Avery Dennison Edition as I always do but now flexi doesn't start the ripping process. It simply stalls at "Loading..." in the production manager. Adding the job as pdf directly into the production manager results in the same stall. As well, switching the send mode to "Save to file" and saving as a .prt file results in it stalling on "Processing..." in the RIP section of the production manager. Can anyone help me solve this issue? Thanks in advance
  3. I am trying to set up a prismcut cutter with flexi by sai, ive used flexi for years and never had an issue like this there is not an option to add it when I go to add setup, the manufacturer isnt listed has anyone else had t/his issue is there a work around? thank you
  4. Long story short adobe pulled my license to cs6 after stating I owned a pirated serial number. I subscribed to the newest version of AI but my FC7000-75 plotter is too old to be compatible with cutting master plugin for illustrator. So i pulled out my old version of flexi 8 and figured i could use the product manager to cut jobs to my ancient plotter. The first test print went good, adjusted some speed settings, and when I went to cut again it started putting weird hooks on the sharp corners of all right angle edges. I reset the cutter back to factory settings and its still doing it. Any help would be appreciated. Trying to get the shop back up and running after moving to a new location. Everything was working perfect at my old location with cs6 and cutting master 2. I know the plotter is like 13-14 years old but it still runs like a dream. If i could just get this kink ironed out.... If i test from the plotter is cuts smooth, just printed the weird hooks on the edges when sending from flexi 8 with the product manager. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  5. naturalia

    Can't install Flexistarter 10.5

    Hello! I had a problem with the program, it disconnected, so i uninstalled flexistarter, but when i tried to install it again, my computer wasn't reading the disk, so i downloaded the same version. My problem is that I'm not being able to install it because the "Product" field is blank, and it also says my password is wrong... Does anyone have a solution for me????
  6. Hi there! I've been trying this on and off for months but I just cannot get it to work. I have happily been using my Creation PCUT CS630 in Corel Draw to cut vinyl (using the special plugin), but I really want to start contour cutting, which I don't think can be done in Corel and can only be done by using software like Signblazer and Flexi. I have Flexi 10 and my cutter will not cut at all. The furthest I get is after clicking the final 'Send' button, the cutter recognises something but then displays 'Working... COM1-CONNECTION'. It stays on this screen so I have to just turn the cutter off to remove it. I think i'm doing most things right. I plug the cutter in via the USB cable that came with the cutter, I find the correct port in device manager, in Flexi I choose my cutter along with the correct port. There could be just one little option that needs to be enabled or disabled but I have no-idea. I also using Windows XP so I don't think it's a problem with the operating system being too new or something like that. I also tried it on Windows 7 and the same thing happened. Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm so tired of trying! Thanks!
  7. EXD Fargo

    Overlapping Cuts

    We are having an issue where the art looks fine in Flexi. Cut lines look good and where they are supposed to be. Then the Summa overlaps two letters. Does the first 3 just fine. Then it's like the knife doesn't move over far enough and cuts the 4th letter on top of the 3rd. Any suggestions? Is it a setting issue? We haven't had this issue before so we have no clue how to trouble shoot it. Thanks! Sharon
  8. Jtinker101

    Will the SC2 work with

    Will the SC2 work with flexi 8.1? not sure if the correct drivers are there... thanks
  9. I'm using flexi liyu edition.. I worked well but i changed the setting somehow and now for some reason i can't enter any letters or characters anymore. No matter what key i press the program enter vertical lines. thats it. I was stuck with the transparent color for a while it won't let me change the colors too. What can i do? I want to be abtle to type letters in the program for my designs. Thank you.
  10. MagnusHartmann

    Adding a setup - No devices detected

    Hi, so i just installed Flexi 10 5.1 to my 64 computer running windows 10, And i'm stuck in the Production manager where i have to select a device, but there are no devices to choose from? I added a screenshot below
  11. Grafix 1

    Titan 3 Contour cutting with Flexi 12

    Can anyone give me any tips or settings for contour cutting with a Titan 3 with Flexi. The calibration cuts are perfect in VinylMaster, but the cutter wont recognize the marks in Flexi. After it tries to find the first one it runs the material off the machine, and the rollers run continuously. It won't pause, if you reset it, it just starts running again. I have even un plugged it and it started running again. The only way I have gotten it to stop was to turn off the computer. I feel it's a problem with Flexi, but cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. been using my 871 for years now on SB and AI or INK ran across flexi 10 and love the program but over usb the cutter acts funny every other cut it wants to run from corner to corner. read alot of threads and they led me to believe it was usb error ordered a keyspan and hooked back up on serial until then first cut over serial. stairs across the vinyl!??? second cut actual design third stairs. ports setting from cutter and flexi match anyone have and suggestions otherwise ill be forced to use flexi and sb or scrap flexi and try to get a return
  13. Hi guys, i'm from Argentina and i have a creation pcut for more than 3 years and worked fine 'till now. Suddenly started making random cuts on the vinlyl. In the attached file you can see it, it seems like the head randomly goes to 0 and goes back. The artwork is made in illustrator and cutted with FlexiSTARTER 10.5. It has no open nodes or anything like that. Also i've tried with different files and allways have the same result. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  14. I'm in trouble. I Snipping Plotter Creation CTO 1200. It records the points with the knife, not the laserpoint. As I do contour cutting in Plotter Creation CTO 1200 with LaserPoint ?? Thank you very much in advance.
  15. ok so im having this issue when I cut small text no matter the font that in the corners where it should be sharp and to a point it makes a really small radius. Its not like rounded but littlerly a small circle in the corners. any thoughts? I use flexi 12 and both my Titan 3 and my laserpoint 2 cutter do this with 45 degree blade. I changed my cutter blade ofsets .25 on both production manager and the machine. thanks
  16. j.ldesigns

    IMG 2450

    From the album: help

    need help setting settings for a 45 degree blade i just can't get it right.
  17. opulent.designs

    Flexi HELP!! Can someone tell me how to scale using pictures like at 1:40 Of this link... Please and THANK YOU!!
  18. Hi guys I've been using my PCut CTN1200 for quite many years now and every now and then, with no obvious reason, I do get more write port errors. Today, however, while moving the vinyl (3M 50-120) back and forth, I noticed that my Windows Laptop randomly drops the connection to the cutter. After testing this phenomena some hundreds of times I removed the vinyl from the cutter and moved some nothingness back and forth. No more dropping of the connection. Has anyone else noticed this? How have you fixed it?
  19. I've recently started playing around with contour cutting. Basically, I ordered some 8.5x11 vinyl for my desktop printer, to print and cut with. I am using Draw X5 for my design, and then Flexi 8.1 for my print and contour cutting. I print my design out with my printer, usually just one decal, instead of a whole page. I use FlexiSign Pro 8.1 to make my contour, and it also prints the Reg marks for me properly and all that jazz, I use my MH721 plotter with the Pen tool to help line me reg marks up, I can usually get them right on, yet my contour cut doesn't come out right. I don't really know where to go from here. It seems like its just stretching out my contour or maybe my print didn't scale correctly, not totally sure. Maybe someone can help me solve this problem. I've had success contour cutting with this same setup, but only on small items, or very very simple contours. (On the images attached, the rectangle is from me playing with the Compensation factor, which lines up good. Roughly 0.015625 of an inch off. That small margin should cause the contour to be that far off.) Any suggestions? It would be super nice to get this to work somehow, would really help out my business and my turn around times for the customers who order 8.5x11 sheets of decals.
  20. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    I have seen a load of posts about the Flexi Software and the USCutter Series cutters not cutting correctly. Stopping half way threw a cut or other problems that people have been having. I have read and read and read and have found no solutions that have worked. This is what I have and what it is doing. USCutter SC Series Cutter FlexiSign Pro Using USB for all connections (which people seem to think is the problem) Updated drivers for flexi for the SC Series Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit The problem is is that it cuts half way threw a cut and stops. Say 39% every time and locks up. reset cutter try again and does it again. restart the computer and it cuts half way threw. People have stated that setting up the cutter for quality medium cut and 1000kb. Didn't help at all. Now keep in mind that I have used Signcut Pro and SignBlazer with outta hitch. and they still work now. I try using Flexi and it locks up and I have to start over. I want to use Flexi as its expensive and I like the way it works. Seems more streamline and the vectoizing abilities work better for what I do then inkscape the the others I have used. What solutions have others came up with? Now I know there are many posts on this subject and not many solutions that I have found. Others also have talked about static which I have everything grounded anyways. Not a static issue. Beginning to completely think that it is Flexi that has the issues as all other program work. Ideas would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has a solution to possible computer settings that would be great as well. Thinking it may be a computer, Flexi, cutter driver, software problem. Improper setup that needs some tweaking. But not to sure on this and dont have a whole load of time to play with it due to the 100 orders aday I get and have to fill with a single cutter. Thank you hope there is a solution in more depth then what I have read. I know someone somewhere has had this problem as I have read but I know someone somewhere has fixed this. Hopeing someone here knows how.
  21. anmbabich

    Help with Flexi

    Hello everyone! I need a help with converting fs files into image. I don't have Flexi, only files. It's a logo that needs to be shown on my website. There are 9 images. I need it ASAP. Please! Thank you in advance.
  22. I have been using Flexi 7.5 for years and have never had this problem. I will begin a cut that is six lines of text. When the cut get's sent, the production manager shows the percentage of completion. It stops processing at 83%. I get 5 complete lines of text properly cut and one line that does not cut completely. As well, if I must restart my computer if I want to send another cut. The production manager will say 'write port error'. I have ensured that my baud rates all match (on the plotter, the driver (device manager), and the production manager. (as stated in http://forum.uscutte...ite-port-error/ pinned post). It was set properly, and has always been set this way. I also lowered my buffer settings to assist in alleviating communication errors. 1 out of 10 cuts with aforementioned 6 lines of text will be erradic. The plotter seems to just go haywire and will cut a straight line until I tell it to stop (reset manually - or - exit production manager). Sometimes the line is vertical sometimes it is horizontal (and the plotter reaches the edge of the plot surface and attempts to continue heading in that direction). Does anyone else have any experience with this issue? Please respond with any information you believe may be relevant to my current issue. I still need to cut those 6 lines of text about 200 more times. *sigh* /dyndes
  23. Hello everyone. I just purchased a GraphTech CE5000-60 from USCutter. Extremely excited as I bought the copam 2500 first and was extremely unsatisfied with its quality and overall design So I traded that in on the GraphTech. Question is, will "Poll size" and "Show me" in Flexisign play well with the Graphtech? I'm used to an older Summa cutter and was told GraphTech is the closest thing to Summa without spending several thousand dollars. Also, how well does it cut reflectives and thicker materials? I had a local cutter dealer tell me they were not good for it but I just can't believe 300 grams of pressure wouldn't be enough to cut reflectives and other thick materials. What say you?
  24. Alright, I purchased the Keyspan when I purchased the TC cutter. I downloaded the drivers with the CD that was included. I am running a mac book pro, version 10.5.8.. When I go into flexi and go to make a driver profile there is no driver for Liyu or USCutter. I have been trying to find something online the past couple hours about this and I havnt had any luck... If I chose a cutter the Serial "USA19H64P1.1" shows up so I know thats plugged in correctly. Just the drivers didnt install right or something.
  25. Just upgraded to flexi starter 10 from signblazer thinking it would be a better program to cut with, HOWEVER, I am going crazy. I can not figure out how to get it to cut my vinyl. I have looked on youtube with no success trying to find some kind of instruction manual. Can anyone tell me where is a good place to learn how to use this software.