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  1. Yes.........many small businesses have closed in this health crisis. Most will never re-open. I myself am nearing retirement age and may have to close the business because no one is looking to purchase small businesses at this time. We made it through all this so far........ but, who knows!
  2. Sue2

    This please

    Caredrock 01 otf is similar but no serifs.
  3. Sue2

    font help please

    Metro (Regular *Oblique)
  4. Sue2

    What font is this!?

    For the "R" I would find something close, convert to curves and alter it to match...... Looks like it may have been altered some to begin with.
  5. Sue2

    What font is this!?

    The "c" doesn't look like it is the same font either.....and maybe the "t" too! BUT...... If you look at Clarendon Blk BT Black it's pretty close even the "c & t".
  6. I would bet most people here muddled through the discovery phase much like you are doing now. You did got it hooked up, got it communicating with your computer, got it cutting the test pattern. Now you have learned to watch the size of your graphics....yes, sometimes it imports way too big and sometimes too small. Except for practice and're just about there! Sounds like you are wanting to make shirts with HTV.......most important thing to remember: MIRROR your text/graphic. To this day I get so involved with the layout etc............... I forget to mirror! Now, before I push that cut button, I check one last time! Good Luck. Here's a suggestion for your first shirt! I made one for myself. Sue2
  7. I never tried pressing HTV with a hand iron.....I only use an iron to try & remove errant HTV spots or to correct a mistake if possible. When pressing HTV I want to see the texture of the fabric showing through in the final imprint.... I don't see that in your photos.
  8. Most of us here use a heat press....let me guess what MAY be your problem: Did you pre-heat the fabric to draw out moisture and flatten the fabric before laying on the HTV? "Household iron" just might be the problem....not hot enough with not enough constant pressure. The quality of your HTV could also cause poor results.
  9. I use CorelDraw as my go-to graphics program(easier than AI).....BUT my simple version of Corel X4 would not recognize your file. I had to open it in Illustrator and re-save. Then it would open in my Corel......edited it from there.
  10. Here it is....but you need to learn to do this wasn't difficult. CraneOpr-2.svg
  11. The advantage of heat press over screen printing is the ability to cost effectively create in low quantities and individual designs/names.
  12. I would suggest you look into a package which includes a heat press....the kids would love designing their own t-shirts too!
  13. Thank you...just what I needed!
  14. I have a customer looking for fluorescent or neon lettering (yellow or green). Any suggestions on where to check for this? TIA Sue
  15. Sue2

    Font ID

    Thanks for the conserve time I checked those too and nothing came close enough. It's a door logo replacement that measures 27" I wanted it to match the other doors. I already traced it.....wasn't too time just takes patience!