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Found 10 results

  1. I have more than a year old Roland BN20. Last week after setting up the sheet the printer head goes across the sheet and fails to recognize the roller pincher position and gives the error and the light blinks continuously and the machine beeps The pinch roller position is incorrect Sheet setup failed After you have eliminated the cause of the error.setup the sheet again. I checked with a 9 inch roll too it still just goes right past the wheel and shows the error I checked whether the wheel is in the smooth part of the roller but it was setup correctly, I even brought over a technician and even he said there should be no reason for the error. I even reinstalled and installed the drivers and software, so could it be a problem of the hardware. if so which part should I replace? PS:- I live in the Maldives where there is no Roland service/repair centres.
  2. Hey guys. Been cutting decals for over fifteen years with a Seiki SK720H and Oracal 651 vinyl. I cut a lot of decals with small text and up until recently have had problems with dots over the 'i', dashes, slashes sometimes to often staying on the weeded material. This caused significant frustration and time to recut and manually move. I had been using Flexisign starter for most of this time but recently switched over to Vinylmaster Cut. I went through the whole calibration procedures to get everything zeroed in. All seemed well but I continued to have the issues. I decided to give two pass cutting a try and now I'm having a much better success rate (~98%) on these small pieces staying on the backer. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this is happening. I've tried increasing the downforce from 120g (leaves slight impression on backer paper) incrementally up to 160g (nearly goes through backer paper) with single pass. This did not affect the small pieces staying where they should at all. I am using a quality Clean Cut 45d blade which I purchased a month ago. I have been using those blades for years. I've also reduced the speed to see if that helped, but that didn't help either. Can anyone suggest something to try so that I can use one pass instead of two. While the two pass is great in reducing my frustrations, it does take twice as long to cut the decals and is not ideal. Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi, I have an older vinyl cutter that I got from a friend and am trying to get to work. I can not get a test cut to work on the cutter which is the step i need to do before i even try to connect it to any software. The manual says if it happens I should do this The PEN MODE LED and POWER/ERROR LED blink simultaneously This flashes if the location of the pinch rollers is not correct (that is, if the pinch rollers are not positioned above the grit rollers). If DIP switch SW-9 on the CM-24 is set to ON (piece material) and material with a vertical length of 100 mm (3-15/16") or less has been loaded, or if SW-9 is set to ON and there is no material over the front and rear paper sensors. You can cancel the error by pressing the SETUP key. Refer to "3-5 Loading the Material" to load the material correctly 12:00 i have the SW-9 switch on and my piece of vinyl is 24'' long it is also positioned over the leftmost grit roller correctly according to the pictures in the manual. I watched a lot of youtube videos on this and it seems like I am doing everything right. I attached a video of me doing it in case it helps. 20200808_111053.mp4
  4. MagnusHartmann

    Adding a setup - No devices detected

    Hi, so i just installed Flexi 10 5.1 to my 64 computer running windows 10, And i'm stuck in the Production manager where i have to select a device, but there are no devices to choose from? I added a screenshot below
  5. Hi I want to use illustrator to send files to my cutter but I dont know how I should set up my document dimensions. My paper width is 130 cm and my cutter can eat 130 cm paper so thats fine but max cutting width for the cutter is 120cm. Should I customise my artboard to be 120cm? Or 130cm and draw inside a 120cm area? Please help
  6. hi, i have an old graphtec fc3100-120 cutter. it used to be connected to a very old mac that died. now i want to connect it to a newer pc, i have got signblazer elements, got the connecter cable and linked them up, set the cutter to HP-GL mode, but now a bit stuck, someone reccomended that i need a driver for the pc, is there any free ones i can get to see if it works? and is there any other things i might need to do? thanks
  7. ThinkDifferentGraphics

    Used and Confused...smh

    Hello everyone my name is Lynda...I bought a used MH721 and having a heck of a time setting it up. I went UScutter online to download drivers and SignBlaze software. The cutter cuts on, but I can't get it to work thru my USB port. Please Help...I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I own a GCC 24 bought brand new 4 yrs ago and didn't have no trouble getting it up and running. I bought my used MH721 over the weekend...and really is anxious to use the machine. Please someone guide me thru this if you can. Thanks Lynda
  8. Hi everyone, I hope you may be able to help with this one. I am a Danish girl, who have been plotting wallstickers with my Foison C24 for almost a year now. Yesterday my computer went all weard, at the setup for plotting om my machine is now gone! I got help with the setup when I first bought the plotter, but the salesman is now on holliday, and I have lots of wallstickers to plot these days. I have tried to plot using com1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - but none of them will activate the plotter. Enclosed you will find a printscrean of Production manager and all my tests. What to do - please help!!! Thank you from Maiken
  9. Hello.. I've had a Refine MH721 for about 3 or 4 years and just now starting to get a little serious about using it. Also, I'm using Signblazer Elements. Everything works great all the time execpt for one thing and I'm sure I'm not doing something I should be doing... The problem is that when I tell it to start cutting I never know when the plotter is going just start cutting or roll the vinyl back and then start. How do I tell what it's going to do, or what do I need to do to make it do one or the other. Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks Rick
  10. I have updated for flexi 8.1 to 8.6 because my liyu cutter inst cutting to the contour line, But it is still the same, i have calibrated my plotter so the cutter sits over the optical eye mark. The optical eye follows the contour line instead of the cutter so is of the distance between the the cutter and optical eye. How do i rectify this pulling hair out