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  1. ofwgraphics

    Advertising and New Business

    I used to sell a lot over seas on ebay to Australia and Norway etc.. but the postage rates increased and also the Chinese have flooded the market with with cheap 99cent decals. I need to work harder of course and create more but competition has also slowed sales. Working on a website now but would like to do more locally. Wondering if advertising locally has generated any business for anyone.
  2. ofwgraphics

    Advertising and New Business

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for awhile but when I first started out, you all had some great tips. I've been selling on ebay and ETSY under OneFunWall for about 8 years. Business started out really strong but has gone way down hill. I've never advertised locally and I am wondering what type of advertising to you all use. Social media, newspaper, flyers?? Just looking for some ideas. Thanks OFW
  3. ofwgraphics


    Is this on the outside of the window? Any worry about people peeling it off after hours?
  4. Just changed my blade. Now when my cutting starts, the blade comes down and cuts a small line in my design but then it continues as it should. Should I try resetting something? I Shut down my computer and program. I have another cutter that I I'm using and that one does not get the small cut before starting. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks