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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I would like to start by saying hello, and I would like that will help me know if I someone installed USCutter MK2 to a Windows 10 operating system as I have tried to install the system 8.1 and I did not recognize the plotter, please help !!!
  2. Hi. I've got Mutoh SC-1300 cutter plotter. Unfortunately I don't have any driver and my software for cutting doesn't see plotter (it's for RS232/COM port). Does someone has driver for Mutoh SC-1300? I heard there is some software which make RS2323/COM plotter visible as USB printer - does someone hear about it?
  3. Hi all, I've been trying to set up my Seiki 720T Vinyl Cutter, however I cannot get hold of the drivers required for it to work properly on my computer. I have scoured the web and checked the seikitech forums, however they seem to be down and only displaying the message: " Upgrading the forum... Don't worry, we will be back shortly with an updated forum. It will only be a minute ;)." If anyone knows where I can get the drivers required at this point in time, that would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, when plugged in, the only changes in the device manager are under the USB heading rather than the Ports (COM & LPT). Is this due to the lack of drivers or is it just a misunderstanding between me and the tutorial videos I've been following? Thanks in advance
  4. Help! Has anyone seen the DRV ERROR - RESTART POWER message?? I have a TITAN 2 that is only 3 months old. I have ticket in with USC and was advised to move the carriage from left to right with machine off to correct go on that one. I have disconnected all power sources as well to break connection. HELP? Have a big order to get out. Any advice appreciated.
  5. I am in need of some helpful information about the VinylExpress R Series II (RedSail) plotters and the driver problems with them. I have the R Series II R31, and I have the LXI that came with the plotter from signwarehouse. I have had the plotter for over a year with only a few problems here and there using LXI. I've been in the business off an on for over 20 years and when I started out I had Vinyl Master Pro and a 24" Graphtec that I loved and never had a single issue with. Recently I purchased a new copy of VMP and for the past 72 hours I have not been able to get my VMP to match up with my R Series other than to cut a bunch of really bad text. As an example, if I try to cut the word "TEST" it will cut part of the first letter, all of the second letter, nothing for the third, and only half of the last letter, on top of drawing lines through everything where it is not picking up the blade through a cut. Signwarehouse is no help as they only help with LXI/Flexi, support from VMP is limited to them telling me that several customers have problems with the R31 plotters and their software and they emailed me some things to try and fix the problem, but, as of yet, none have done the trick. Is the idea of getting my VMP to work with my R31 totally out of the question? I'm hoping that you may be able to help me and/or point me in a direction that can help. Glenn Grand Canyon Signs
  6. Just picked up a magnum force 2 cutter used for cheap, who makes this and what drivers would i use in signlab?
  7. Bunky67

    MH871 Driver?

    I have a MH871 Refine MK1 and I’m looking for a driver so I can set it up as a printer via USB and cut through CorelDraw X5. Using XP will the MK2 driver work on the MK1?
  8. hello, i have just go a panther (or jaguar II-61) from vinyl express (used) from ebay but i have tried everything to get it to work using windows and usb, but i cant when i try to install the drivers, it ask me to change the usb mode to common usb (from gcc usb) but this model doesn't have under misc the option to change it (as on the jaguar 2 manual) anyone can help me? does any one knows how to change the usb mode on this cutter? maybe it need a firmware upgrade, 1.2 actual, or can anyone help me? thanks alot
  9. We have a titan 3 which we purchased from USCutter about 3 years ago. It works fine with the enclosed (Now outdated) "RazorCut" software. We are more experienced now and recently purchased CorelDraw X8. We make our own more intricate vectors now with CorelDraw. However, I have to "export" our creations in eps or AI format from CorelDraw and "import" them into the RazorCut software to perform the vinyl cutting. This process often times limits our creativity. Is there a driver I can obtain for CorelDraw that I can use to sent image directly to our cutter? We would also need instructions. Thank you...
  10. I have a graphtec ce2000-60 like new. It was connected to an old iMac, now out of use. I need A driver and a software to use it on a PC or a new Mac. Graphtec do not provide it because it's too old !!! I need someone to help me !!! Is there some one using the same machine? Is there someone to sell me anything to solve my problem? I am completely lost !!! thanks!!!
  11. Hallo to all. Please help me. I have cutter EH-721 but I have no driver for it. Where can I find it? I connected plotter with my computer by USB cabel, but computer can't find driver. I show on printscreen. How can I fix it? I tried to instal this driver , but it doesn't work. The computer said that it isn't necessary driver. P.S. I am sorry for mistakes, I am from Ukraine.
  12. cant make it work on my windows 10
  14. I'm just posting this in the Copam section in case it helps someone in the future getting their CP-2500 cutter to work via USB connection in SignGo 1.20 FD (or just Light or Pro version without dongle) in Windows 7 64bit (It will work on 32 bit too). Long story short, it turns out the default settings for the driver are incorrect. So when you install the Copam CP-2500 driver during initial installation (or even Generic HPGL drivers) there needs to be a modification made to the END: form input field under the Commands tab to get it to work. By default it comes with PU;IN; (Pen Up and Initialize) commands in that field. The correct settings for the cutter to cut via USB connection are PU;!PG;; (notice the exclaimation mark and TWO semi-colons). After that, it will work. For the record, here is the thread I worked through with SignGo's author Kevin Wallace to solve this problem. Note: in order to get the CUT icon in the SignGo GUI (graphical user interface) to not be greyed out and be enabled and to subsequently be able to adjust your cutter settings, you need to draw something on the canvas first so use a square or star and put it anywhere on the canvas. Then you will be able to select the Cut icon and from there it's pretty evident with what I'm talking about adjusting commands. Here are ALL the Commands for the Copam to work via USB connection (notice the bold End: area) Initialize: IN; Start plot: PA; Start cut: PA; Reset: IN; Move: PU#,#; Line: PD#,#; Bezier curve: (BLANK FIELD) End: PU;!PG;; Set origin: PU;PA#,#;PG0; Set depth: (BLANK FIELD) Set speed: VS#; Select pen: SP#; Get plotting area: OH;PU; Get Head Position: OA; UNCHECKED BOX for Uses Multiple Points In Line Command and therefore its Start line, Continue line and End of line fields are greyed out. However, it does also work with the BOX CHECKED for Multiple Points In Line Command too. Also, when you install your COM# (# being a number assigned by the computer), make sure your port settings in the Control Panel > Device Manager > Ports on Windows 7 are set to 9600 Bits/sec, 8 Data bits, Parity None, Stop bits 1, and Flow control is set to Hardware. In SignGo's Communication Tab: Make sure things are set to 9600 Bits/sec, 8 Data bits, Parity None, Stop bits 1, Flow control DTR/DSR is checked and RTS/CTS is checked. XON/OFF is NOT checked. Timeout is 60 seconds. This should help get things working.
  15. hi, i have an old graphtec fc3100-120 cutter. it used to be connected to a very old mac that died. now i want to connect it to a newer pc, i have got signblazer elements, got the connecter cable and linked them up, set the cutter to HP-GL mode, but now a bit stuck, someone reccomended that i need a driver for the pc, is there any free ones i can get to see if it works? and is there any other things i might need to do? thanks
  16. Cutter-Ace

    New to Forum and need help

    Hello All, I have been cutting for quite some time now, but have ran into a sort of dilemma. I have a ProCut CR 1200. I was using CorelDraw X3, until it decided to crash on me. Was using it for years, and all of sudden it decided to just kill itself. I purchased CorelDraw x7 and now need to marry it my plotter. I see that the CR 1200 driver is available for download, but cannot find the plug-in for X7 anywhere. Is anybody able to assist in helping find where i can get the plug-in, or if i even need one at all?
  17. I got a Tripp lite keyspan in today and after checking the drivers I saw that Windows 8/8.1 isn't listed. I searched their site but there wasn't anything about a compatible driver. Will it work or is it a paperweight? At least it was a $20 shipped open box special either way. If there were no problems cutting before, will there be a difference using it (if it works)?
  18. Having problems installing Graphtec cutter, make sure you are not plugging it into a USB 3 (blue) port. After hours of frustration, it simply came down to switching it to the USB 2.0 port. story goes I had a computer go down and had a few RUSH jobs to do, so I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to install my cutter. I mistakenly was plugging it into the blue usb and the computer insisted i was installing a printer with problems.
  19. Hi I have old cutting ploter ACS365 but I can't find the driver.Can you help me? Please.
  20. I have a redsail cutter. I lost the software key that came with the cutter and software in a move. I would like to use coreldraw directly to cutter. I have tried to no avail to install as a printer but have been told this is what needs to happen in order to go directly from corel to cutter. As an added wrench the disk with the drivers provided with the software is all in chinese. This was no big deal when I installed with original winpcsign software but now is. If anyone knows how I can install as a printer and/ or some other way to go from corel to cutter I would appreciate all the help you can offer.
  21. i just buy a sp-300 printer cutter and i did not get a cd or driver whit-it i got it from a secondhand seller it whose a nice deal so i goth it but now i fond that there is no driver i contact the seller but he don't want to help me the printer did a« nice print test so i don't think there is a problem whit it but now i need i driver so the question is... do i have to by a driver? is ether free compatible driver? plz help me out
  22. Alright, I purchased the Keyspan when I purchased the TC cutter. I downloaded the drivers with the CD that was included. I am running a mac book pro, version 10.5.8.. When I go into flexi and go to make a driver profile there is no driver for Liyu or USCutter. I have been trying to find something online the past couple hours about this and I havnt had any luck... If I chose a cutter the Serial "USA19H64P1.1" shows up so I know thats plugged in correctly. Just the drivers didnt install right or something.