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Found 7 results

  1. I have been working with Graphtec support for over a month trying to troubleshoot this issue and haven't gotten anywhere so I want to ask here to see if anyone has a suggestion. When I cut fonts, Really anything under 80pts The letters end up all jagged like it couldn't figure out how to connect the circles properly. Graphtec has had me reset my unit, replace the blade holder ($100 down the drain still having the problem) I have replaced the blade. Checked to make sure the holder is in there tight and also that the Pen Block isn't loose. I ran a test with the pen in instead of the blade holder and blade and it was perfect. I am running Version 1.30-STU Condition 1 - CB09U S30 F14 A2 I only run rolls of Oracal 631 indoor vinyl. Can anyone brainstorm a different solution? The 3rd photo without writing is after changing the blade holder but still slightly getting issues that you can see on the 2 and the 9, they just aren't smooth cuts.
  2. We just started having cutting issues out of the blue, thousands of vinyl cut, and now this. Picture is where it looks like the vinyl is lifting? changed blade out already. *separate issue* Is there a way to adjust tracking? we cut a lot of 4' and 5' stencils, and it seems it never tracks straight. we set tracking straight, yet it runs out after a cut. IMG_6163.HEIC
  3. Hello, currently using a mh871 and vinyl master cut v4.0. For some reason all the sudden when my cutter starts going it makes it through what seems to be the first line, usually an outline, then it veers off to the left until it hits the bumper and spools endlessly with the blade down. Ive tried unplugging both power supply and data. Restarted and reopened both the vinyl master cut and vinyl spooler as well as the entire computer with no luck. Please help me lol I have several orders to get done and the machine has zigzagged over almost 10 yds of material! Thank You!
  4. ericmschwanke

    Cuts being off on designs

    I do about 15 designs a week I cut on my US Cutter Laserpoint II. I am now starting to get issues with cuts starting to be completely off. Attached is how it cuts and how it is designed. This is happening more and more with other designs but this is by far the worst. I have not changed anything on my computer. I am using a Mac running 10.12.6 and sure cuts a lot 3 pro. I am wondering what is causing this issue now and how to rectify the issue I am burning through a lot of vinyl with incorrect cuts now.
  5. I have a Roland GX-24 cutter. Its been cutting great up until recently. It will cut letters and small stuff out just fine but once it starts a long cut it seems to dig in and cut all the way thru my vinyl, causing it to jam and mess up my decals. Any ideas? I have a new blade, adjusted the cutting head, cleaned it... Can't seem to figure out what is wrong! Help!
  6. rntwined

    Sign Blazer Help

    Hi, I am looking for anyone out there that can help me solve a problem. I will try and explain it as clear as possible, but I really don't know the "cutters" language very well. I have a design that I have imported in EPS format from My Vinyl Designer, I have used it several times and it has worked just fine. I put it in my work space,sized it and sent it to the cutter, but it isn't cuttin right, the lettering that is suppose to be on the bottom is now on the top and actually all over the place, I have tried Welding it and grouping it but it still is not working. If anyone understands what I am saying and can help, please do. Thanks, rntwined, and pulling my hair out......
  7. I have had my new sc series 25" for a couple of weeks and am starting to get the hang of it. I do have a few questions here I was hoping somebody could tackle. I bought the Greenstar 12 color vinyl starter pack and the high tack tape. The siser heat transfer vinyl starter pack. The very first thing I cut was on heat transfer vinyl. I forgot to remove some small cursive lettering on the bottom of the design but was blown away when it cam out flawless. The next day I cut some stickers but did not have the same experience for stuff three times the size. Many of the letters were just the slightest bit not cut fully so if you were not careful they just came up when weeding. I cut a piece of heat transfer vinyl again and it wasn't as bad as the sticker material but still wasn't like the flawless first cut. After reading these forums the only thing I found was to convert to curves and weld your design, which maybe I did somehow the first time but not after. This has significantly reduced the amount of slightly uncut letters that stick when weeding but did not remove the issue entirely. It also seems to not be an issue with the heat transfer vinyl but still with the sticker vinyl. My first general question is how easy should weeding be? Should I be able get a corner started, close my eyes and pull the weed with out ruining my design? That's not happening for me. I am at least having to hold down several pieces with my knife to prevent them from being pulled up. IS THIS NORMAL? Secondly, I am having the same issue with the high tack transfer tape. If I am not careful and just tear the thing the whole sticker comes off. I have tried waiting, cleaning more, going slower, but I am still weeding again basically because I have to get each piece stuck with my knife as I am peeling. No videos I have watched do people have this issue to this extent. Should I have not got the high tack tape? Is that the issue? Is it the greenstar vinyl not sticking well? I have stuck some nice stickers now, but it was a royal pain in the butt. Definitely not feeling I can sell vinyl stickers at this point given my own rate of success/satisfaction. Any advice you have on cleaner cuts, sticker application, cutting vinyl vs. heat transfer vinyl would be greatly appreciated.