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    Design software

    Thank you guys for all of your suggestions but I'm still lost:( I have looked all over this program and I don't see anything off. I find the calibration on it but I'm not cutting it, I'm just trying to print it to my sublimation printer. That may not matter but I'm not sure how to calibrate for printing instead of cutting. The height prints correct but the width comes out short every time. I attached a couple of pictures of what my screens look like. Maybe you will see something that I am missing
  2. Hen

    Design software

    I am new to sublimation and using Vinyl Master LTR and I can't get the sizing correct. I put the dimensions in and when I print it the Height always prints out smaller than the size that I have put in there. When I go to print my design then it is so hard to just get what I want to print to come up on the display to be printed. I have used this program to do vinyl and it took me a while to learn but now I'm questioning if it is a good program for sublimation. Maybe I am missing something that needs to be changed in order to do sublimation.
  3. I have saved a lot of my work and when I go back to use it later it will not open. I try file-open and I see them but they have a blue box and the blade instead of just the little blade in the corner. When I try to open them they just go to the blank grey screen as if I didn't try to open anything. The ones with the littler blade at the bottom, opens up just fine just not these. Tried open-import-file it doesn't do anything but goes back to the grey screen.
  4. When I try to use the file>export it gives me all kinds of different ways to save it. I have never tried saving it that way, only by saving it by file>save
  5. The file type is vinylmasteruscdocument(*.vDoc). When I save it's the only option that I am seeing.
  6. I'm needing to cut and press 50 polypropylene bags and not sure which vinyl I need to use.
  7. Hen

    Best Vinyl to use for Polypropylene Bags

    Thank you! You solved my problem. I went to http://www.siserna.com/heat-apply-htv-heat-sensitive-material/ and found the answer in the comments. She said that the Siser Easy Weed would work. So I did a test on one of the bags and it worked great! I did 12 seconds at 270 and it didn't stick so I raised it to 280 for 12 seconds and it worked great!
  8. I saved a project after I cut it in vinylmaster LTR. When I weeded it one of my letters messed up so I was going to go back in and just print that word but it will not let me make any changes to my words except delete it and then it comes back as a different font and size. I need the exact so I can fix the work that I messed up originally.
  9. I spent a day trying to add that bow when I can go online and buy it for $1.50. I'm trying to do the jeep with the bow. Thanks again for all of your help!
  10. I looked on etsy and found where I can just buy the file. They come in SVG, DXF and PNG. Will the uscutterMH 871-MK2 , using the Vinylmaster ltr program cut it?
  11. Thanks Sue, I was able to print what I needed by changing the color. A new problem that I have is I am trying to add a pink bow to an object. But the only bow that I can find is just white with a color outline. I need it solid so I can show my customer what it will look like. I have broke it up but still cant color the inside. any suggestions.
  12. Thank you, I will save two copies everytime on things that I may need to make changes to and see if this will help. One to print and one to make changes too.
  13. Help would be much appreciated! I bought the 34" MH 871Vinyl Cutter a few months ago and I have had more stress out of it then success. My decals either don't cut, cut to deep, won't stick to the transfer tape and a lot of times won't release from the tape to be applied. I have tried several different vinyls, transfer tape and new blades and something always goes wrong and I end up wasting a lot of vinyl and time trying to fix something that I am not even sure if if will release from the tape once I get it on there. So I get an order for one t-shirt and of course I don't have what I need to make it. But my big worry is buying unnecessary things or the right things. Supplies are to expensive to just waste and not to work at all. If someone could just guide me in the right direction then maybe I can make this fun again and not such a stressful thing that I couldn't wait to start and now am on the brink of quitting. Thanks
  14. I have everything broke apart. As long as it says artistic text it will let me change anything or see the font but somehow after I group it, save it and cut it, it says curve and the nodes. Then I cant do anything to it but delete it and redo that part. Sue I did change the color just now and was able to cut separate. I messed up on weeding a logo and needed two letters so this helped a lot. Just have to figure out how to change the type. I am working on a project that the header is all the same but the text at the bottom is different on each one. So it would be easier if I could just go in and save it as a duplicate and then just change the words on each one instead of having to redo it every time. Any suggestions. Thanks a lot guys, you help me tremendously.
  15. Thanks again for all of your help! I have my cutter cutting great, my press is perfect for what I need and I was really surprised on how heavy and well built that the press was. I have made a few of our company shirts and they all turned out great except for a few of the first ones. I washed them inside out and the problem with them is that when they came out of the wash, the vinyl was wrinkled looking. I hung them to dry and then decided what did I have to loose but to throw them in the dryer and just see what the outcome would be and they actually turned out good. I'm not sure if you know anything about the program vinylmaster ltr but I have posted in the program area and no one has commented. It may be a crazy question but I'm stuck and can't move forward. I created some projects and cut and saved them but when I went back into the program later and wanted to make some changes to the text. It won't let me. The text shows as curve instead of artistic text now. It will let me delete it and retype it but I have to match the fonts up the sizes up and everything again and try to guess what the font was that I used because it wont show me anything. Maybe you can help me or tell me which direction to go to get help.
  16. Thanks again for your help. I'm going to order the recommended 15" X 15" digital swing arm heat press. I have researched all weekend and this seems to be the best unless I have a lot more to invest. I am going to get the one with the HTV Bundle. It is a better deal than ordering them separate and I can make all of the colors work. I see where a lot of people use the non stick sheets. Will I need them or do you recommend them for most of the time?
  17. mfatty500, you have any suggestions for a starter heat press?
  18. Thank you Wildgoose, Your a lot of help. Do you have a good place to buy wholesale shirts.
  19. I checked that one out and they have one that bundles with 5 15" X 5 yds of the Easy Weed vinyl. Is that a good vinyl? Is it worth paying the extra $50.00.
  20. The customer brought me the shirt and I typed up 5 words and applied it. It was a joke for a friend of his. I told him 15.00 and he insisted on me taking $40.00 so i came out really good on this shirt. And got the practice.
  21. Thanks for everyones help with getting my machine dialed in and cutting Good now. My first and only shirt turned out great, even with the iron. The Customer refused to pay what I asked for and paid me twice the amount. The iron worked great but now it's time to purchase a new heat press and I'm not sure which one is a good starter press. I'm going to use it to do my own shirts for our welding business and eventually be able to make them to sale. Small scale starting out until I get mine perfected. Any suggestions. Thanks ahead for any help!
  22. Which one do you recommend, Siser or the HTV? Is the vinyl all that I need to just make this one shirt?
  23. I will probably stick with USCutter from now on. So far everything that I have ordered has worked well. I have had some problems with the Griff Decorative Film prime series Metallic but I started double cutting it and It's working now. I own a welding and fabrication shop and the metal vinyls go over well with my logos and everyone loves it. I just have to get good enough and confident enough to make them for my customers. Do you use the same transfer tape for it as you do the Oracal 651?
  24. I ordered it from Swingdesign. I will look up the Main Brand and try it. Any suggestions for the best vinyl for a shirt and what all I need to order to make it a success. I am for sure a newbie and could use any suggestions.