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  1. So I gave the new blade a try in another blade holder. Set up the same as above (little blade showing). Was able to cut at 150g but had to keep inching up. Got to 220g and decided to stop. Still losing pieces while weeding. Just for fun I went back down to 150g, increased speed to max, and did a two pass. Weeded perfectly. I don't know what to think. Perhaps overcut? I'm using a value of '1.00' in Vinyl Master. Admittedly, I'm not sure what that value should be.
  2. I agree, I was concerned with having to apply that much pressure. I do have those cheap blades that I can try. I'll see if they need the same pressure as the SC blade. I'm guessing if it's less then maybe the blade is damaged indeed.
  3. So here's what I found: My blade appears to be WAY too far out when comparing to what @MZ SKEETER suggested. I backed the blade way back and was surprised that, yes, it still cuts even when only that tiny bit is exposed. I tried by hand and was able to cut out a square that could be weeded. I moved to the cutter and slowly worked my way from 120g up up up until I was able to cut the cutter's test pattern triangle. I think started cutting small text and slowly crept up until I was able to cut small text repeatable and all pieces stayed on the backer. This turns out to be 350g which is way more pressure than I've ever used. I then started cutting text smaller and smaller. I cut text from 0.4" to 0.25" with only the 0.25" having any problems. On that cut, I ended up losing a '1' character. I think I will try these settings for today's orders and see how it pans out. Again, thanks to all for the help. You've increased my speed by 100%!
  4. Thanks for this. I just took a close look using a magnifying glass and it appears that the blade is not damaged. When testing at different strengths at no point did the blade go all the way through the backing paper. Understood about less pressure needed. I've used these blades for many years. In fact, I switched to some cheap Roland 45d knockoffs before switching back to the more expensive Sure Cut blade I'm using now. I think my problem is with the blade depth adjustment. I'm not exactly sure how to do as instructed though. The manual process of adjusting and cutting the vinyl by hand is a bit confusing. How much/little pressure do I use? Is there something I can use to gauge the blade visually? Thanks again for the tips. It is most appreciated.
  5. Thanks guys. Should I be able to see the break if the tip is broken?
  6. Hey guys. Been cutting decals for over fifteen years with a Seiki SK720H and Oracal 651 vinyl. I cut a lot of decals with small text and up until recently have had problems with dots over the 'i', dashes, slashes sometimes to often staying on the weeded material. This caused significant frustration and time to recut and manually move. I had been using Flexisign starter for most of this time but recently switched over to Vinylmaster Cut. I went through the whole calibration procedures to get everything zeroed in. All seemed well but I continued to have the issues. I decided to give two pass cutting a try and now I'm having a much better success rate (~98%) on these small pieces staying on the backer. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this is happening. I've tried increasing the downforce from 120g (leaves slight impression on backer paper) incrementally up to 160g (nearly goes through backer paper) with single pass. This did not affect the small pieces staying where they should at all. I am using a quality Clean Cut 45d blade which I purchased a month ago. I have been using those blades for years. I've also reduced the speed to see if that helped, but that didn't help either. Can anyone suggest something to try so that I can use one pass instead of two. While the two pass is great in reducing my frustrations, it does take twice as long to cut the decals and is not ideal. Thanks for your time!
  7. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    Sue2, thanks for the advice. As you can see I obviously don't know much about dogs!!
  8. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    @OWJONES, this is pretty much what I am looking for. Thank you for posting @Sue2, I do agree that they are not ideal, but I should be able to use them for identifying other silhouettes I already have a bit better. The afgan and border collie images aren't very good but the others are pretty close, right? I think I'm will to take the risk for $15.
  9. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    @skarekrow, understood and thank you for the advice. I was really only asking as I see a good many people (I think) selling these on eBay/Etsy/etc and I'm guessing that they may have downloaded/purchased a master file with all this information in it. From my searching and these replies it seems less likely that this exists. I have identified some of the ones I've downloaded and also have asked a friend who does dog rescue stuff to help as well.
  10. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    @FRUSTRATEDINHAWAII, thank you for the link. Yes I did find those and others. @darcshadow is correct. The real work is in figuring out what the different breeds are. I do not mind paying for this but I've yet to find a source that has multiple identified breeds. I have found small groups of the same breed for sale on etsy at a price of $3-$5 but that will probably get real expensive real quick. @sue2, exactly! And unfortunately I don't know enough about dogs to identify them all or even say if they are drawn correctly.
  11. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    Can you share the search term you're using? I've spent most of the morning looking for this and I can't find what I'm looking for. Perhaps I'm dumb, but trust me I've tried.
  12. dinki

    dog silhouette???

    I know that this an old post but I'm looking for this and can't seem to find anything but there must be something as I see lots of people selling different decals on eBay. I'm trying to find simple dog silhouettes with names. I did find the one at all-silhouettes.com but most are hard to identify. Can someone tell me where people are getting these? Free is preferable but I don't mind paying a little for them either. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys. I'm working on a 3/4 size Donkey Kong arcade machine for my kids and need your help. I will need side art contour cut on printed vinyl at approximate size of 16.5" x 21" inches. I will need two in total (one for each side). I have the artwork in vector format. Can you guys give me a quote on what you might charge for this? I am trying to avoid doing this myself with layered vinyl but budget is a concern. Please let me know if you can help.
  14. dinki

    Seiki 720H driver

    This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have a driver for Seiki 720H cutter for SignBlazer or know the correct settings to use to get it to work? Would really like to try SB but I can't get it to send to my cutter.