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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've been building a corporate gifting company for a few years now. We have scaled a lot. We offer to put company logos on our ceramic pots. The pots are typically 4inches and we will receive orders for 100+ gifts for one single client. We have been printing the logos on acrylic print paper and using adhesive to put them on. This works but it takes way too much time and costs of labor are too high to justify. Unfortunately, we are still small and can't afford a $12,000 printer, etc. Somebody mentioned in a previous forum to cut the logos using a 28' SC2 Cutter. However, I have no experience in this so if anyone knows a method a walk-through would be amazing. Does anyone have any advice or a good approach to put logos on our pots at scale? Ideally in a price range of $500-$2000. Thanks it means a lot!
  2. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    So as I scroll threw Instagram I came across what looks to be a new way to transfer full color images to me anyway. How is this done? clearly I can’t use my sawgrass as to that’s for polyester clearly. This looks to be transfer paper anyway not F&M stuff. I have an HP ENVY printer is this possible with that? I google searched but a few different things show up and I’m not exactly sure what’s what. I will attach images but I don’t own the rights just sharing for learning purposes and to give you all an idea. Sorry if this is a repost in anyway I just wanted to show what I found see if that’s something I can offer or even use it for hats with my new press
  3. Just trying to figure out why the empty/white areas of an image are printing with a slight tint. I'm using the Versaworks save-to-pdf procedure, and printing/cutting on a Roland VersCamm SP-300V thru VersaWorks. Thanks!
  4. Friend of mine picked up a HP DesignJet 5500. I was wondering if anyone on here has any real world experience with this printers. It came with aqueous inks but she says there's a conversion kit to print solvent ink? I thought solvent ink required different print heads but fact is, i just don't know. For the time being we are going to try and print on some 631 and see how they hold up - can anyone yay or nay this idea? Is there a different vinyl that should be used for this process? Thanks! Tom
  5. So im new to the solvent printing world and looking for some guidelines on pricing out printed jobs. Cost of the Lam and substrates i can figure out but what about the contour cutting and ink cost? and how does everyone factor that in. Thanks.
  6. Hi there! I work at a screen printing shop and we have a Roland VersaCAMM SP-300v. What I'm wondering is can this printer print on clear transparency rolls (I'm not sure if they have a specific name)? We need to be able to print separations that are large format. Anyone out there with any information or experience in this regard? I've attached a picture of what we're basically looking for.. we get someone else to print these, but they have a newer Roland. Thanks!
  7. stmcy

    outsourcing signs

    I am new to the vinyl industry. I have been doing shirts and signs with vinyl. It is a side job that I would like to build up over time. One of my customers wants some sponsor signs for a golf course. I have done them for him in the past with vinyl and he has been happy, however he wants to have some later on done in full color thats printed instead of vinyl. Problem is most of the time it is 18 signs and they are all different. So I am looking for a good place to outsource some signs to at a good price. I want to be able to still make some money off of the job but still stay at a good price. Any suggestions will help. Thanks Scott
  8. daspink

    Printing decals

    I am wondering if anyone can give me an overview on how to print and cut custom decals. They would be outdoors and need to stand up to the sun and weather. Thanks!