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  1. I have been using a redsail cutter with winsign pc (importing from corel) however it packed up and aquired is pcut ct0630 the usb does not work so purchased usb to serial and run com 6 with buad rate of 38400. it now cuts. I downloaded a trial of sign cut (now expired) however on both programs the cut stops towards the end - i.e i cut 9 compressed gas signs in two lines (5 & 4) and it did not cut the last two "d" in teo of the signs. this ruins the whole sign as the letter weeded out so you can see the letter through the square. What i have had to do is click sort object and put some random text "test" at the end of the project so that it cuts "tes" and misses the "t" however i have completed signs. anoying but solved the problem. This problem has manifested in both sign cut and winsignpc (sign cut now expired and prefer winsignpc) However the quality is poor it looked like i had cut the letters out by hand - only a few have come out acceptable quality. I have just replaced the blade to eliminate a bad blade any help would be great
  2. Hi just want to say hello to all the fellow cutters out there. I have been making signs, more as a hobby for the last 2 years using redsail 24" cutter and winpcsign. Unfortunately it packed up and someone i do signs for sold me a pcut ct0630 (near new) it took me a few days to get my lappy to talk to it and even downloaded the trial of sign cut. I now use usb to serial adaptor with baud rate 38400. I’m using win 10 and import files from corel draw x6 Ofset is set to 0.3, It don’t work much past 50 on speed due to causing jagged lines. It also does not complete its job i.e it might miss the last letter or the top inner circle in the letter "B". The carriage is ok, blade rotates and is sticking out the thickness of a credit card. I’m going to try my blade holder from redsail tomorrow see if that improves the cut Advice would be greatly welcome