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  1. I have updated for flexi 8.1 to 8.6 because my liyu cutter inst cutting to the contour line, But it is still the same, i have calibrated my plotter so the cutter sits over the optical eye mark. The optical eye follows the contour line instead of the cutter so is of the distance between the the cutter and optical eye. How do i rectify this pulling hair out
  2. plugy

    cutter not cutting to plot line

    I have flexi 8.1 with a liyu cutter and cannon printer. Running windows 7 64bit to get working i am running it in xp compatible mode. I import a bitmap, transparent, then contour cut to select the outline i want. Send to printer it prints with registration marks. It then sends to cutter when i set up the optical eye on the marks it starts to cut. BUT doesn't cut round the image it is like an inch of, how do i get it to cut accurately
  3. I have just got flex8.5 and very new to it. Any help on how to contour cut would be really helpfull. I have an image that i have run through vector magic and installed in flex it has a red outline with plot lines around it. How do i change the outline colour and be able to move the outline in a bit to not get any white edges. Also how do i insert plot marks to send to my printer ready to cut. Please explain in simplton terms many thanks.