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  1. banditt2129

    IMG 0277

    That's awesome. I also do layering. I did a pretty cool bulldog that was a local schools mascot and it turned out great.
  2. banditt2129

    IMG 0277

    Printed vinyl? Its awesome!!!!
  3. banditt2129

    Wall Mural

    the Print lol.....Thanks
  4. banditt2129

    Wall Mural

    Whats something like that cost?
  5. banditt2129

    IMG 0277

  6. banditt2129

    Blade replacement

    I have a uscutter MH-871 cutter and was wondering how often everyone changes the blades?
  7. banditt2129

    Racing number font Id Help please??

    Try Virgin Hybrid
  8. banditt2129

    My newest

    Thank you everyone.
  9. banditt2129

    Workforce 30

    I have one I bought used. Bought the siss ink system for it but never used it. I know it needs a cleaning from the previous owner. Not sure what its worth
  10. banditt2129

    Anyone know this font?

  11. banditt2129

    My newest

    This was a drawing done by a customers son. I tried the old trace and scan, but it had rough edges all over. I spent 3 1/2 hours going over each line with the paint program. Let me tell you, it cut and weeded perfectly. Also some kids power wheel derby cars I did up.
  12. banditt2129

    Anyone know this font?

    Need help finding this font please!
  13. banditt2129

    Quick question

    Is it ok to have reflective vinyl on your personal vehicles in NY?
  14. banditt2129

    Wondering if there's a certain font out there

    Lmao, yes it is. Thank you