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Found 4 results

  1. ofwgraphics

    Advertising and New Business

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for awhile but when I first started out, you all had some great tips. I've been selling on ebay and ETSY under OneFunWall for about 8 years. Business started out really strong but has gone way down hill. I've never advertised locally and I am wondering what type of advertising to you all use. Social media, newspaper, flyers?? Just looking for some ideas. Thanks OFW
  2. Hello all, for a while now I have worked with stickers, decals and signage. Because of my interest in graphic design, and the contacts I have who work in the field and would be happy to work with me, I'd like to start a design and print business. I intend to be able to make business cards, flyers, banners, menus - anything that could be considered advertising really. Would a Roland print and cut machine do the job, or would I need something more specialised for business cards and the like? What could be accomplished with a traditional print machine? My budget realistically is around £7000/$9000 here in the UK. Thanks!
  3. flex1120

    New to all of this in Texas

    Hello everyone I'm completely new to all of this and have yet to get any type of equipment, but I'm very interested in starting a small business from home. I was wondering if any of you could give me any tips on purchasing a vinyl cutting machine and heat press. keep in mind that I have never used a machine and have only seen a couple of videos on youtube. thanks any info is great!!!!!
  4. I'm about to share some personal information - not my comfort zone to do that on something like this, but I would love to get advice from people in this industry. I have a day job. A very good paying day job - That I am pretty much miserable at. I have switched companies several times (private to government and back) and I think it is just not the profession for me. While I do well at my job, I just am not enjoying it or the long hours plus the stress. In comes my vinyl hobby. I have had this hobby for a while, and I have considered starting it as a side business. Selling wall decals and such on Etsy. I am finding it hard to get time to even get that going since buying my new 24" cutter since I work such long hours. I have an opportunity to do some signs and such locally coming up, and it has gotten me thinking that I could add local signs to my business and maybe go all out and do it full time. Go big or go home right?? I had originally thought I would dip my toe in and try it out, but I just don't think I have the time to spare right now with my job to do so and really give it a fair shot. I have no Graphic Design background, but I do have extensive design background in AutoCad and GIS. So I have some basic knowledge of how to technically do some things (vector design/drawing etc) but the graphic design part of it is something I know I will need to work on. I am prepared to put time and effort into learning some basics on my own and if it becomes necessary take a class at a local college. Also I am looking for a business that might allow me to work from home. I want to start a family, but I also want to have 2 incomes without having my kids in daycare all the time. I grew up with self employed parents and I know it takes alot of work and long hours, but I also was never in daycare so I see the pros and cons. This kind of thing is a choice everyone has to make on their own, but I just can't see myself working the schedule I do now and having children. So my new found internet friends, I guess what I am trying to get around to asking is can you share your general opinions and experiences concerning this sort of thing? I realize business' take a while to get going, but if I were to commit full time to something like this and give it my all, I am wondering if this is realistically something I can make a decent income at. Also, is this type of sign business stable? Those are the sorts of things I would love for you to share with me. I live in a rural area, and I think I can market to the locals (Realtors, business' and clubs and such). I can offer them a local option and save them a long drive or an internet order. Thank you! Marie