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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I am testing some templates. When i cut it looks tjhat blade try make marker points. And the only cut shape. For example for curring round shape it goes down in two points and only than begin cut. Proble is that in vinyl film we can see this points from blade. There is link where you can see what i am talking about
  2. New to group, but have been cutting with my CE6000 for over five years. I cut 5m mylar for airbrush stencils. using a silhouette cameo deep cut blade, which has worked perfect until today. After three cuts of a design everything started to only score the mylar. I didn’t try to do a double pass a.k.a. cut twice, but design is very detailed and this did not work very well. I believe I did something within the controller software settings when changing my blade. And now can’t remember what I did. Anyone have any suggestions or have had issues cutting 5m mylar? Thanks! RowdyDawg
  3. I have been working with Graphtec support for over a month trying to troubleshoot this issue and haven't gotten anywhere so I want to ask here to see if anyone has a suggestion. When I cut fonts, Really anything under 80pts The letters end up all jagged like it couldn't figure out how to connect the circles properly. Graphtec has had me reset my unit, replace the blade holder ($100 down the drain still having the problem) I have replaced the blade. Checked to make sure the holder is in there tight and also that the Pen Block isn't loose. I ran a test with the pen in instead of the blade holder and blade and it was perfect. I am running Version 1.30-STU Condition 1 - CB09U S30 F14 A2 I only run rolls of Oracal 631 indoor vinyl. Can anyone brainstorm a different solution? The 3rd photo without writing is after changing the blade holder but still slightly getting issues that you can see on the 2 and the 9, they just aren't smooth cuts.
  4. ThirdScorpioDesigns

    !! Third Scorpio Designs !!

    Hello hello! First time posting here! First time purchase of a cutter. Well, besides a Cricut. Thank you in advance for any and all advice, direction, support, ideas! -Nathan Third Scorpio Designs
  5. So I replaced the mother board in my ce6000-60 and now it comes up on controller as ce6000-40 and has a pinch align error code e05004 every time after it reads the materials edges. Update firmware. Any one have any idea on this. I matched everything with the motherboard that was taken out. Not really sure whats up and hate to have wasted so much cash.
  6. Hello! My name is Casper and I live in a tiny country called Denmark, all the way over in Europe :-) I've had my little sticker-business for 2 years now, while studying at the same time. I've been using the Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Studio. It treated me very good, but while my business grew, the cutter became too small. Last weekend i ordered a brand new Graphtec CE6000-60, which i just received a couple of hours ago. Looks very good. I've noticed that the Silhouette Studio software and the Graphtec Studio software look very alike. Basicly, they're similar. I was therefore hoping, that i could open all my Silhouette files in the Graphtec software, but no. Doesn't work. Have any of y'all had any luck converting your existing files? Silhouette offers some software upgrades, i'm wondering if the upgraded software, has the ability to somehow save the files in the correct format. Here's a quick overview on the basic-, designer- and business edition features: I hope some of you will be able to help me out. Thanks in advance. Casper Lauritsen. Please excuse me for my inperfect English, I hope you understood it anyway.
  7. I have had this cutter a month or so and LOVE it. After I learned the software I was rocking and reeling, still am!!! I cut vinyl of all kinds, daily. Now someone wants me to cut some cardstock shapes for them. I know I need a carrier sheet, but which one? Thanks:)