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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for a 6-10 mil vinyl that has a low tack adhesive on one side. I would like to be able to use the stencil multiple times. I am spraying road cases and will be spraying a company logo on about 100 cases, as well as, contents on multiple side of the cases. I am having trouble finding something that will work. I have tried the Oracal 631, which works great, but Is only good for one spray. I have also tried getting a thicker material and using a spray on adhesive but it is a mess and takes up time to clean the adhesive off of the surface. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. TAG Graphix

    Need help re: stencil vinyl

    First time using the Oracal 813 Paint Mask Stencil. Is it best to: weed and tape just like regular vinyl, then apply to the wall OR apply to the wall without mask tape THEN weed?
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying my hand out at sandblasting some stone. I've got access to some basic sandblast equipment and plenty of stone to practice on. I'm using the Hartco 930. My question is how you guys apply the stencil. Do you just apply the stencil straight to the stone and then weed it once it's on there? Or do you weed the stencil like it was regular vinyl and then add transfer paper to get it onto the stone. The stones I'm using aren't smooth polished surfaces if that makes a difference. They are rough. The design I'm practicing with is just some basic shapes. No small detailed intricacies or letters or anything. I played with it and got my cutter to cut the stencil great. Any tips for the rest would be awesome. Thanks guys!
  4. I made some Christmas presents for friends and family and I used my cutting machine a lot in the process. I thought I would share the video I made of the process:
  5. Does anyone have experience using the Greenstar 7010 ssb with a Graphtec CE-6000? The Graphtec specs say max thickness of 10mil and the Greenstar just so happens to be 10 mil. Bad idea? Also, this might be an obvious answer I am overlooking but what if you want to cut a stencil in a 23" x 23" area and the max carrier sheets I've seen are say 13" x 19" ? Haven't ordered it yet but I am assuming I need a carrier sheet for the Greenstar 7010 ssb? Or not because it has a kraft backing adhered? Thanks!!!
  6. This was a 2 step process. Weeding and transferring a halftone was daunting, but it turned out to be fairly easy, just time consuming. I used the vinyl as a stencil and then fabric painted the shirt. I've already gotton requests for custom jobs. Do you think $50 is a fair price? Obviously multiple or existing designs would be less.
  7. Eastwood

    oracal 810 on drywall (spray mask)

    Hello all, I am doing a very large stencil job, basically a border around inside of a church above the chair rail. I am using oracal spray mask 810 I am using latex paint, I cannot stop paint from bleeding behind the stencil??? I rolled with a brayer, used a heat gun...please Help Thanks, Scott
  8. I am looking for a product to use to make reusable stencils that can be cut with my vinyl cutter. I have looked into the oramask and greenstar 7000/7010 paint mask vinyl. I am making signs out of mostly wood and would use the stencils to paint using spray or acrylic paints. I use vinyl scraps all the time to make stencils for this purpose, but they are not reusable. I see in the greenstar products that one has adhesive backing and the other doesn't. Not sure which would work better, but if it is reusable can it be washed after use? Any suggestions?
  9. bwaters5

    Painted sign

    enjoyed myself thoroughly painting this!
  10. heritagedesigns

    Reusable stencil

    Hi Guys! I'm new to cutting stencils. I see the adhesive backed stencil rolls and I want to try it out but I am not sure how you can have a "reusable" stencil and keep the letters (like "O's") and what not in place. So I guess my question is, what the the proceedure for using a "reusable" stencil? Do I have to do something different when I'm cutting? I know I need a 60 degree blade, but my main question is application and taking off so we can reuse. Thanks for ANY help!
  11. heritagedesigns

    Reusable Stencil

    Hi! I am trying to cut some stencil but I have read on the information to several of the stencil materials they are reusable. I am wondering if someone can give me some instructions on how to cut a reusable stencil in Signblazer. I'm wondering how it it works on "o's" and things like that. Thanks so much!