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Found 15 results

  1. smitay

    which printer?

    Let me start by telling everyone my plans for this post. I work for a local union an if you don't know we have stickers. Plenty of stickers on our hard hats/ lunchboxes. My plane was to buy a decently priced printer print a few designs in need hopefully get bigger with it to fulfill more orders withing the local union trades. Most of the stickers on lunchboxes and on hard hats do fade with time working outside all the time or hats being tossed around so fading isn't much of an issue. I'm fine with printing them laminating and sending it through the cutter. I don't see myself doing tons of batches all at once. Kind of if you need them I'll get them so I belive solvent based printers will be out because I won't be doing a 24/7 operation. More of a nightime/ weekend warrior side hustle kind of thing. Which printer would best fit my needs? I've been checking some Epson models out but figure this forum would steer me in the correct direction. Thank you for the advice
  2. smitay

    new to vinyl everything.

    I'm a new to it all DIY'r that quite honestly needs a bit of direction on what to buy to get into custom wrapping? I'd like to start out with small things:, shirts, stickers, corn hole boards, small landscape trailers and possibly move onward and upward. For instance which type vinyl machine or even program will be best for 3 or 4 layering or colors in a design? Thanks for the help or any advice. I appreciate it.
  3. Good day to all, Machine: Graphtech plotter FC8600-130 64" Trying to find a solution when i send my projects normally 50"w by 60"h registration marks made with Ai Plugin, I assign condition 1 and condition 2 in CuttingMaster3 normally and it cuts well except when condition 2 starts...sometimes the first line cuts good but going up it begins to skew upwards each line it changes more eventually damaging the first cut. All wheels are in their respective position with medium pressure. One solution ive found without problem is sending condition 1 separate from condition 2 so each one sseparately works perfect... but for speed i want to send both at the same time. What could be the problem...a fix besides sending separate cuts Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. HeyImAmy

    Printable vinyl sticker?

    I bought a package of Cricut Printable Vinyl which I am planning to use to create a sticker for a mug that will be used to drink tea. I read online a design on printable vinyl can smudge or wear off if it gets wet. I am wondering if there is a way to protect my vinyl sticker, once on the tea mug, so the design does not come off? The design will not come in contact with the recipient's mouth in any way. I read online that you can use modge podge to seal/protect a vinyl sticker. Should I use that or is there something else that is better?
  5. Is anyone aware of a decent wordpress or jooomla plugin that could be used for decal design? specifically looking for something similar to what the boat name websites use to design / order custom boat names? just something that allows you to pick from some fonts, and basic colors/outline etc and show a preview and then purchase it based on size. i've been looking with no luck and am surprised not to find several things. the only one i did find so far is almost too complicated and has too many features for different products.. need something simple!!!!!!! hoping maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. thanks!
  6. hi all. new to this forum, and forums in general. also new to vinyl cutting! i'm wanting to buy a good quality and fairly priced vinyl cutter/software, beginner level. open to USCutter brands or others. any support is appreciated! i'll be using the cutter to make sticker designs.
  7. Hello, I'm in Alabama. I have been outsourcing orders for printed, contour cut, laminated decals to a great small company in GA. I havent been able to get in touch with him, so I'm not sure if he's still in business or not. His FB page isnt showing much activity and I'm not getting email responses. But I need to find someone I can outsource a current order I need pretty quickly. It will be for smaller decals ranging in size from 1 x 2 inch to 6 x 12 inch. 4 designs with 50 of each design needed. Can someone direct me to a reputable company that can handle this? THanks so much, Jeannie SouthernXtreme Signs & Shirts
  8. DecalAvenue

    First custom made decal

    Hi. This is my first 2 serious costumers, and one of them ask for a custom pikachu, meet Brad the surfer pikachu.
  9. DecalAvenue

    What cutter to buy?

    Hi. Like I say before I do decals as a hobby and have a small cutter 12", but people start asking if I do big jobs, so what 24" or bigger cutter I should buy? What brand is best?
  10. I'm all set folks - thank you all for the replies!
  11. DecalAvenue

    Hi from Florida!

    Hi everyone, Jay from DecalAvenue. We have been doing decals now for 2 month, but I always have been doing stuff "business from home" as a hobby and sure for the fun and extra cash. First was graphic designs, then websites, t-shirts, music and so on. I stop for a time because my job and my wife start all about crafts, candles, handmade neckless, clothing and yes, so on. Now are the decals and stickers. At this time we have no idea how to calculate the prices, but if we do a 5x5in decal 1 color, we ask $6, I think this cover all, right? Transfer paper, vinyl, and also shipping if we need to ship. We are doing a lot of geeks/gamers decals because we have been ask to do it and my first 2 costumers ask for catbug and pikachu, batman, and a big company that we made a few too. From this point we are getting all our costumers from friends and other costumers referrals. We are glad to be here and share with you, thats all for now, Thanks.
  12. I was thinking about buying a Silhouette Cameo, but before I did I thought I'd ask for some feedback and make sure I'm getting the right thing. I just saw that the USCutter store doesn't seem to sell Silhouette stuff but hopefully it's okay to ask this question anyway. I want to design, print out, and cut out a bunch of stickers - like a thousand. I'm not sure how many would be repeats, but let's say that there are no or very few repeats. I'd design them myself, and they'd be small - 1-2 inches long. And I'd stick them on the wall. And they'd require fairly intricate cutting. (I've heard Silhoutte's cutters are good for small, intricate work.) I'm not sure what I'd design the stickers - I made some prototypes in Adobe Illustrator, using a free trial. That worked well, but I don't know if I can afford illustrator. Maybe I could design them using Silhouette software. And then maybe I'd use Silhouette software to make the registration marks. I was thinking about printing them out on Phototex adhesive sheets, on a standard desktop printer. Anyway I'm new at all this, and don't really know what I'm doing, so I'm just looking for some feedback and advice. Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello! A friend recently contacted me about making some vinyl stickers for his clothing company. As you can see in the images I attached, its mostly just lettering ... but the stickers would be about 4"x8" give or take, and maybe some smaller ones at 2"x4" (this is what he requested, but he may change the sizing by a few inches here and there) He is asking for 2,000 stickers total. ~500 of the 1st logo in white, and 500 in black. (London Alexander w/ the roman numerals). ~500 of the 2nd logo in white, and 500 in black. (The Daily CO). I've only made stickers for myself and close friends at no cost to them, so I pretty much have no idea how to come up with a price/ price-quote for him. I am very proficient when it comes to weeding so that wont be a problem at all. Like I said, he is a friend, but this is also a great way for me to make some money. I dont want to rip him off in any way, but if you could please help me come up with a reasonable price quote it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!
  14. This is all very new to me. I just retired and would like a hobby. I recently attended a wrestling tournament and they were selling decals to adhere to wrestlers head gear. Can anyone tell me how I can get started? What I saw was them applying decals that I'm sure they made to the gear with a hair dryer. First how can I make or copy the decals (Best program). Should I use a vinyl plotter? Like I said this is all new. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. See sample attached. Bruiser
  15. abullock22

    question about stickers

    Im interested in expanding my business into creating stickers as well as vinyl decals - i dont however have a printer that will print the stickers inhouse. I was thinking about finding a company to print the artwork onto sticker material in sheets and cut them out on my own vinyl cutter to save some cost - is this a way that doing stickers has been approached or am i looking at very small savings and more hastle this way? Cheers