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Found 10 results

  1. smitay

    which printer?

    Let me start by telling everyone my plans for this post. I work for a local union an if you don't know we have stickers. Plenty of stickers on our hard hats/ lunchboxes. My plane was to buy a decently priced printer print a few designs in need hopefully get bigger with it to fulfill more orders withing the local union trades. Most of the stickers on lunchboxes and on hard hats do fade with time working outside all the time or hats being tossed around so fading isn't much of an issue. I'm fine with printing them laminating and sending it through the cutter. I don't see myself doing tons of batches all at once. Kind of if you need them I'll get them so I belive solvent based printers will be out because I won't be doing a 24/7 operation. More of a nightime/ weekend warrior side hustle kind of thing. Which printer would best fit my needs? I've been checking some Epson models out but figure this forum would steer me in the correct direction. Thank you for the advice
  2. Hi all, looked through the forum, saw some older posts about this, but would like to hit this topic again, as hopefully new solutions. I am looking into trying to Print with my inkjet printer, and then laminate it, and then cut it in my Graphtec FC7000-100. SO questions are.... 1. What program could I use, that hopefully you have experience with using (can be paid program obviously, does not have to be freeware) 2. what materials would you recommend? 3. The overall process you do, and how well does it work? thanks in advance! -Russ
  3. mangekyousharingan

    Printing window decals.

    Hi. First of, forgive by bad english as it is not my 1st language. Im completely new to printing, well, except for A4 paper I am an engineering student with an eye for design, at least thats what people tell me. I like designing things for some reason I design webpages, gift cards, manuals, ads, brochures, signs, billboards, posters etc and I love it. Now I want to take it one step further and start to make som money but I have no idea how to start. I dont know what machines are used If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. I tried googling it and came over huge machines, bigger than my apartment that costs 200K+ and lost all hope but then I found something called: Epson Stylus Pro 9450. Its quite affordable, I can get a used one for about 1K. Is this the right printer for me? My main priority is to print store window decals/logo. Will this machine print on transparent adhesive paper? Do I need some special ink to counter rain and UV damage? Thanks
  4. Hello all, for a while now I have worked with stickers, decals and signage. Because of my interest in graphic design, and the contacts I have who work in the field and would be happy to work with me, I'd like to start a design and print business. I intend to be able to make business cards, flyers, banners, menus - anything that could be considered advertising really. Would a Roland print and cut machine do the job, or would I need something more specialised for business cards and the like? What could be accomplished with a traditional print machine? My budget realistically is around £7000/$9000 here in the UK. Thanks!
  5. ok i know this questions is as newbie as they come and i should know the answer considering ive owned my cutter many many can i print using the mh871 cutter? i dont mean print like a color printer...i guess you can call it "writing" more than printing. i remember when i recieved the cutter there was a piece that fit into the blade port of the cutter and it had a pen attached to it. since i purchased the cutter to cut vinyl i never really thought about what that piece was for. can that pen piece be used to write using the cutter? i only need thin black lines on white vinyl. thanks in advance.
  6. So im new to the solvent printing world and looking for some guidelines on pricing out printed jobs. Cost of the Lam and substrates i can figure out but what about the contour cutting and ink cost? and how does everyone factor that in. Thanks.
  7. I know one thing was not set right when I printed it, the high speed was on. What other adjustments need to be tweaked for best results? Epson 7510/CISS/Cobra Ink The botton pic is how it came out and was washed once, looked the same before washing.
  8. I've recently started playing around with contour cutting. Basically, I ordered some 8.5x11 vinyl for my desktop printer, to print and cut with. I am using Draw X5 for my design, and then Flexi 8.1 for my print and contour cutting. I print my design out with my printer, usually just one decal, instead of a whole page. I use FlexiSign Pro 8.1 to make my contour, and it also prints the Reg marks for me properly and all that jazz, I use my MH721 plotter with the Pen tool to help line me reg marks up, I can usually get them right on, yet my contour cut doesn't come out right. I don't really know where to go from here. It seems like its just stretching out my contour or maybe my print didn't scale correctly, not totally sure. Maybe someone can help me solve this problem. I've had success contour cutting with this same setup, but only on small items, or very very simple contours. (On the images attached, the rectangle is from me playing with the Compensation factor, which lines up good. Roughly 0.015625 of an inch off. That small margin should cause the contour to be that far off.) Any suggestions? It would be super nice to get this to work somehow, would really help out my business and my turn around times for the customers who order 8.5x11 sheets of decals.
  9. Hi there! I work at a screen printing shop and we have a Roland VersaCAMM SP-300v. What I'm wondering is can this printer print on clear transparency rolls (I'm not sure if they have a specific name)? We need to be able to print separations that are large format. Anyone out there with any information or experience in this regard? I've attached a picture of what we're basically looking for.. we get someone else to print these, but they have a newer Roland. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, I just got a request for a large format print to go on a wood sign. I would need it printed out and ready to install on a sign that will be outside in the elements. Shipped to Clovis, Ca 93612. The size is about 72" x 82" could be a little smaller but no bigger then that. I am not sure of the ink coverage yet but I need a ball park price. PM me ASAP Thanks!