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Found 11 results

  1. TrackHawk707

    Heat foam for hat press

    Hey guys so my hotronix hat press came in and I was extremely happy up until I pressed my first hat. It was a foam hat and I did exactly what I was reading. (This was for sublimation) I placed my print lined it up and threw heat tape on it with no Teflon (which another bad idea) I don’t know why they tell you not to use it but some ink got on my heat platen and you’ll see it on my white hat below. Craft paper should probably have been used. but anyway so now the press completes and it has markings from the heat tape and a box around the print from the paper. I figured I needed more of a firm base so I didn’t get bent out of shape I ordered Teflon pillows and still getting creases in the hats I tried different pressures but did stay around the area pressure you should be at when applying subs and or vinyl. If anyone has any feedback I’d appreciate the help. I will attach some photos and maybe just let me know what you think. The red hat creased in the middle and the gray and white foam hats I’m sure you’ll see the marks. (Gray hat done with no pillow) everything else had the pillow. I looked for a firm heat safe foam but can’t seem to find anything safe for heat up to 400 degrees. One hat came out perfect and I think cause it’s a different style hat.
  2. The Hat Cap up platten do not heat properly on the sides, the heat will have to be increse 10 -20 more degrees to get to the heat desiare, and only be on center of the heat platten, i did meassure temperature wiht my laser grip, also to print a hat it is very uncunfortable the viser get on the way of the heat platten, this make it very hard to heat press.
  3. Troy Johnson

    HELP HTV ON Flame Resistant Sweatshirt

    Help! I have a customer that would like me to put a design on a FR(Flame Resistant) Sweatshirt. Will this work? I have siser easy weed htv. If so what settings should I use on my heat press to get it to adhere?? Thanks in advance!
  4. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    So as I scroll threw Instagram I came across what looks to be a new way to transfer full color images to me anyway. How is this done? clearly I can’t use my sawgrass as to that’s for polyester clearly. This looks to be transfer paper anyway not F&M stuff. I have an HP ENVY printer is this possible with that? I google searched but a few different things show up and I’m not exactly sure what’s what. I will attach images but I don’t own the rights just sharing for learning purposes and to give you all an idea. Sorry if this is a repost in anyway I just wanted to show what I found see if that’s something I can offer or even use it for hats with my new press
  5. Help would be much appreciated! I bought the 34" MH 871Vinyl Cutter a few months ago and I have had more stress out of it then success. My decals either don't cut, cut to deep, won't stick to the transfer tape and a lot of times won't release from the tape to be applied. I have tried several different vinyls, transfer tape and new blades and something always goes wrong and I end up wasting a lot of vinyl and time trying to fix something that I am not even sure if if will release from the tape once I get it on there. So I get an order for one t-shirt and of course I don't have what I need to make it. But my big worry is buying unnecessary things or the right things. Supplies are to expensive to just waste and not to work at all. If someone could just guide me in the right direction then maybe I can make this fun again and not such a stressful thing that I couldn't wait to start and now am on the brink of quitting. Thanks
  6. It would be really nice to have the actual operator's manual for the unit that I have instead of over 35 manuals of heat presses I do not have, which are all on a CD. Pictured is the one I have, which there is no manual for on the CD I received with it.
  7. levy4u

    Heat Press Accessories

    Hey guys, I'm pretty set on getting the Hotronix Fusion as I like the empty space underneath for excess material and the draw to give me working room. What are the essential accessories I need? I see there are pillows, pads, Teflon sheets, platen covers, etc. I'm going to do the norm, shirts, sweats (pants and shirts), bags, whatever. Does the Print More package from Stahls contain everything I need? I'm looking to spend around $2600 (via payment plan) and don't want to get things I don't need.
  8. acpawletzki

    High Temperature Resistant Vinyl

    I have a local Fire Department that is looking to get commemorative decals on their helmets for a fallen firefighter. My only fear is that the decals would not be able to withstand the heat. I typically use Oracle 151 which I know is rated for 176 degrees. Does anyone know of any vinyl that is rated for a much higher temperature or ever done any thing similar with any success? Thanks
  9. H2Ohydrographics

    Vinyl on crock pot?

    Merry Christmas to all! Quick question, a friend/customer asked me to cut a vinyl monogram for the outside of a crock pot she purchased. Will regular vinyl, i.e. 631, 651 withstand the heat? Thank you so very much for your help. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
  10. Hello again, I have been battling with a 4 layer piece of vinyl all day and have been scratching my head as to why it isn't working. I keep getting air bubbles and wrinkles in the second and third layers. I have tried to install wet and dry and have had no luck. Wet worked a little better but kept drying while I was positioning. If a flood it with app fluid I can get it placed correctly but then when I remove the app tape it pulls on some spots and creates bubbles. I just moved into a new building and it is hotter inside then I would like. Here in California the summers are hot and I know I can only do outside installations in the early morning or at night. I want to know if anyone else has had trouble with heat or cold when layering or installing vinyl and if so what temperature is too hot?
  11. sleeveofwizzard

    JPSS and 3G Opaque HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I haven't spent much time playing with my print transfer materials I bought awhile back because I really haven't had much luck when trying. For the dark shirts, I have done a couple of the opaque transfers. The color is great but the edges around the image are white and look bad. I tried to trim as close as possible to the image I printed (by hand) but there was still white after I transfered it. For the JPSS I realized it is really only good for white shirts because the color of the shirt will show through the image but I have a similar problem with it as well. I did a shirt with sisser easy weed text and a small portrait of patrick swayze next to it. I removed the background from the image but there is still some sharp edges at the bottom where his shirt was. it just doesn't look right to me. is there a way to feather the edges or soften it?