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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I found some of my old trading cards (Pokemon in this case) and saw that there is quite a lot of people creating 3d cards out of it and I wanted to try this on my own. I was curious if there is a way to cut out detailed areas of the existing cards? My thoughts on this are: There must be a way to scan the card for the software to recognize, so that I could trace the desired area and only cut out this part. I think that this option may lead to problems with the details due to the possible loss while scanning? I could try to edit a picture of the exact same card and only import the desired detail into the software, place and cut it. I guess there will be huge problems in terms of alignment and correct size, especially when dealing with small areas. Maybe I'm missing something here or/ and that my thoughts are way too complicated on this but I would appreciate any kind of help/ hints. Feel free to ask if my description is kind of confusing ofc.
  2. Hello US Cutter Forums. I'm new to this forum and I'm new to vinyl cutters. I do powder coating jobs and I bought a silhouette cameo 4 specifically to cut high temp polyester masking tape to cut down my time on masking brake calipers and other projects. I played with the basic software Silhouette has and it seems easy enough. The part that I need help with is the blade settings. To save me time with playing with the settings I was wondering if anyone can help me. The material I will be cutting is a Lined green polyester tape that I purchased from powderbythepound. It is a 12" x 32 yard roll that I will be running through my cameo. It says its a 2mil thickness. Does that mean the blade depth needs to be adjusted to setting 2? I have the autoblade that came with the machine. Also what do you guys recommend for force and speed settings?
  3. IvyGal

    Vinyl not Cutting

    *** Figured it out, Its the new software, not the vinyl*** Curious if anyone has encountered striations across the width of rolled Oracal 631 that don't cut properly? I suppose it could always be my machine or a software issue? But i suspect its the material. Issue: The striations are across the width, not down the yardage. It is also across the width of the cutter - not down the length of the cut (like might happen with an old cut strip or obstruction in the machine) The ghost of a cut is visible, but at weeding, I need to use the edge of a blade to get the cut to lift. I've been increasing my blade, but i'm cutting into the backing across the vinyl, except in these bald areas The striation is in a different place if i cut the file a second time. Seems to be happening at an interval of 4", 12", 4", 12"... but that's measured after the fact. Before cutting, i don't notice any issue. Little sketch is what I'm thinking is happening. Other Details: I'm using a Silhouette Cameo & Sil Business software newest V4. New Blade, Replaced Cut strip & Mat - still happening older vinyl. Purchased extra in Dec 2015, and didn't break into until now. Vinyl is used for a resist process since I'm using the negative and discard the "object" I use painters tape for speedy weeding, and a blade for tough spots or areas where the resist scrim are broken up. Ive been using this material & method for years over 100s of projects. Thank so much for your time and thoughts. I appreciate any feedback. Kgi
  4. Hello! My name is Casper and I live in a tiny country called Denmark, all the way over in Europe :-) I've had my little sticker-business for 2 years now, while studying at the same time. I've been using the Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Studio. It treated me very good, but while my business grew, the cutter became too small. Last weekend i ordered a brand new Graphtec CE6000-60, which i just received a couple of hours ago. Looks very good. I've noticed that the Silhouette Studio software and the Graphtec Studio software look very alike. Basicly, they're similar. I was therefore hoping, that i could open all my Silhouette files in the Graphtec software, but no. Doesn't work. Have any of y'all had any luck converting your existing files? Silhouette offers some software upgrades, i'm wondering if the upgraded software, has the ability to somehow save the files in the correct format. Here's a quick overview on the basic-, designer- and business edition features: I hope some of you will be able to help me out. Thanks in advance. Casper Lauritsen. Please excuse me for my inperfect English, I hope you understood it anyway.
  5. I was thinking about buying a Silhouette Cameo, but before I did I thought I'd ask for some feedback and make sure I'm getting the right thing. I just saw that the USCutter store doesn't seem to sell Silhouette stuff but hopefully it's okay to ask this question anyway. I want to design, print out, and cut out a bunch of stickers - like a thousand. I'm not sure how many would be repeats, but let's say that there are no or very few repeats. I'd design them myself, and they'd be small - 1-2 inches long. And I'd stick them on the wall. And they'd require fairly intricate cutting. (I've heard Silhoutte's cutters are good for small, intricate work.) I'm not sure what I'd design the stickers - I made some prototypes in Adobe Illustrator, using a free trial. That worked well, but I don't know if I can afford illustrator. Maybe I could design them using Silhouette software. And then maybe I'd use Silhouette software to make the registration marks. I was thinking about printing them out on Phototex adhesive sheets, on a standard desktop printer. Anyway I'm new at all this, and don't really know what I'm doing, so I'm just looking for some feedback and advice. Thanks a lot!
  6. I was 3 minutes from buying a new Silhouette Cameo when I saw the refurbished cutters that are listed on the USCutter site. I need some honest opinions as to the best purchase to make for the money and for my area of interest. I appreciate your experience and response. My primary interest is cutting rhinestone templates from Sticky Flock material but from time to will also want to cut adhesive vinyl (both for car decals and shirt applications). I have a Roland PC-60 that belonged to my brother that I have been unable to get to work with either of my laptops or my software programs; therefore, I am using the Silhouette SD. I currently own: Silhouette Portrait Cutter Roland PC-60 Silhouette Studio (SD) Designer Software WinPC 2012 Software Flexi Pro 6 Software Laptop (Running XP) Laptop (Running 7) Looking at the MH & SC smaller refurbs on site - they are within my price range. Will either or both of them work with the current software I have. I have only been able to design, import and cut on the Portrait out of SD. I am playing with the WINPC software but my Portrait will not cut from it. However, it is my understanding that WINPC will cut on the Cameo. That has been the main reason I was wanting to upgrade. I would much rather have the larger cutter for my price range - but need to make sure that I am able to continue to cut my templates on it with my current software. Also are rhinestones available in the included software (SCAL)?? Thanks so much for anyone's input. I want to make this purchase ASAP - but it needs to be the right one! Donna Redd
  7. DoctahDIVAH

    New to Forum Cameo User

    I am new to the forum, but have been buying supplies from USCUTTER for the past year. I have a Silhouette Cameo which I love! I was a hobbyist and now have moved into cutting stencils for my airbrush tattoo business so I needed a machine that was more accurate and durable than the other product i was using. I love not being restricted by cartridges and other people's creativity. I use Make-The-Cut software and my husband modified an existing plastic click blade holder that uses the Roland Blades so I couldn't be happier!