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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone. I just started working for a new small business that manufactures fishing products (tackles, baits, etc). The partners are currently running it and asked me to try and learn how to use their SummaCut D60R for the time being until they get a warehouse person that knows more. Apparently the person before me was able to find a work around, but I have no idea how! And they didn't leave notes on it. Personally, size wise, I think it's too small to go through properly but idk. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm trying my best. Essentially they want to be able to make the 6 inch material be able to work through the Summacut D60R, but when I try to load it, the vinyl material just moves around and doesn't cut properly and stops cutting all together. And when I try to move it around to fit better in the machine, the cutter either can't "find it" (has to scan for the size as I have no idea how to change this manually in the cutter control program), or it will scan it, but when I try to load the design to print, it says that the job is too small (which it isn't). I was wondering if you guys have any idea how I can make a work around? If not, that's okay too. I took a couple pictures to give you guys a better idea. If there isn't a work around, it's not that big of a deal as it sounds like the person before took awhile to figure it out. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I need some help with the VinylMaster software and printing. I don't really have any experience with photoshop or anything of the sort. I started using vinyl/paper cutters when I bought a Silhouette Cameo 4 last year and that software is the only one I'm familiar with. I have a very basic understanding of file formats (which I think may be my issue?). Basically, I'm a newbie and I'm frustrated to tears. I make sticker sheets for my Etsy shop and I have only ever worked with PNG files in the Silhouette software. When I try to print those same PNG files through VinylMaster, I keep getting these black lines/segments dotted around some of my images. It's super frustrating as it's noticeable and I'm not able to sell these. Does anyone know why this happens?
  3. Justsandee

    Uneven cuts

    Hello, I'm really new to vinyl cutting. I have a MH 721 (I do wish I would have invested in a better machine) I'm trying to make a border to go around a sign. I thought if I used the contour feature under effects and insert shadow to 0.250 in I could then pull out the middle and use the outline as a border. I don't know if it's a setting I have wrong or just because I bought the cheapest cutting machine. I'm attaching a picture of the uneven cuts Im getting. I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any help to this newbie!
  4. Heys all, greetings to the forum. I'm Karo and just got my first cutter, the Laserpoint 3. Already upgraded software for my next cutter, been reading about how much quieter the servo motors are, than in my LS3. Learning everyday with this machine and enjoy it:).
  5. Hi guys, I can't decide between the MH series and the SC2(contour cutting feature, don't know how important this plan to use it mainly for decals and some cardstock. Other question is to get 28" or 34"? Thanks in advance for all the imputs that you can provide me!
  6. andygeekboy

    Hi From Miami

    Hi All, I have the MH-871 due to be delivered in a couple of days. I run a small (very) dog training business on the side and when I looked at the pricing to get some basic graphics made for my truck I thought "hell, I can do that myself!" I'm not in any rush or a perfectionist, I like to take my time and learn, I'm 'ok' will illustrator so figured I'd give it a shot. Andy
  7. Completely new to the vinyl world. ive had my cutter for about a month and I am absolutely loving it. ive ventured into the heat transfer vinyl a little and made a couple shirts for me and my daughter. I just used an iron and it has worked fine. I'm starting to get interest from my baseball team and my daughters softball team for shirt orders. im not mass producing shirts with an iron. lol. so ive started looking at presses. im completely clueless on them. what are some things to look for/have to have/stay away from, etc? this wont be a full time business type deal. more of a side hobby for me and make a few shirts for friends and family type deal so I obviously just need a low budget one. I searched ebay and amazon tonight and checked out several different ones, but im not even sure what I am looking for. I saw several that were less than $100. seems like a no brainer, but didn't want to get one that cheap and it not have something I need or wrong size, etc. any help is appreciated, as I know there will be. this forum is a great asset, especially to a newbie. lol. another thing, what does everyone use for shirts? my first couple I did I just ran to the local fabric/craft store and paid astronomical prices just to try it out and was pretty happy with it. nice to have something local if I was ever in a pinch. ordered some siser easyweed and am in the process of making some work shirts for my dad with that. just didn't know if there was something else out there that was a little cheaper and still worked good or not. we all know even if its not a business, the more profit the better . so what does everyone else use or stay away from? just trying to get a little background on this stuff so I can at least pretend I know what im doing thanks again everyone!
  8. rocky53204

    hello from milwaukee

    Regards, My name is John and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Bought a used Titan 15" tabletop from a pro sign maker and as a retired hobbyist am learning it's use. Did my first cut today and to my surprise wasted only a foot of stock before I got a usable product. The machine came with Sure-Cuts-A-Lot Pro 3 which leads to a question... When I tried to cut what I saw on the screen in SCAL3 (2 columns of text) the first column cut OK. The second column seemed to overlap the first and wraparound to some extent. It did not look like that in SCAL3. So... is my problem using the USB connection or maybe trying to cut too wide. Does this cutter genuinely cut a full 15 inches wide? Should I allow wider margins when cutting columns of text? Is SCAL3 truly a 'WSIWYG' product?
  9. Hey there, My name is Johnny, i'm a 37yrs old french speaking graphic designer from Quebec, Canada. I'm actually working on opening a little online shirt boutique for fun. I just bought a secondhand Laserpoint cutter, so I thought it'd be a great idea to get in touch with other vinyl cutter enthusiasts. So anyway, thanks for letting me in. I hope I will be able to help as much as I will be helped! Johnny
  10. JennD

    Hi from NY

    Hello Everyone! I am new to vinyl cutting & printing. I have over 10 years experience with wide format Sublimation printing. We currently have four Mimaki JV 300 64" Sublimation printers and a, new to us, Roland SP 540V VersaCamm. We are just starting to tinker with the Roland and the lovely solvent inks. The Roland is a cutting machine but it's slow compared to where we like to be ... which is or course fast! I'm glad to be here and will be very interested in learning from all of your shared knowledge as well as contributing any of my Sublimation information.
  11. flcbrks

    New to the vinyl cutting

    Hi, So i have been looking through this forum all day and I must say you guys are awesome. So i have the SC 24' cutter/plotter. And I so need help. I am interested in doing HTV for tshirts. I received the VinylMaster Cut disk, but I have no idea on how to use it, as well as inkscape, and silhouette design on my computer. I just need some printed instructions on how to do my images. I have one logo that I would like to do for my daughter with her school info on it. I am so over whelmed right now, because I have so many ideas, but do not know where to start. Any help is deeply appreciated.
  12. CreativePlethora

    New to heat presses. Please help.

    Hello All, I'm in the market for a heat press and I've been researching a lot on here and other sites for the past few months trying to narrow down my choices. I will be starting out doing t-shirts as a hobby using a vinyl cutter and my own designs but I hope to add sublimated products in the future. I've read that SunIE has entry-level presses that seem to work well. I've narrowed it down to these two.. I know many people start with a 15"x15", but I would like to do designs that cover more than the top half of an adult shirt which is why I'm considering the 16"x20". Are these two good options as a first press? Or should I consider something different? I would like to stay under $400 for the press itself. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions P.S.- I'm sure the Hotronix Fusion is great but it's not in the budget and currently there are no used presses from bigger name brands available on my local CL site.
  13. boog369

    why ??

    I am new to the cutter world I have made a few since I got my machine last week they came oht fine . I tride to cut some decals for local shop and my cutter went nuts it flipped 1/2 the image and cut the other 1/2 my phone wont let me download the images .
  14. flex1120

    New to all of this in Texas

    Hello everyone I'm completely new to all of this and have yet to get any type of equipment, but I'm very interested in starting a small business from home. I was wondering if any of you could give me any tips on purchasing a vinyl cutting machine and heat press. keep in mind that I have never used a machine and have only seen a couple of videos on youtube. thanks any info is great!!!!!
  15. Hi All:), I have just shifted form Los Angeles to San Francisco, I am in big trouble, I want to gift Italian leather shoes to my cousin on her birthday, I want to purchase shoe by checking it manually can anybody over here suggest any website or address of Italian shoes shop in San Francisco which deals in affordable but high quality Italian leather fashionable shoes.:think: Please reply fast her birthday is on 10-07-2014
  16. cjmp

    Live from Las Vegas

    Hey guys and girls I'm really new to this and have been wanting to get into vinyl cutting for over a year now and just decided to buy a plotter now. If you could point me to a certain form that helped you out when you were new please point me in that direction. Thanks and im really excited about this new hobby also if you live in Las vegas area hit me up.
  17. cjmp

    Live from Las Vegas

    Hey guys and girls I'm really new to this and have been wanting to get into vinyl cutting for over a year now and just decided to buy a plotter now. If you could point me to a certain form that helped you out when you were new please point me in that direction. Thanks and im really excited about this new hobby also if you live in Las vegas area hit me up.
  18. Hi All, So a while back I decided I needed to add something light and flexible to my sales. I attend many auto meets annually, and heavy, greasy, nasty parts become less pleasant to unload, reload, and haul as I have gotten older. So, I have just purchased several items to make this become reality. I do have a Cutter here, and intend to use it for my initial foray into this arena...... with a desire to step into a Roland as soon as some income moves into my Sticker account. Some of you are already very familiar to me, and as an observer this group of folks are exceptionally helpful. So, thank yoy all for how you have already assisted my choices, AND, thank you in advance for the help you will be as this very green amatuer enters the cutting arena. p.s. I have not yet even fired up my cheap used cutter. I am awaiting the arrival of a new computer dedicated to cutting, as well as Corel Draw x6, and an initial vector collection.
  19. IamCarteBlanche

    New to the community just saying Hi!

    Hello I am Allen, I will be ordering LPII Tomorrow (Lord wiling) its the 51 incher So if you have any tips please let me know, Thanks in advance .
  20. Hey all, Hubby & I jumped in blind with Both feet, we had no other options. The research we did made everything look so simple. Now we are having trouble even getting started. We have only been able to cut various wording stickers. Is SignCut the best comunication program? How do we get it to import images? Does it communicate with Corel Draw x5? We also bought the Clipart design Ultimate Ornaments Mega pack.How does that fit in? Please anyone willing to help you would be very appreciated.
  21. Just thought I would post this for all the people who were just like me.................dreaming, researching and trying to decide on a cutter to buy, the company to buy from, etc. I'm a newbie and just got started 2 days ago so I don't know much yet. The one thing I can attest to is that THIS company and the people in this forum have been GREAT so far. After reading, watching videos, etc I decided on the Graphtec CE5000 package deal $1695.00. I was amazed at all that I recieved with this package: Great plotter/cutter, 12 rolls of vinyl, Corel x3, clipart design software, x-acto knife, extra blades, 10 squeegees, application tape, application solution & spray bottle, weeding tool, another type of cutting tool. It is a sign shop in a box or 3 boxes! And....the FREE downloads from this site, Inkscape, Signblazer are amazing. As for support, I've had multiple people from this forum welcome me and offer help. Really made me feel great. And.....I called Customer Support at UScutter and actually got a human! Dave, I think was his name. He answered my question quickly and professionally. I may not get this dream off the ground but I do know I chose the right place to get started! Thank you UScutter and those that have helped me so far and those who will in the future. Jeff Bristol, Va.
  22. Hello , I am very new to the Vinyl Cutting world. I have just purchased a Graphtec CE5000-60 and have a Mac OSX version 10.7.3 and I am running CM2 (Cut masters 2) on CS5 (adobe illustrator 5) I have been able to load files into the the CM2 plugin on CS5 but when i send the job it will say "holding" and then the machine sounds like its going to start up but then the status light just starts to blink and never cuts anything. What am i doing wrong? I still have not figured out how to cut at all. I have pushed the test cut button and it works just fine PLEASE HELP Kolby