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Found 7 results


    Dye Sub To Wood Question

    Guys i have had some request to o some dye subs to some wood slabs. Heres the thing... i know nothing about it, and will not be buying a printer. My question is, is there somewhere I can go to order dye sub prints? and i heat transfer them to the wood slab?
  2. mondoboi

    window template??

    Ok so I have someone who wants to run a banner at the top of there windshield that fits the frame of the window. How do I get a template for this? I am no where near this car nor do i know anyone with one. its an 03 mitsubishi eclipes spyder. is there a site i can pay a couple bucks to get this template or anyone have it? i attached a picture of what im meaning to do but to an eclipse
  3. mondoboi

    Best transfer tape for me?

    So I am part of a Huge car club and I create and make my own Decals for my cars, it got the attention of the club president and now wants to use me as his source for the clubs decals. I have done decals and just used transfer tape from hobby lobby. I want to get some good stuff and a large amount. Since I am doing car decals mainly for windows or wherever they stick them what would be the best transfer tape for me to buy. club president wants to buy from me in bulk, and I use oracal 651 as my vinyl of choice. what will be best since they may sit and i will not be doing the applying for anyone.
  4. flcbrks

    New to the vinyl cutting

    Hi, So i have been looking through this forum all day and I must say you guys are awesome. So i have the SC 24' cutter/plotter. And I so need help. I am interested in doing HTV for tshirts. I received the VinylMaster Cut disk, but I have no idea on how to use it, as well as inkscape, and silhouette design on my computer. I just need some printed instructions on how to do my images. I have one logo that I would like to do for my daughter with her school info on it. I am so over whelmed right now, because I have so many ideas, but do not know where to start. Any help is deeply appreciated.
  5. 65rambler

    Just starting out

    I'm just starting to get my mh 871, so far i've made a few demolition derby roof sign stencils with it, and i'm now starting to some vinyl skulls for my local fire department, i've also modified my own welding helmet with a design that was prior to the fire department design.
  6. highonlif

    Happy to be here!

    Hello y'all! I'm Chris from Baton Rouge, LA. My wife and I just got into vinyl work a few months ago and are loving it. We started off with a cricut (that was a mistake.) When we wanted to start customizing things a bit, we bought an MH721 and got it up and running right away. We use vinyl as a "stencil" for distressed wooden signs for home decor. I have to say a big thanks to everyone on here for the wealth of information. Y'all are great. The few problems we have run into SO FAR have been resolved simply by going through forum posts on here. I am a troubleshooter by nature, so I'm one of those people who won't call support until I've ripped a few hairs out. I'm already trying to modify my cutter for a better holder for the blade holder. it wants to move every time I take it out. I don't want to overtighten it so I have an idea, but have to work a few bugs out. Here's a sample of our work.
  7. Trendz

    New and from Biloxi MS

    Hey y'all! My name is Cilya and i'm from Biloxi MS. I recently purchased a Gcc cutter and i've been making heat press vinyl shirts and hats, but my brothers 4 wheel drive Jeep club wants me to make some vehicle decals for them and i was directed here from the tshirt forums. I was wondering if there is a step by step for the decal process anywhere that you could point me. I know my shirts are cut in mirror but is it the same for vinyl decals? Also, i'm looking for a good supplier in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area as well. I've been ordering from imprintables but stuff takes forever to get to me. My cutter is the Jaguar IV which is 24 inches. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and Thanks for having me Cilya