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  1. Rowdydawg

    Not getting a complete cut thru with CE6000

    I actually had a bad blade. I returned it and did what @MZ SKEETER suggested and it’s cutting great now. I’ve been able to cut .5mil matte Mylar with the deep-cut blade for a Silhouette Cameo. I can also cut .7mil with 2 passes
  2. Rowdydawg

    Not getting a complete cut thru with CE6000

    Thank you SO much. I had the blade out too far. I did what you suggested and it’s cutting like butter now! Thank you!
  3. New to group, but have been cutting with my CE6000 for over five years. I cut 5m mylar for airbrush stencils. using a silhouette cameo deep cut blade, which has worked perfect until today. After three cuts of a design everything started to only score the mylar. I didn’t try to do a double pass a.k.a. cut twice, but design is very detailed and this did not work very well. I believe I did something within the controller software settings when changing my blade. And now can’t remember what I did. Anyone have any suggestions or have had issues cutting 5m mylar? Thanks! RowdyDawg