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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone have a vector eps file of the 4-wheel Drive decal on the jeeps in the pictures below? Thank you in advanced!
  2. Hi Ladies and Gentleman, Has anyone perhaps got a .eps file of the PS4 Consol and controller as I would like to make a custom decal for my Playstation set. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Mayo
  3. Hi all. I imported an EPS file. However, the software is not recognizing it and the vecortize option comes up. However, when you click on the vectorize button nothing happens. When you go to cut the image it is not recognized at all. All my other EPS files are good so far (knock on wood). But this one particularly is just not cooperating. Any ideas on what I might need to change. I've even renamed the file and made a new file and still this image just is not working in MVC 4.0. I create my own images with Affinity Designer. TIA!

    Is there an easy way to vectorize?

    Hello, Is there a good software program that will vectorize images easily? I use inkscape and trace bitmap, but whether the "smooth" or "smooth corners" boxes are selected or not, the image always turns out funky.
  5. So, I was ecstatic when my customer actually had an eps file for their very few do. They sent it over to me for t-shirts and below is what I saw.... sure was glad I didn't have to vector it! Thought I would just check it out and simplify it for HTV. The second picture is what I saw in wireframe.......... OMG....not exactly what I had expected! Oh, and of course, they wanted it ASAP! :thumbsup: Thanks to Skarekrow for pinch hitting and making things right! He did a great job and fast! Sue2
  6. FireOnEarth

    Cutting help!?

    Hello I am new here so work with me if I am not 100% sure what I'm talking about. I am using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro and I can get the image onto the screen correctly but when I go to cut it everything cuts correctly except that the 2 and the 6 end up on top of the 1 and the 1. I have tried everything to get it to not happen this way but nothing seems to work. I have attached the image so what I am saying makes a little more sense. Also i was sent items as eps or ai (not sure what that means) and when I try to open them in the program Sure Cuts a lot Pro they are not compatible with it or just wont open in it, the only thing I can do is print them and then scan them back to the computer, what do I do?
  7. darcshadow

    Save as EPS problem

    Normally I can create a vector image in Inkscape, save it as a SVG and then save as an EPS and things work correctly. Something went wrong this time. I created my image, all simple vectors, but when I do a save as EPS the resulting EPS is a raster image. I tried coping the image and pasting it into a new document and then save as EPS, no change. I tried changing the save as EPS settings and nothing made a difference. I found a suggestion online to draw a white square behind the image. Tried that, this time I got a vector white square and a raster image on top of it. I eventually gave up, started a new document, put a red square down, copied my original vector image to the new document and did a series of unions and differences between the original image and the red square to recreate my original image. I then saved the file as an EPS and it came out correctly. The EPS file was a vector file. I have no idea why this happened or why what I did fixed the problem. Anyone ever run into something like this?
  8. I need help importing an ESP of my logo that was made for me... I understand that SignBlazer has not been updated and can not read the newer EPS I usually design and cut in signblazer so I am unfamilair with using any other program. Is their a way someone can help me change the EPS so it will open in SignBlazer Elements? It says the file is too large to attach.. Please help!
  9. I am new to vectorizing and haven't figured it out yet. Could someone vectorize these for me PLEASE.
  10. Hi I'm Jude and have been drawing vector files since 2000 for the sign, engraving and print industries. If you have a vector graphic but can't cut the right objects, I can make it cut-ready. Raster to vector conversion is what I do. If you need a bitmap image "cleaned" up and redrawn in vector format I can help. Even if you don't have the actual graphic (e.g. if you only have a photo of a truck with the graphic sign on the truck) I can reproduce the vector art. I can be your online "fix this graphic" person. See samples
  11. Hello Forum Members, I need your help to convert an EPS file I have into a Vector file as I need it for promotional use for the business I run. If this can be taken care of as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate your help. Best, Colten
  12. Hey everyone, for some reason I am having trouble with this EPS file. I vectored the image in Inkscape, and then saved the file as an EPS. Below you will find both files. I can open all my other eps files with no problem. Can anyone help me with this, is the way I am saving it, or maybe the file is too large for SignBlazer. Thanks for all your help. Nick Inkscape Version 0.48 SignBlazer Version 6.0.17 Monster Truck.eps Monster Truck.svg
  13. problem 1.. i do the work in illustrator, when i save the file with ai extension i get error msg when i go to open file "error, cannot open embedded pdf-files. save file in older AI or EPS format and try again. do not use the compression parameter in illustrator" problem 2... when i open eps file just a blank box shows up in sign cut..... im banging my head on the keyboard over here... someone help pls!!!!
  14. banditt2129

    how to share eps files

    Ok, so I figured how to convert jpegs to eps. Now how do I share them?
  15. I just got my USCutter 721 mk2. I have also installed singblazer. I got inkscape also. Now I finally got it to work with the correct ports for the usb. I import an image to signblazer that is a jpg, click the image, convert to monochrome, then vectorize. Well, that did not work that well and came out not looking good. So I read on the forum here a lot of people just use inkscape. So I got that, imported the image and saved it as a eps file. Now when I pull up the image in Signblazer it is just a black square. Also, my signblazer gets hung up and closes down on its own. So I was thinking maybe it is inkscape or something. So I go to vectormagic, do the free trail and get two images and do the same thing there. When I try to import to SB it just does the same thing and a black image. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help Troy