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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I tried to install Adobe plugin for Cutting Master 5. I use it with Ethernet connection. I can't see my Cutter ID ou my cutter name into plug-in. I use MAC OS with Illustrator 2023. I can detect paper width but cutting is not accurated. I can't activated remote too. Anyway, the plug-ins don't work now. Bad detection and maybe plug-ins can't know what cutter i use. thank for help.
  2. dcbevins

    Zoom and Snapping

    Ok I've been trying to supplement my Illustrator skills, (usually it is Draw and Inkscape.) One thing I am not sure if it is me or my system but zooming and snapping seem crazy in Illustrator. Does anyone else find it irksome? Inkscape has better snapping that I can tell than all of them. Illustrator just seems slippery. Draw needs more snapping options, but zooms pretty well and the dynamic alignment guides are better than Illustrator, and don't exist in Inkscape.
  3. dcbevins

    Wheel Mouse Zoom

    This is about Illustrator. But I put it here as it's more of a CorelDraw thing. Draw defaults to a one handed mouse wheel zoom. I have done this for years. I set Inkscape to this behavior as well. Illustrator can mouse wheel zoom, but you have to hold down alt. This is such a tedious thing to adapt to mentally. It is one of the prime reasons I don't fiddle in Illustrator. On another post a guy said you could now set Illustrator to do this. So I gave it a try. Nope, still can't. Some what undaunted, I began exploring. I found a autohotkey script that makes Illustrator do the one handed mouse wheel zoom. I thought I would post here as I imagine it is a thorn for many Draw users that use Illustrator time to time. The mouse wheel zoom, for those that don't know is like a zoom pan scroll all in one as you can zoom out at one point, (where the cursor is pointing,) and back in at another point, up, down, left or right. Plus you can hold your coffee with the other hand. #IfWinActive ahk_class illustrator { $wheeldown::!wheeldown $wheelup::!wheelup return }
  4. So Im been trying to figure this out but im kind of stumped. I traced a very basic linear logo/script which consists with mainly diagonal lines using pen tool as I have done countless times and it appears to be perfect visually however after I put the file into LXi and cut it all the diagonal lines come out choppy and wavey. Went back to the file in Illustrator and every diagonal line when zoomed appears wavey and on order for those waves to chenge I have to change the angle of the line and even then the line doesnt appear to be 100% geometric. Anyone have any idea why what is?
  5. Hi – I recently purchased a Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus. I'm very familiar with Illustrator and now am cutting my designs using the Cutting Master 4 plugin. I cut quite a few designs of state outlines. The machine moves very slow cutting the details for each state. I previously used a Silhouette machine and it smoothly cut the edges quickly (I think due to it's lack of detail). Does anyone have any recommendation for making these files cut quickly? I would rather not go through every design and simplify/remove points to make it less jagged, but that's my only idea right now.
  6. I recently purchased Silhouette Connect so I could have the plug in with Adobe Illustrator. Everything downloaded correctly as it should, but.... My USB cable is not recognizing my SC plotter. The program says that no devices have been recognized. Any ideas friends?
  7. Hi I want to use illustrator to send files to my cutter but I dont know how I should set up my document dimensions. My paper width is 130 cm and my cutter can eat 130 cm paper so thats fine but max cutting width for the cutter is 120cm. Should I customise my artboard to be 120cm? Or 130cm and draw inside a 120cm area? Please help
  8. Hi there, Well, I love the Roland GS-24 that I got from US Cutter. Fantastic, pro-quality cutter after so many years of working with a budget cutter. The trouble is, I am not much of a fan of Roland Cut Studio and have gone back to Illustrator with the Cut Studio plugin extension. I'm having a problem dialing in the crop marks as placed using the plugin from Illustrator. Couple questions: 1. Does anyone have settings for a Roland GS-24 for the crop mark (measurements) that work for a letter-sized piece of vinyl? That's 8.5x11". If you have a known-good setting, I could theoretically plug these numbers in and it should work. I want to maximize the space I can use to get as many decals per page as possible. 2. My cutter is reading the crop marks on the bottom left and right, but when it goes to read the top left it gives me a registration mark error and stops. Does this mean that the registration mark is either too high on the paper or too close to the rollers, perhaps? I'm trying to maximize usable area so I'm still trying to work out where the registration marks should go exactly. Any help is appreciated so I can use Illustrator. The biggest problem with Cut Studio is that it cannot properly read a transparent PNG, meaning that there's gobs of wasted space in the layout between stickers because the borders of the rectangular image will tend to interfere with neighboring images. With a transparent PNG in Illustrator, I can really maximize the area, even with layouts that have a staggered arrangement (not rectilinear). Thanks!
  9. I upgraded to Illustrator on line subscriptions and started using CuttingMaster 3. I used to cut huge files with dot patterns covering 36 x 60" sheets. I can't cut a 12 x 15" small ish file without it taking overnight to cut. It takes forever to spool and get situated in the cutting master file. Then it will cut for 15 mms and stop and nothing for 1/2 hour. Then it will cut for a few minutes and stop again. Is there a way to allocate more memory or what am I doing wrong??? I am working on an older Macbook Pro 2009. But I've had no problems in the past with Cutting Master 2! Help! Kerry
  10. lou667

    Perpetual Syncing

    I have a CE5000-60 which used to work great. I disconnected it for a month or two and during that time I must have gone through some updates. I now run OS X El Capitan (10.11.1), Illustrator CC2015 with the cutting master 3 plugin. When I send a job from illustrator to cutting master, it just gets stuck on syncing. Nothing happens. I have checked to make sure that the cutter is on GP-GL, which is one of the main issues I have read with communication problems. But even with the right setting, it still doesn't work! Has anyone else had any issues that are similar? Could it be my OS or illustrator version or something that I just can't seem to find? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. ravenclaw

    NEW from Fairhope Alabama

    Hello! my name is Ray. I am a retired Graphic designer, My wife Liz and I Graduated at the art Institute of Pittsburgh in advertising art and my career has spanned 45+ years as an artist in the Air Force, Toy Designer, Recruitment Newspaper Ad designer and Art Director, Ad company owner and partner, Video Production Artist, Wedding Photographer and wedding Photo Editor, Large Metal Bending Machines Importer company Art Director, Web site designer and creator and retired now as a Home studio Designer. My wife, who I met in art school also works with me as my partner and adds the female point of view when I miss it. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand and many other art programs. My wife and I understand Vector files, bitmap files and have made many over the years for assorted clients and such... logo design.. magazine ads.. web sites.. etc. I just purchased a Titan 3 cutter and am learning the software it came with. We have made some cool files for the Cosplay/Con folks and starting some local business sticker ideas plus many more original art pieces. Generally we make everything from scratch art wise and use commercial free use artwork and then modify to help save time when it is high quality enough. I will try and help with my experience in the design field.. I don't know everything but my real world experience may help you all in some cases. is my personal website that has a slideshow samples of some of my work and shows the work of myself and family members. Anyway.. Bla bla bla..... hope to see you all here and share experiences. Ray
  14. BAM


    Here is a great link for those of you who need help with illustrator or even those who do not and just want to learn some new things.. If you have the new CC like I do you are in luck !! Check out this link you will not regret it!!
  15. Can anyone suggest a good Adobe Illustrator Tutorial (or book). I have a design background in AutoCAD and Illustrator thus far just frustrates the heck out of me when I try to digitize things. I don't fully understand the paths and other concepts. I learn super well from manuals and technical documents, but there are so many I thought if someone could point me to the ones they thought were most helpful that would get me off on the right foot. I don't have alot of free time at home, so I have to fit it in when I can. Currently I find myself just using AutoCAD to digitize since I know what I am doing in there, but I may not always have access to AutoCAD so I want get some Illustrator skills under my belt. Thank you! Marie
  16. Hi, New to the Forum, but impressed by your helpful posts. Issue: Two inkjet printers print fine from the Airport Express USB print server port, but can't link the Graphtec EC5000 plotter via Cutting Master 3 from Illustrator. Otherwise, the plotter cuts excellent when plugged directly in the laptop's USB port. Anyone successfully use Airport Express as a print server for the CE5000? Anyone? Thanks, chris
  17. I can't explain why this is happening. The lines look fine in Illustrator CS6 and CC, but when I either send to SignCut or open EPS in SignCut the cut is inverted. Other files I've cut are in the correct orientation without any setting changes in SignCut. Also, I can't figure out why the P is getting screwed up. Any help / insights would be most appreciated. Thanks ! NewDog11inch.eps
  18. I just bought a US CUTTER Laserpoint from a friend and need help installing and setting it up. Here is what I have set as of now. Adobe Illustrator CC with Signcut CC Plugin installed and functioning properly. i have sent over, Saved Down (CS4 i believe worked?) EPS files that have worked and loaded into Signcut. Need a good video to help set my illustrator file alligned also.. if someone has a good video or details for that. (Illustrator specifically.) A 7 Day free trial of Signcut Pro for Mac. Installed and working. Any suggestions if this is the best program for the job i'm dealt with.. (Compatibility, Price(looking for least expensive way to set up. Im on a broke college student budget at the moment) US Cutter Laserpoint, with drivers installed but, have yet to make it work. - Connected Via USB A video helping me get the Signcut to read and print from my Mac (any plugins, or other 3rd party apps needed to get it to print from my Mac Aligning The Rolls I have rolls of vinyl so I need assistance Aligning loading the roll if anyone can direct me to a good video for that, specifically for the Laserpoint if possible. Thanks guys I hope this isnt too much info. I have just having a hard time getting specific videos for these topics. figured this is the place for that. Any Tips and Pointers, Vinyl suggestions, ETC would be AMAZING also
  19. I have an Illustrator file that is perfect in Illustrator's Outline mode. When i import it SCAP distorts some of the paths and even leaves one out. ANother file also perfect in Illustrator when I open it it's blank with no visible paths. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions? I've already tried opening and closing both programs, even restarted the computer. I also made a tiny modification to the distorted line just to see if it would recalculate and draw it properly but it didn't (though when I removed the buldging path it did reflect that it was removed - though when I put it back correctly it distorted it upon import again).
  20. Hello, I have been vectoring logo's on illustrator using a Mac for the last three yeas and using Cutstudio to cut them on my Roland Gx-24 plotter. Everything worked fine until yesterday when I selected my vectorized objects and they are now not appearing in the Cutstudio preview window, making it unavailable to cut. I am having this problem with all my files now I have contacted Roland but still waiting to hear back from a tech. Anyone know what the solution might be? Thanks.
  21. Hi I'm Jude and have been drawing vector files since 2000 for the sign, engraving and print industries. If you have a vector graphic but can't cut the right objects, I can make it cut-ready. Raster to vector conversion is what I do. If you need a bitmap image "cleaned" up and redrawn in vector format I can help. Even if you don't have the actual graphic (e.g. if you only have a photo of a truck with the graphic sign on the truck) I can reproduce the vector art. I can be your online "fix this graphic" person. See samples
  22. Does anyone here know of any good trainings, videos, articles, instructions on wireframing and creating high-fidelity mockups in Illustrator? I'm also open to a list of trainers that specialize in this. I'm not finding much on the web - a lot of the focus in rapid prototyping (including on the Adobe website) seems to be with Fireworks but i know there's a strong community that uses Illustrator too! Thanks everyone.
  23. jogavallarta

    pls help me mh721, signcut, illustrator

    pls help me. i been working for my new mh721. still i dont know whats the problem. the cutter did not cut the image correctly. this is my eps file. just only simple. 3 and sun.eps this is what the outcome in my mh721. 3 and sun.eps