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Found 21 results

  1. Enjoy-- I know the original excel spreadsheet is out there,but i learned how to break it up to add htv and so i added a htv section using the same formula.Just in case someone new hasn't seen or heard of it before im posting it for everyone to take at the bottom of the post. For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. First-What this does is tells you all the info about your rolls you buy,It tells you how many sq feet, inches,yards may be in the material you bought and Cost per sq in,foot,yd and then the calculator side tells you how much it actually costs BEFORE LABOR to make a decal or design using vinyl and transtape if needed. I added a partial screen shot to what it will look like,The lower section( Out of sight) is the same but used for HTV vinyl. ----Any questions just ask and enjoy--- For those who dont know how to use it here you go .. PART 1 -Material info LINE A----Click on the box Name of Vinyl Roll and put as needed. LINE B- put the brand and size and width for reference Line C -where you bought it from. LINE D - Width of roll Line E- Length Of Roll Line F - Cost you paid for roll- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After adding the info above, the following Lines (G thru L )next will break the material into how much area in the vinyl there is- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Calculator Line M- Put in the length of your design Line N- Put in the Width of the design Line O- How many of the designs are you making, If its only 1 design you can leave blank or add a 1.either will work ,If more than 2, then add as needed. FINAL PART -LINE P - TOTAL COST- Once all info has been added- this final line will give you the cost to make the design. Vinyl Calculator Pippin Decals.xlsx
  2. My sincere apologies if this has already been covered in this group. (I'm sure it has, but I couldn't find anything by searching.) I know what I'll be shipping my designs IN, but what does everyone put their vinyl designs ON, besides wax paper? (I'd like something a bit more professional looking than that.) I've found in my research that many use the backing from their vinyl, but I never have any left that is big enough. Is there a way to buy that kind of backing? Any insight would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello US CUtter, im beginner at Heat Transfer Vinyl and watched some Videos to solve my Problem but no sucess. Some Information for Pressing set up I Use HTV Front , an Household Iron at the base wood , then a silicone mat on that the fabric with the Htv that i want to press on and on top Parchment Paper. But i keep getting these Bubbles / Texture on my HtV sometimes more or less. I tried adjusting Pressure, Heat, Duration, but i cant get rid of them completly. To press the Logo that i Cutted out where i have to press multiple Times to get a good Result Is Impossible for Me to get them Clean as I want.
  4. Troy Johnson

    HELP HTV ON Flame Resistant Sweatshirt

    Help! I have a customer that would like me to put a design on a FR(Flame Resistant) Sweatshirt. Will this work? I have siser easy weed htv. If so what settings should I use on my heat press to get it to adhere?? Thanks in advance!
  5. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    So as I scroll threw Instagram I came across what looks to be a new way to transfer full color images to me anyway. How is this done? clearly I can’t use my sawgrass as to that’s for polyester clearly. This looks to be transfer paper anyway not F&M stuff. I have an HP ENVY printer is this possible with that? I google searched but a few different things show up and I’m not exactly sure what’s what. I will attach images but I don’t own the rights just sharing for learning purposes and to give you all an idea. Sorry if this is a repost in anyway I just wanted to show what I found see if that’s something I can offer or even use it for hats with my new press
  6. Abandoned & Auctioned Storage lockers - gotta love 'em. A friend of mine obtained a locker recently and it contained a hat press, which he let me have for the low-low deal of $80. And then, astonishingly, on craigslist some fellow had a case of hats for sale (60 for $70). So, I'm now about to try hat making, while all I need is some HTV vinyl.
  7. I've just added vinyl items (decals, tshirts, signage, etc.) to our business line, and have never done this before. I've done as much You-tube and other miscellaneous reading as I could find, but have not run across this particular issue yet. I have equipment from US Cutter and a separate digital thermometer to ensure the accuracy of the press. I'm having issues with the Feather-light vinyl sticking to the tshirt after a wash. I pre-wash and dry all the shirts. When I pressed the first test shirt at 105 for 15 sec, it tried to peel up with the carrier/liner. So I started pressing at 320 for 15-20 seconds. After a wash (inside out cold/warm) and dry normal, the numbers on the back (think sports jersey design on cotton tshirt) are wrinkled throughout and are peeling up on the edge. I would be surprised if they made it through another couple washes. I also didn't thread the shirt when pressing front and back. What am I doing wrong here? If you over heat, over pressure, press too long, etc... what's the outcome? How critical is each phase of the Heat Transfer Process? Is one more critical than the other? All help is appreciated. This line of business took off faster than I anticipated and 1 order of 15 shirts is already out the door. I'm anticipating that they will have a complaint and plan on re-doing the order but do not want to make the same mistake(s). Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello - Replaced Titan 2 with SC 2, having issues with HTV bunching up when cutting? Advice on that as well as suggested pressure, speed settings? Thanks!!!
  9. I have a customer who's interested in these shirts She wants a small design in vinyl. Has anyone had any experience on this type of shirt? I'm wondering if it will leave press marks that don't go away thanks!
  10. Donna Dement

    Cutting HTV with SCAL Pro 4

    I am new to vinyl cutting. I need some instruction on how to mirror image for HTV. I have cut using regular vinyl,but I know nothing about mirroring an image. any help would e appreciated
  11. FrznFire07

    Stahls vs UsCutter

    We've been using Stahls HTV for about 10 years now, we use primarily the Thermo-FILM. Its a decent enought HTV, very durable. But it's kinda thick and at times more difficult to weed. So my question is, how many others have tried Siser Easy Weed and Stahls Thermo-FILM? Is there a big difference? how durable is it? I see Siser Easy weed has some specific washing instructions, Cold, turn inside out and so on. Stahls has this as well, but we've found it's really not neccessary for Thermo-FILM. Is this true for Siser products as well? Does anybody use Siser Easy Weed on athletic products? we do alot of youth sports shirts for the town, and if I can make it a little easier, and a little cheaper for us, all the better.
  12. thehomemadeholidayshop

    New Titan cutter need HTV help please

    Hello! I have just switched over to a TITAN2 from a silhouette craft cutter. I am having some problems learning the machine. I believe I have figured out alignment and the pressure and speed seem to be okay but when I load the HTV it's bunching a little and not cutting accurately. Can anyone give any tips or suggestions on how to fix this? I am new to the boards and welcome any advice!!! Thank you very much! Michelle
  13. Just when you're in a rush SH*T happens! Relatives visiting from out of town last evening and I wanted to make up a couple of quick t-shirts... Got the designs made up & cut heated up... first shirt was fine, second shirt looked like below! It wouldn't stick! ARGH!!!!! Even pressed it twice! No time to re-cut & weed another graphic. Sigh...the 2nd shirt was a bargain basement special and a close look at the tag this morning shows a content of 53% poly and 47% cotton! I guess not enough cotton content in that second shirt! Lesson learned....look at those tags - - - FIRST! Sue2
  14. Hi! I would really like to be able to print on HTV, but is there a reasonably priced printer that anyone uses? Also, for the Sisier ColorPrint easy, you can use eco solvent ink, can you also use that with transfer papers? Thanks for any answers!
  15. These shirts were done with the new Metallic heat press vinyl foil from Color Theory. (Available at USCutter.) What the photos don't show is how absolutely thin and soft this material is compared to other metallic vinyls out there. Very nice hand on these.
  16. FlawLessCustomz

    Putting Siser Easyweed OVER Siser Glitter

    So I just ordered some Siser glitter HTV, hot pink. This will be the first time I work with glitter. Just a basic question: Can I put regular easyweed OVER the glitter and how does that turn out? Any tricks and tips with working with the glitter HTV are much appreciated. (cutting, weeding, temp.) Thank you!!!
  17. stitchwizzard

    Biker BBQ apron

    I made this one up for my husband's buddy.... Stitch
  18. galaxygraphics


    I need a dozen caps ran. I don't care if it is Chromablast, or HTV. I can supply the caps, and I have (own) the copyright. I have it in vector format, and it is ready to cut, or print. Text only, no graphic, single color. (hunter orange font, on a camo cap) Thanks in advance for any help! Have a good week! Jim @ 870-351-1217
  19. Sue2


    Cut a bunch of Sisser HTV for some t-shirts yesterday... While weeding them this morning the static was awful! The darn weeded pieces were sticking to me, the Xacto, clung to anything but the scrap box ....would not go into the box...litterally were repelled and jumped to the floor. Lemming leap style...It was comic to watch. The weather did shift last night and the temperature here in the shop is 65 F. So, I guess welcome winter! Anyone found a solution for the static? TIA Sue2
  20. laneygrafix

    Soft Shell Jackets

    Does anyone know a good place to get soft shell jackets? kind of like the north face ones? also has anyone heat pressed material on them? I bought one last fall at a fleet store for $20 on sale, guess i should have bought a bunch of them