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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I have a Pcut CTO1200 and have been printing the same design to t-shirt vinyl for a while. However, yesterday my cutter started mis-aligning parts of the design and the cut lines do not meet up properly. I have tried changing the offset in increments which makes small improvements but in no way solving the problem. I have attached a photo. I have cut the same item three times in a row on a scrap of vinyl to show you. As you can see, the truck on the right is the closest to correct but the spokes are not quite inside the wheel. The one on the left is a joke! The left to right images are with diffferent blade offsets but I can never get it to cut perfectly. My business relies on this cutter and I haven't had it long... please help! Sophie
  2. Hello, Did Someone faced similar issue ? The blade sometimes don't move up when it should move up , like when trying to cut the words for example ( TEST ) the blade start and finish directly without move up between words . I don't know why and what should i do or replace on this machine Thank you
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you're doing well. I recently bought a PCUT CS630 and i'm having some problems. I sent something to cut from Signblazer but all that happened is the cutter showed 'Working... COM1-CONNECTION' on the screen. Nothing else happens. I have attached an image showing you exactly what it displays and have also noted down more info below. I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit. I installed the USB Driver that came with the CD. The driver is 'CDM20802'. It states that 64 Bit is supported. The cutter is connected to the computer via the USB cable that came with it. It also has an SD Card slot but I am unsure how to properly save a file from Signblazer to it. I have Signblazer installed and it seems to be working fine. I have already done a cut test using the cutter itself with no software, but this time I wanted to test my cutter with signblazer for the first time so I created a 2 x 2 square. I went to 'Setup' within the cutter area. Unfortunately my PCUT CS630 is not listed with the rest of the Creation cutters. So I just chose the PCUT CT630 instead. I've also tried others. I chose the correct Output Device (same as the one in my device manager). I clicked OK and then clicked 'Cut!' and then finally 'Cut Tile'. The cutter then recognized that I clicked 'Cut Tile' and then Optic Eye turned on. However. The cutter didn't start. It just showed this message on screen. Nothing else. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks alot.
  4. Hi there! I've been trying this on and off for months but I just cannot get it to work. I have happily been using my Creation PCUT CS630 in Corel Draw to cut vinyl (using the special plugin), but I really want to start contour cutting, which I don't think can be done in Corel and can only be done by using software like Signblazer and Flexi. I have Flexi 10 and my cutter will not cut at all. The furthest I get is after clicking the final 'Send' button, the cutter recognises something but then displays 'Working... COM1-CONNECTION'. It stays on this screen so I have to just turn the cutter off to remove it. I think i'm doing most things right. I plug the cutter in via the USB cable that came with the cutter, I find the correct port in device manager, in Flexi I choose my cutter along with the correct port. There could be just one little option that needs to be enabled or disabled but I have no-idea. I also using Windows XP so I don't think it's a problem with the operating system being too new or something like that. I also tried it on Windows 7 and the same thing happened. Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm so tired of trying! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, i'm from Argentina and i have a creation pcut for more than 3 years and worked fine 'till now. Suddenly started making random cuts on the vinlyl. In the attached file you can see it, it seems like the head randomly goes to 0 and goes back. The artwork is made in illustrator and cutted with FlexiSTARTER 10.5. It has no open nodes or anything like that. Also i've tried with different files and allways have the same result. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  6. jerryd

    Hi from the UK

    Hi, Based in the UK I bought a Creation KingCut A630 plotter in 2004. I hadn't used it since 2009 and recently dragged it out to have a play. After a struggle I got it working so plan to have a little fun. Came across this forum whilst fighting with the set-up and although it wasn't of any specific help I did see lots of good information. If anyone is trying to resurrect a similar cutter I'm happy to help. Jerry
  7. I have been using a redsail cutter with winsign pc (importing from corel) however it packed up and aquired is pcut ct0630 the usb does not work so purchased usb to serial and run com 6 with buad rate of 38400. it now cuts. I downloaded a trial of sign cut (now expired) however on both programs the cut stops towards the end - i.e i cut 9 compressed gas signs in two lines (5 & 4) and it did not cut the last two "d" in teo of the signs. this ruins the whole sign as the letter weeded out so you can see the letter through the square. What i have had to do is click sort object and put some random text "test" at the end of the project so that it cuts "tes" and misses the "t" however i have completed signs. anoying but solved the problem. This problem has manifested in both sign cut and winsignpc (sign cut now expired and prefer winsignpc) However the quality is poor it looked like i had cut the letters out by hand - only a few have come out acceptable quality. I have just replaced the blade to eliminate a bad blade any help would be great
  8. Cutter-Ace

    New to Forum and need help

    Hello All, I have been cutting for quite some time now, but have ran into a sort of dilemma. I have a ProCut CR 1200. I was using CorelDraw X3, until it decided to crash on me. Was using it for years, and all of sudden it decided to just kill itself. I purchased CorelDraw x7 and now need to marry it my plotter. I see that the CR 1200 driver is available for download, but cannot find the plug-in for X7 anywhere. Is anybody able to assist in helping find where i can get the plug-in, or if i even need one at all?
  9. Hi. I am having a little cutting problem with my creation pcut ct1200. As you can see at the picture, when i having small round circles or round corners, it is not hitting the exact starting point. i have tried calibrate the cutter, but that docent work at all. So what can bee the problem then? i am cutting at speed 30 and using 60 degrees blades? I am using sign cut x2 as the software. hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance. Mathias Rask