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  1. Thanks for the reply idk why but for some reason this seems a bit overwhelming to me lol. It wasn't like this for me when I got into regular sign vinyl something about adding ink is getting me worried. I haven't even loaded my first set of ink into my printer yet for the simple fact IM not sure how IM even going to be pricing these things out and don't want it to just be sitting around. I suppose I will just load them in and get it going learn the printer and as I go learn more about how i will set my prices hopefully i wont loose too much money in the process. Thanks again i have seen a lot of your post and you seem very helpful to everyone.
  2. So im new to the solvent printing world and looking for some guidelines on pricing out printed jobs. Cost of the Lam and substrates i can figure out but what about the contour cutting and ink cost? and how does everyone factor that in. Thanks.
  3. so i know this sounds strange and kind of a newbie question but im really only having problems with this everything else i seem to have figured out on my own and i am cutting jobs with no other problem but this but every time i cut out a text decal the size is never the size i have set in my graphtec studio program i can have it adjusted correctly in the scale window and then when i go to the page window its a different size? maybe by a half in or so am i doing something wrong? is there a different way to size text ?