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Found 11 results

  1. Kbeizaei

    Oracal 631 vs 651

    I've been making decals for laptops and such with 631 and I'm thinking about switching to 651. I know that it's more permanent and has a better hold but I was wondering what other peoples experience with this vinyl has been. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a 6-10 mil vinyl that has a low tack adhesive on one side. I would like to be able to use the stencil multiple times. I am spraying road cases and will be spraying a company logo on about 100 cases, as well as, contents on multiple side of the cases. I am having trouble finding something that will work. I have tried the Oracal 631, which works great, but Is only good for one spray. I have also tried getting a thicker material and using a spray on adhesive but it is a mess and takes up time to clean the adhesive off of the surface. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. keith olsen


    Hi I want to pre manufacture a bunch of vinyl stickers to sell. I am using Oracal 651 and Ultra Transfer Rite Tape Medium Tack. The question is this. If I create the sticker ( a set of words), weed it and then apply the mask, what is the maximum length of time recommended do I have before installing it on a vehicle? ????? Follow up question Is there anyway around this issue? Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Keith
  4. ThirdScorpioDesigns

    !! Third Scorpio Designs !!

    Hello hello! First time posting here! First time purchase of a cutter. Well, besides a Cricut. Thank you in advance for any and all advice, direction, support, ideas! -Nathan Third Scorpio Designs
  5. Hello all, I have some Orafol Oracal vinyl that I want to get rid of. I bought it planning to use it, but never did. Some of it is still in the original plastic wrapping. The rest has been used slightly, but in great shape still. The table below shows the estimated amount that is left on the roll. I got the amount by weighing the existing roll, and dividing that by the original weight. For example, the 951 30" x 50 yard rolls weight about 20.5 lbs new. The black roll now weights 16.5 lbs. So 16.5/20.5 = 80% The pro-rated price is based on the amount remaining on the roll. The discounted price is an additional 20% off. Please let me know what roll/s you are interested in. I will also add shipping cost which will be determined by your location. See attached images for pictures of each roll.
  6. slice&dice

    Overlapping translucent 8500

    Oracal translucent 8500 over a plexi white insert face for light-box sign. There needs to be an overlap to cover full 38" width (30" vinyl across the center + 2 strips of 4" top and bottom). How to make the strips not leave dark lines where they adjoin the middle piece (double thickness at the overlap joints)? I want to avoid this --
  7. blackrose2010

    Oracal Calulator

    Have any vinyl companies offered a free vinyl calculator, or costing calculator?
  8. Hey guys! My names Axyl and I run a small vinyl sticker business in Western Australia. Refine Pro-24 & Signcut Pro Last weekend my cutter started malfunctioning mid-cut. The screen is stuck on "Thank you for cutting!" And the actual cutting module keeps repeatedly bashing up against the side of the machine as soon as I flick the power on. I'm stressing out like crazy because I have a lot of people relying on me for business stickers and car vinyls etc. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this error, or perhaps anyone in WA, or even Australia can fix it. Even Refines contact details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps guys! Axyl
  9. mondoboi

    Best transfer tape for me?

    So I am part of a Huge car club and I create and make my own Decals for my cars, it got the attention of the club president and now wants to use me as his source for the clubs decals. I have done decals and just used transfer tape from hobby lobby. I want to get some good stuff and a large amount. Since I am doing car decals mainly for windows or wherever they stick them what would be the best transfer tape for me to buy. club president wants to buy from me in bulk, and I use oracal 651 as my vinyl of choice. what will be best since they may sit and i will not be doing the applying for anyone.
  10. abullock22

    textured vinyl

    I have someone who is looking for textured vinyl to be used on thier car for a decal - and I have never dealt with this kind of vinyl. Anyone have any reccomendations? thanks
  11. Here is my latest contribution to everyone... Thanks!!!