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  1. Hen

    PNG Files

    Thank you so much for your help! The files worked perfect!
  2. Hen

    PNG Files

    Thank you MZ. SKEETER, I tried that program and I can get it to remove the border on the site but when I save it and import it back into Vinyl Master it is still there.
  3. I purchased PNG files off of Etsy to use in sublimating. They all have a dotted box around them that throws all of my sizing off. Can I remove this box so that I can get an accurate size of my design?
  4. Thank you darkshadow. I see the tiling thing for the cutter but I don't see anything for the printer. I went thru every option. I'm starting to think that Vinyl Master is more for vinyl then Sublimation.
  5. I use Vinyl Master LTR and I am printing Sublimation. I have had no problems printing it as long as the print is no larger than an 8.5" X 11". I'm needing to make bigger prints and I have read where you can tile it and print it on several sheets but I can't figure it out on LTR and I downloaded the PRO demo and didn't see how on there either. Is it possible with any of Vinyl Master programs or am I going to have to buy a different program.
  6. Can you crop an image in Vinyl Master LTR?
  7. Hen

    Design software

    Thank you guys for all of your suggestions but I'm still lost:( I have looked all over this program and I don't see anything off. I find the calibration on it but I'm not cutting it, I'm just trying to print it to my sublimation printer. That may not matter but I'm not sure how to calibrate for printing instead of cutting. The height prints correct but the width comes out short every time. I attached a couple of pictures of what my screens look like. Maybe you will see something that I am missing
  8. Hen

    Design software

    I am new to sublimation and using Vinyl Master LTR and I can't get the sizing correct. I put the dimensions in and when I print it the Height always prints out smaller than the size that I have put in there. When I go to print my design then it is so hard to just get what I want to print to come up on the display to be printed. I have used this program to do vinyl and it took me a while to learn but now I'm questioning if it is a good program for sublimation. Maybe I am missing something that needs to be changed in order to do sublimation.
  9. When I try to use the file>export it gives me all kinds of different ways to save it. I have never tried saving it that way, only by saving it by file>save
  10. The file type is vinylmasteruscdocument(*.vDoc). When I save it's the only option that I am seeing.
  11. I have saved a lot of my work and when I go back to use it later it will not open. I try file-open and I see them but they have a blue box and the blade instead of just the little blade in the corner. When I try to open them they just go to the blank grey screen as if I didn't try to open anything. The ones with the littler blade at the bottom, opens up just fine just not these. Tried open-import-file it doesn't do anything but goes back to the grey screen.
  12. Hen

    Best Vinyl to use for Polypropylene Bags

    Thank you! You solved my problem. I went to http://www.siserna.com/heat-apply-htv-heat-sensitive-material/ and found the answer in the comments. She said that the Siser Easy Weed would work. So I did a test on one of the bags and it worked great! I did 12 seconds at 270 and it didn't stick so I raised it to 280 for 12 seconds and it worked great!
  13. I'm needing to cut and press 50 polypropylene bags and not sure which vinyl I need to use.