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  1. Again my apologies, new to this and frustrated. Will try harder to not call it a printer. We have ordered a keyspan adapter and will go from there. Thanks again for all your effort and help.
  2. Mz Skeeter, we aren't printing anything big enough to pre-feed it. At this point we are just printing one row of items or just simply one item and it keeps failing. We've also tried individual sheets and it keeps doing it on those too. dakotagrafx, we thought the same but that is what USCutter calls "super grounding" the motherboard. Makes no sense to me either. We thought we had it fixed but it's still cutting up our designs about every 9 out of 10 times.
  3. Yeah, I keep catching myself doing that. Nope, not a printer. But printing is my background, so it flows naturally. DUH!
  4. SUCCESS, PERHAPS! Just successfully finished a rather large decal, the same decal that failed in the video. It performed flawlessly after draping a necklace chain across the vinyl and grounding it to the grounding nut. Very happy to report that it FINALLY printed this beast for us. Hoping that this is the end of our troubles. Thanks so much for your help this evening. I was about to pull my hair out. ....or someone else's.
  5. I've updated my anti-static device to cover the full length of vinyl. The resistance between far point of chain and ground at socket is 0 so this should be effective. Still goes crazy on my. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h1knx33rzzk2gzu/2015-04-11%2020.25.18.jpg?dl=0
  6. That is just frustrating! So it doesn't work on the USB interface? Why does an interface with a 480 Mb/s transfer rate not work but a decades old interface with a transfer rate of 115Kb/s work? Why isn't this adapter included with the printer??? Testing a new grounding over the vinyl now.
  7. Only did the pen once as we were testing a brand new design that we wanted to make very large. Pen was perfect, so inserted blade and went for it. FAIL. We have had some success, don't let me deceive you. Some cuts are beautiful and effortless. And then there's the others. My guess was that it was a memory issue of sorts since it fails on the more detailed items. But no computer in this house has a serial port.
  8. Yes, there is one cable running from the grounding nut to the ground of the outlet, though I forgot to show that in the video. As for software, we are using a fully-registered version of Sure Cuts A Lot.
  9. We did a pen drawing first time this happened. Pen was perfect. Have had good and bad cuts, doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. So frustrated!!
  10. We just got our machine Thursday. So far we have managed to cut about 1 out of 20 good cuts. We have followed the instructions on USCutter's support site to ground every conceivable way. Still the machine goes nuts on us on a regular basis. The video shows it way better. Any help appreciated, Mats