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Found 13 results

  1. ericmschwanke

    Cuts being off on designs

    I do about 15 designs a week I cut on my US Cutter Laserpoint II. I am now starting to get issues with cuts starting to be completely off. Attached is how it cuts and how it is designed. This is happening more and more with other designs but this is by far the worst. I have not changed anything on my computer. I am using a Mac running 10.12.6 and sure cuts a lot 3 pro. I am wondering what is causing this issue now and how to rectify the issue I am burning through a lot of vinyl with incorrect cuts now.
  2. Hey guys, First post here, but I've owned and cut with a LPII for a few years now. I have resolved a bunch of grounding/static related bugs and have cut tons of material without issue, until my current project. The artwork I am contour cutting consists of series of parallel squiggly lines of a consistent thickness. I am having a major issue where the vinyl or plotter is somehow tracking off throughout the progress of the cut, and giving me inconsistent line thickness. The cuts are generally around 10'-12' long (some more, some less), and I have been running 2-up per cut (see attached artwork). The line needs to be a consistent thickness of 1/4", but I will often end up with one part being almost 1" thick and the other line being 1/8". I've included a snippet of the artwork and a photo of the issue as well. I have run these cuts in the past without this issue, but I assume that it has to do with the length of the image and the order in which the machine processes the cuts. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. First of all, thank you in advance for any input you can share. I'm running a LaserPoint II cutter, with the SCALP 3 program. Not a very big fan of that program, but it's what I have for the time being. I noticed when doing a 3 layer windshield decal that when I tried to lay the colors on top of each other, that they do not line up correctly. On the program, everything is straight and centered. However after cut, and application time, it's off. If the right side is centered, the left side will drift down to the right. If I center the right side, it drifts up to the left on the left side. If I center the middle of the image, either side will drift one way or the other. I've only noticed this issue on larger (30" +) images. I can cut shorter or smaller images, and they will layer just fine. Yes I use registration marks, and they do not line up either. What I do not know for sure is if it's the cutter giving me the issue, or if it's the program that is giving me the issue. I tend to think it's probably the cutter, but cannot say for sure. Sorry I do not have any images to share with anyone regarding my issue. I did a work around to complete the job. It's not the best work I've done, but it's acceptable for the purpose. I didn't snap any photos of it while it was on the layout table.
  4. Just received my laserpoint II with vinylmaster cut software from amazon. No CD. Cannot download the vinylmaster software (psn not valid?), went to uscutter website and can't find activation screen or download screen for both products. No tech until Tuesday due to the holiday. would like to play with my new cutter now though. Help
  5. So my USB port is broken. Now on the parallel port. I'm using a serial to usb that has worked previously with my MH721 but it doesn't work with this laserpoint II. At least I can't get it to cut. The progress bar says it cutting but nothing is happening. I've tried Signblazer and SCAL. Please help if you can. If not a hug would suffice.
  6. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I understand there are already posts about this subject but I am getting NO WHERE... I bought the adapter I have drivers updated and when I open Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3 and go to test it the program freezes and shuts off... What is it that I am doing wrong or can someone simply walk me through it... The usb is bad so I am trying to get it fixed and get this big order done... Thanks in advance.
  7. We just got our machine Thursday. So far we have managed to cut about 1 out of 20 good cuts. We have followed the instructions on USCutter's support site to ground every conceivable way. Still the machine goes nuts on us on a regular basis. The video shows it way better. Any help appreciated, Mats
  8. This is directly from the manufacturer. I thought it might be useful to someone at sometime. 631 is 24", 801 is 31.5" 1061 is 40" and the 1261 is the 50" version. TC series cutting plotter features: 1. Contour Cut Function to be optional. 2. USB 2.0 interface, support hot-swappable, and is equipped with serial port to support the long-distance data transmission. 3. 64Mb super-memory achieves a long time Offline cutting, meanwhile, the data storage can be achieved even blackout. 4. New high-speed PIC remote control system, higher speed, lower noise. 5. Digital force & speed adjustable, direct and steady. 6. Humane design, allows to adjust cutting force and speed while working. 7. High-precision "steel barbed" axis, higher accuracy. 8. Auto. memory of blade force & Speed, adjustable at any time, easy to use. 9. Emergency stops & stops to return at any time to monitor the cutting quality, easy to operate. 10. Emergency stops & stops to return at any time to monitor the cutting quality, easy to operate. 11. Unique red cutting slot make it easier to operate. 12. Cutting Length: more than 10m
  9. ZombieWrangler

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    I had spent way too much over the years buying vinyl graphics for my Jeep, ZombieWrangler, and with the harsh nature of off-roading they were starting to show some age, had damaged some parts, mud and dirt and many power washes had started peeling parts away. I decided to redo all the lettering at once, and figured I would outfit new newest family member, ZombieElement, I was staggered by the cost to get custom work done. I looked at the small hobby units, but it just wouldn't do the scale of my ideas. That landed me here and with a Laserpoint II starter bundle. So I jumped in head first and cleared the initial obstacles, but now I've got to step back and read a little more of the instructions. Love it so far, have made my share of dumb mistakes like trying to cut too close to the edge and not setting home point right, but so far so good. I was already an IT professional and web designer, so the setup and application use has been pretty easy. My questions are now more like 'how do you know when a blade needs changing' and what materials work best for what applications and are there speed/pressure guidelines that might work better than the default settings for some things.. Now I'm off to go read through topics, I'm sure there is months worth of tips to catch up on. Thanks USCutter, great machine, tutorial videos, and now I'm looking forward to the community. Alex ZombieWrangler
  10. Hello, I am trying to print a test design for my LaserPoint II using Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro. When printing, I check "Print Registration Marks" but I never get any? Any help would "make it so!"
  11. stang65_us

    SC or LaserPoint II

    Which one is better in your opinion 34" SC or the 31.5" LaserPoint II? I will mainly cutting car decals for cheer teams but doing some banner and yard signs now and then. Thanks.
  12. The right side of my image will not stay clean even if its the same points as the left. This is hard to explain in text but easy to see in the pictures. When mirroring the image and uploading them at the same time the left side is perfect but the right side is bad has any one ever seen this before. perfect in illustrator, bad in SCA
  13. Hey everyone, So I finally got my LaserPoint II cutter set up and my Mac recognizes the USB port just fine from SignCut Pro. I can adjust the knife settings from SCP using the arrow keys and the cutting preview looks spot on when I animate it from the preview window. Everything should be good on the USB port communication front. I thought everything was alright, so I started the cut this morning and once the machine started up, I noticed that the cutting blade was rotating as it should (in the shape of the design), but it was just cutting a jagged straight line across the edge of my vinyl (15" white Thermoflex Plus). When I looked at the cutter more closely, I saw that the grit rollers at the bottom of my machine were rotating, but the vinyl was not moving back and forth at all. So the cutting head is moving correctly based on the design I was cutting out, but since the vinyl was not being moved by the grit rollers, the cutting blade kept cutting the same row as it moved left to right (hence the jagged straight cut). I then tested the vinyl feed from the cut preview window in SCP (so I didn't waste anymore vinyl) and the grit rollers are moving while the vinyl just stays in one place. Does anybody know how to fix this? I think it's just a matter of the grit rollers needing to be adjusted so that they allow the vinyl to move back and forth easily, but since the operator's manual is less than helpful I figured I'd post a shout-out here for all of your expertise. (I also have a support ticket submitted, but I need to get this project done and support doesn't reply until Mondays). Thank you in advance.